Oh My Ghostess – Episode 7 Review

Oh gosh, this show is one of those addictive dramas I watch. We are now leaded to where we can see that there is process between the two leads, especially for Sun-woo as we can see that he is conflicted about his own feelings. And, yeah, Bong-sun’s personality is becoming better than before.

OMGhost EP7-2
With Soon-ae’s spirit leaving Bong-sun’s body, Bong-sun is confused and runs into Sun-woo who chastises her for being so late. When she apologises, he notices the change in her behaviour and asks if she is feeling depressed again, LOL. But, Bong-sun just lets it be.
OMGhost EP7-3 OMGhost EP7-4
They go to a restaurant where Sun-woo teaches her about how food is like music and art, that food is not merely for consumption. Bong-sun listens attentively.
OMGhost EP7-5
I like how this show puts both of them in their respective rooms side by side so that we can see what are they are doing at the same thing and how they are synchronise. Bong-sun leans against the wall to listen to the song Sun-woo plays on the guitar, after grumping about her listening to the street musician sing, hah.
OMGhost EP7-6 OMGhost EP7-7
Soon-ae is caught by the shaman ahjumma and she goes on how she is almost there and that’s when ahjumma takes the hint. Soon-ae has found the man of vitality, she realises. When she hears that the man is Sun-woo, the son of that professor whom she is ‘friend’ with, she says no.
OMGhost EP7-8 OMGhost EP7-9
The next morning, Sun-woo wakes Bong-sun up early to go for exercise since being chef requires endurance strength. Off they go to cycle, only to find out that Bong-sun can’t cycle and Sun-woo gets frustrated from teaching her, hah.
OMGhost EP7-11 OMGhost EP7-12
When they return from buying drinks, Sun-woo’s bicycle seat gets stolen and they run after him. Bong-sun runs the other way and manages to catch him by biting down on his leg even after she keeps apologising. Woah, well done, Bong-sun!
OMGhost EP7-10
The thief is handed over to the police who have been after him for a while and look at how proud Sun-woo is of Bong-sun, hehe. I love how he gives her credit even though he is always boasting about himself.
OMGhost EP7-37 OMGhost EP7-14
Back at the rooftop, Sun-woo invites Bong-sun to eat his favourite cake with him and he seems to keep smiling and even ruffles Bong-sun’s hair as if she is a kid. ”I really you today.” Heheh, I love how these two looks so bright around each other.
OMGhost EP7-15 OMGhost EP7-16
Ahjumma insists on sending Bong-sun off and when she performs the rite, Soon-ae keeps saying that she doesn’t want to go away till she gets worked up, with black aura around her, and an unknown force form her sends bits flying that scratches ahjumma’s face.
OMGhost EP7-17
Afterwards, Soon-ae apologises and says that she didn’t mean to do it. However, ahjumma says that it’s the evil spirit which growing inside her. It has been almost three years since her death. Ahjumma even lets her leave to settle her grudge while she looks away, pretending not to know.
OMGhost EP7-18
Kyung-mo and his father wonder why Bong-sun hasn’t been visiting and when Bong-sun walks pass them, Kyung-mo stops her and asks why she isn’t answering him. However, Bong-sun looks around and says, “I think you have the wrong person.” They look bewildered by her reply and sudden change. Aw, man.
OMGhost EP7-19 OMGhost EP7-20
Bong-sun meets Sung-jae for dinner and he asks her about the changes in her and she explains that it’s her mood. The way Sung-jae eye her is just so creepy and suspicious.
OMGhost EP7-21
HAHAH, I really like the interaction between Sun-woo and his mother who lied that she is sick so that he can come over. She even wants to check if he is wearing the talisman underwear she bought him. LOL whut. Sun-woo tries to stop her and his mother exclaims that he can see her underwear too. LOL. Sun-woo runs around and his mother chases him, jumping on the couches.
OMGhost EP7-22 OMGhost EP7-23
So-hyang brought a man to Sun-woo’s restaurant as her date whom her senior introduced to and Sun-woo encourages her to know him. When she asks him what he thinks of her date, he replies that she should keep dating him if she like him. So-hyang is disappointed at his reply. Okay, what you want? But, I guess Sun-woo is confused about his feelings.
OMGhost EP7-24 OMGhost EP7-25
Soon-ae goes to find Bong-sun whose instinct is to run away from her to prevent her from possessing her again. Soon-ae pleads to her that it’s important and that she has not much time.
OMGhost EP7-26
In her room, Bong-son knocks into the table which causes the notebook full of Sun-woo, to fall onto the floor and Soon-ae sees it, realising that Bong-sun must be crushing on Chef, to which Bong-sun keeps denying.
OMGhost EP7-27 OMGhost EP7-28
With that, she makes a deal with her – She possessing Bong-sun to seduce Sun-woo with her personality so that she can resolve her grudge and Bong-sun will win Sun-woo over. Win-win! She also adds that Sun-woo has been liking So-hyang and Bong-sun could lose him to her. However, Bong-sun says that she doesn’t want to do that.
OMGhost EP7-30 OMGhost EP7-29
At night, Sun-woo finds So-hyang drunk outside his restaurant. She says how she drank alone after being disappointed with Sun-woo’s reply and seeing him with Bong-sun makes her jealous.
OMGhost EP7-31 OMGhost EP7-32
All of sudden, So-hyang kissed him on his lips and Bong-sun is there hiding behind the door and witnesses everything. She quickly goes back in, still shock from what she saw.
OMGhost EP7-33
After seeing what has happened between Sun-woo and So-hyang, she thinks back to her close interactions with Sun-woo and finally comes to a decision. She goes to look for Soon-ae, “Hey, Ghost!” Hahha, I was wondering how she is going to call her.
OMGhost EP7-34 OMGhost EP7-35
She finally found Soon-ae in the street and tells her that she has been looking for her, to Soon-ae’s surprise. Na Bong-sun, the most conservative ever, comes looking for her? She wonders. Bong-sun firmly says, “I’ll allow it. You taking over my body.” Soon-ae: “Huh?” Bong-sun continues, “You can possess me. Make Chef Kang mine.” Soon-ae’s eyes widen in shock. Oooh, Bong-sun is really giving her permission to Soon-ae to take over her body.

Whee! Actually, it sounds like a good idea for both. xD It’s just that Bong-sun needs to change her personality to as half as Soon-ae’s. And I wonder which side of Bong-sun Sun-woo would fall in love in with. This is getting more exciting as Bong-sun allows the possession part so that she can be with Sun-woo, with Soon-ae’s help. I like how Bong-sun is beginning to show her true personality from behind her wall of defense as we see that she actually bit the thief’s leg, omg hahah.
OMGhost EP7-36

It seems that Sun-woo is already having special feelings towards Bong-sun, the not possessed one. He seems to be happier whenever around Bong-sun and he is always showing off to her, hah. I love how he is able to notice the sudden and big change in her and asks her if she is either going through manic or depression episode. Hehe, at least, he is able to notice the change in her behaviour and knows what to be wary of, especially when Soon-ae takes over her body. Hoho.
OMGhost EP7-13


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