I Remember You – Episode 12 Review

What an emotional episode. There’re tears everywhere and, the shock and surprise from realisation of the truth. The (finally) brothers’ reunion is so tear-jerking and bittersweet. Remorsefulness, guiltiness, sadness and angriness.

IRmbU Ep12-4
Hyun doesn’t open the envelope till he gets home and sits in the basement where he finally comes to face the truth. He was thinking of Lawyer Sun-ho and his words, and thought with realisation that there could be at least one person like Min. “If you are Min, what should I do because I feel so sorry?”
IRmbU Ep12-6
He takes out the information papers about the victims hinted from the messages Min sent and finds that they have a common thing – They abandoned someone. Hyun thinks, “Min, instead of killing me, who threw him away, is killing other people. In his head, he is killing me over and over.”
IRmbU Ep12-7 IRmbU Ep12-8
The photo is slided out along with the papers and faced down to which Hyun is hesitant to turn it over. He finally turns it over to see that it’s Lawyer Sun-ho. Hyun realises that he was right and tears start to well up in his eyes. He hits the table and his chest with his hand as if blaming himself. His face… His expression… I cannot… T_T
IRmbU Ep12-11
After coming to know who is his little brother, he thinks back to Lawyer Sun-ho’s words, registering his words and quickly to rush to stop him from killing again.
IRmbU Ep12-9 IRmbU Ep12-10
Hyun tries to call Sun-ho (I guess I will call him Min now) while driving, but Min ignores his call as he is also driving. Uh-oh, no way he could have already done it?
IRmbU Ep12-14 IRmbU Ep12-13
Hyun runs to Min’s house which the address he gets from his art director friend’s investigation, to look for him, only to find the familiar and weird paintings which young Min had drawn the similar ones. Oh gosh, how do I describe the expression on Hyun’s face when the truth about Min having always been there beside him, keeps hitting him again and again. His expression is just… T_T
IRmbU Ep12-15 IRmbU Ep12-63
Min arrives to see Hyun standing there and Hyun turns around with tears in his eyes, to look at him, now knowing that he is Min. “You, you were Min?” He asks, crying and feeling guilty.
IRmbU Ep12-16 IRmbU Ep12-17
Hyun says that he is sorry for coming too late. Min: “Yeah. It’s too late.” Tears is also starting to well up in Min’s eyes. Oh cries. T_T Hyun asks about the parents of the dead student and says that he will believe him if he didn’t do it. He continues that Min doesn’t have to break himself, however, Min counters what if he is already broken, from the moment when Hyun abandoned him.
IRmbU Ep12-18
Hyun is shocked to hear that from Min and shakes his head, “No.” That he never abandoned him. “You didn’t even look for me,” Min says angrily, to which Hyun says that he will explain everything. Yeah, hear him out! “You didn’t even recognised me,” Min continues. Min grabs him by collar and accuses him of betraying and sending him to Lee Joon-young. Tears are now rolling down their cheeks.
IRmbU Ep12-19 IRmbU Ep12-20
Hyun then remembers the secret he told Joon-young back then: “Dad looks at me like I’m a monster. But. The real monster is my younger brother, Min.” Ahh, so it was what young Hyun had told Joon-young that time.
IRmbU Ep12-21 IRmbU Ep12-22
Hyun is speechless at what he had done then. (I guess he had forgotten that piece of memory.) A phone call comes and Hyun answers. It’s Ji-an who tells him that the parents went back home safety. Oh, thank goodness. Min says that he didn’t feel like it.
IRmbU Ep12-23
Hyun: “Instead, kill me. The one that you really want to kill… It’s me. Isn’t it?” Min replies that he is right. Hyun acknowledges it with a small smile. Ahh, these two! Too much emotions!
IRmbU Ep12-25 IRmbU Ep12-26
Back at home, Hyun dreams in his sleep again, this time with different dream of young Min and then young Min become adult Min and a body lying on the floor.
IRmbU Ep12-27
Ji-an is there sleeping while sitting on the table, holding his hand and keeps saying that it’s going to be okay. Hyun wakes up and lets her sleep on the table.
IRmbU Ep12-28 IRmbU Ep12-29
He opens up, thinking that she is asleep, “My little brother, Min, might be a murderer. I don’t know what I should do. I should stop him, right? If I ever run away, then you…” He stops there and leaves the room. Ji-an is actually awake and has heard it all.
IRmbU Ep12-30
The next morning, Ji-an keeps prompting Hyun to tell about his brother and answer her questions since she isn’t going to let go of what Hyun had told her the night before. He confirms with her that he has found his brother and that Lee Joon-young has always been nearby. That it’s a possibility both of them know him.
IRmbU Ep12-31 IRmbU Ep12-32
Hyun brings her to the basement to listen to the recording of Lee Joon-young to which Ji-an could only curse him. She then realises that Hyun must have been confined in there at such young age. Hyun says that his father would have confined Min instead if he were to find out that Min was the one who was strange.
IRmbU Ep12-33 IRmbU Ep12-34
Ji-an hugs him to comfort him, sympathising with him. Aww. Hyun thanks her and takes a step forward.
IRmbU Ep12-35
Hyun cups her face to kiss her on the forehead. Awww, I love how Hyun’s small gestures mean a lot, especially towards Ji-an. That she is special to him. And that forehead kiss is the sweetest thing ever.
IRmbU Ep12-36 IRmbU Ep12-37
Hyun drops by Min’s house where Min is painting. I like how he says that he is going to keep coming and going without any notice and might follow him around everywhere. Hahah, is he gonna become a stalker? xD But, Min asks if he think this could change anything to which Hyun says that he is doing that. In return, Min has to promise him that if he has to kill anyone, it has to be his hyung.
IRmbU Ep12-38 IRmbU Ep12-39
New case arises, and it’s a threat for Hyun. It seems that someone from Hyun’s father’s case has come for him to take a revenge on him.
IRmbU Ep12-40
I love this cute bickering between these two! Ji-an comments that Hyun is acting like a 150-years-old grandfather, not wanting to get up even after hearing that there’s a threat for him. Ji-an tries to pull him up, but he is too heavy, hah. So, she just grabs his hand and literally drags him back to police station. So cute!
IRmbU Ep12-41 IRmbU Ep12-42
After profiling at the police station about the new case, Hyun drops by Min’s house again and tells Min that he is glad that he is living under another name. He tries to ask him out to which Min flatly declines everytime Hyun comes up with a plan. Aww, haha. It seems that Hyun really wants to make up for the long-lost time. The bromance, these two are cute together too! Hehe.
IRmbU Ep12-43
Joon-ho (I guess I will still call him Joon-ho) seems to have been invading Hyun’s house as Hyun’s father’s notebook is his hands, browsing it. He finds an article in it which relates to the current new case.
IRmbU Ep12-45 IRmbU Ep12-44
Like Ji-an, Team Leader Kang and Myung-woo come uninvited to Hyun’s house to protect him which annoys Hyun, hah. They see two cups on the dining table to which Hyun comes up with an excuse, “I feel lonely when eating alone, so I use that seat and that seat to eat.” LOL, what a perfect excuse!
IRmbU Ep12-46 IRmbU Ep12-48
Ji-an manages to escape Hyun’s house unnoticed through the windows, like how young Min used to do. Outside with her towel still on her head, she coincidentally meets Joon-ho who questions her about her towel. Her answer: “I just… just… just go around like this every now and then.” LOL, what another perfect excuse. Must be the effect from living together with Hyun. xD
IRmbU Ep12-47
Ji-an starts to suspect that Joon-ho might be Joon-young as she recalls how he is always seem to be interested in hearing about ‘that jerk’ (Hyun) back then.
IRmbU Ep12-49
And it’s kind of eerily similar of how young Min and Ji-an do the same thing – escaped through the same window and gets in the car with Lee Joon-young (Joon-ho here).
IRmbU Ep12-51 IRmbU Ep12-52
Thanks to Joon-ho, Ji-an got home safely. Ji-an looks through the box and come across the photos of Hyun, realising how much stalker she was. Woah, all those photos. Can I have them too? As she looks through the photos, she sees what she missed then. She notices Lawyer Sun-ho in one of the photos, in the background of Hyun’s surrounding.
IRmbU Ep12-53
Recalling the conversation with Lawyer Sun-ho about his ‘first love’, it dawns on her that he is Hyun’s little brother, Min.
IRmbU Ep12-56
From what Joon-ho has concluded about the new case, it turns out that the man who sent the threatening photos to Hyun, wants to avenge his girlfriend, who was killed in a car accident – To kill Hyun’s most precious person so that he can experience the agonising pain of having lost his loved one, which the man had felt then.
IRmbU Ep12-54 IRmbU Ep12-55
Min lists that Ji-an is the one closest to Hyun to which Joon-ho adds that Min could also be the one. However, Min says that no one know that he and Hyun are brothers. Joon-ho says that it’s true, however, the criminals know a lot more than they think. Hmm, must be talking about himself, having known a lot of things.
IRmbU Ep12-57
Hyun also concludes the same thing, and thinks that Ji-an is in danger. He quickly calls Ji-an who is walking alone. Why she has to walk alone at night?! Why now out of all times?!
IRmbU Ep12-58 IRmbU Ep12-59
Ji-an picks up the call and Hyun asks where she is. All of sudden, she whirls around to see behind her, having sensed something behind her. Oh, damnnnn.

This review post is probably the longest I ever written. This episode is really an emotional one and I bet it touches a lot of us. All thanks to Seo In Guk and Park Bo Gum for portraying their characters so well and bringing the emotions out well, that the tears almost start to form in my eyes as well! The brothers’ reunion is really a heart-breaking one, with Hyun feeling so apologetic for not finding his little brother sooner and Min feeling anger about his hyung having come too late and feeling hurt that his hyung didn’t even able to recognise him. Hyun loves his little brother Min and Min loves his hyung Hyun, and I can tell that they longed for each other. The expressions and the emotions on their faces are just everything.
IRmbU Ep12-61


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