Scholar Who Walks the Night – Episode 6 Review

Two vampires fighting against each other over a girl – one to protect her and another to find her and probably eat her. The search for Prince Jeonghyeon’s diary still continue throughout the episode and there is surprising fact revealed, but not really so surprising, but still surprising, hah.

Gwi bites on the bookseller before going for another one and waits for the bookseller to wake up as transiting vampire. When he wakes up, Gwi urges him to drink from someone to quench his bloodthirst. Wait, so, in this drama, a vampire can be turned from just a bite? Hm, okay, a common thing. Gwi watches vampire feed on other booksellers and turn them into vampires – and more vampires.
Sung-yeol goes to look for Yang-sun everywhere, only to find her safe in the library, looking for the book he requested. When she is almost falling off the ladder, Sung-yeol uses his supernatural speed to catch her in time, to which Yang-sun is surprised and swears that he was standing far from her just moments before. Why you no suspect anything yet?!
Yang-sun asks him if he had come to her last night, but decides to regard it as a dream. Sung-yeol plays dumb and asks what she dream about. Oooh, tsk, always doing this to her and confusing her.
Yang-sun packs her bag and comes across her books of her own drawings. Wow, those are really impressive drawings! Yang-sun sobs at the thought of never seeing him again and snuggles into bed with her sister, saying that she will miss everyone, especially Sung-yeol, with tears in her eyes.
While passing by each other, Hye-ryung, Myung-hee’s doppelganger, drops her handkerchief which Yoon picks up to return to her. They look at each other for a while before continuing their way and I wonder what kind of relationship they will have.
SWWTN Ep6-10
That’s literally one whole big pile of dead bodies from the night before! Oh gosh, almost no more booksellers?
SWWTN Ep6-11 SWWTN Ep6-13
Sung-yeol is shocked to have found the one-arm man in a hut from trailing the slave trader. He is even more shocked to find out that Eumlan Seosaeng is actually Prince Yoon who is friendly with Yang-sun.
SWWTN Ep6-14
Sung-yeol follows Yoon to his home and digs around where he finds a secret door behind stacks of books. He opens it to find a long hallway that leads to a secret room where Yoon is. And did they just miss each other by a second?! Like perfect timing of Sung-yeol to enter the secret room just as Yoon leaves.
SWWTN Ep6-15 SWWTN Ep6-16
Hye-ryung overfeeds the fish, and the fish immediately died?! Lol whut. This angers her father, though. It turns out that her father was the one who sent her to Gwi to be used like a puppet. Oooh, that’s surprising. She seems to detest her father for that.
SWWTN Ep6-17 SWWTN Ep6-18
Yang-sun lays low while going around outside, despite the warning, and hides her face using the fan. Well, that’s even making her look even more suspicious. She waits for Yoon who is brightened at the sight of her. They go over a contract since she owes him a debt. Yoon truly wants her to take care of herself while being away, but he says for her to return safely.
SWWTN Ep6-19
Oh gawd, I didn’t expect this! Yang-sun’s father has Prince Jaeonghyeon’s diary all along, which is hidden in a box hidden in the ground in his room. He also has the other half of Yoon’s brush case which was given to young Jin. So, Yang-sun is Jin? Seems like it.
SWWTN Ep6-20 SWWTN Ep6-21
Yang-sun walks down the street at night where Gwi is also walking down and looking for the owner of the bag. Gawd, is he not going to give up? They walk pass each other and he doesn’t get her scent, and I thought it was gonna be okay. But, no. Gwi realises that Sung-yeol has put the necklace around Yang-sun and that the owner of the bag is her.
SWWTN Ep6-23 SWWTN Ep6-22
Luckily, Sung-yeol arrives on time to pull her away from Gwi but Gwi keep chasing after her scent. (But how does he know?!) They hide behind a wall and Gwi doesn’t find them and goes the other way. Yang-sun, still shocked, knows that it is not a dream, but Sung-yeol quickly tells her to run to his house and not come out till the sun rises.
SWWTN Ep6-24 SWWTN Ep6-25
Finally, Sung-yeol faces off Gwi in the forest. Gwi wonders why he is working so hard to protect the owner of the bag and guesses that it might be Eumlan Seosaeng. Lol, at least he got this wrong.
SWWTN Ep6-26
They both bare their fangs at each other and launch themselves at each other, however, Sung-yeol is no match for his opponent as, noticed by Gwi, he hasn’t been drinking human blood.
SWWTN Ep6-29 SWWTN Ep6-30
They fight till morning when the sun rises, having stabbed each other. Gwi is weakened by the sunlight and quickly retreats into the woods for the shade and tries to go to his cave, however, he is stucked as he can’t cross the clearing. Sung-yeol is left behind, bleeding from being stabbed and all bloody.
SWWTN Ep6-31 SWWTN Ep6-32
Hye-ryung notices that Gwi isn’t in his cave as usual as the sun is already risen. Yang-sun is worried about Sung-yeol who hasn’t returned yet. Su-hyang and Ho-jin quickly go into the woods to search for him.
SWWTN Ep6-33
Meanwhile, Yoon’s father has discovered the secret room in Yoon’s home, all thanks to Yoon’s bodyguard who is actually a spy for the King. However, he doesn’t seem to be surprised that Yoon is Eumlan Seosaeng.
SWWTN Ep6-34
Sung-yeol limps through the woods but is too weak to reach the hut before collapsing. However, good thing that Yang-sun finds him and he points to the hut, indicating her to bring him to there instead of getting a doctor.
SWWTN Ep6-35 SWWTN Ep6-36
Even while being in pain and suffering from blood loss, Sung-yeol tells Yang-sun to get to the boat to leave for Tamra Island (today’s Jeju Island). She cries that she can’t just leave him there alone and go somewhere. He starts to pass out and she keeps crying and calling him.

When is she going to find out that he is a vampire? From here? And I wonder how Sung-yeol is going to survive. Especially that Yang-sun whose blood is irresistible, is right in front of him, no way is he going to drink from her, right? I bet that he is not going to repeat the same mistake.
SWWTN Ep6-37

It’d be cool if Sung-yeol were to reveal himself to Yoon who is also looking for Prince Jeonghyeon’s diary and they were to work together to defeat Gwi! I think this is what going to become of their relastionship. Regarding Yang-sun and her father, I am not surprised that Yang-sun might be Jin, since young Jin looks like a girl in the flashback, but I am surprised that her father has been keeping the diary all along! Like he said, it’s a dangerous book. However, it wouldn’t be dangerous for Sung-yeol to keep, right? Since he is a vampire, the one who hunts bad vampires/people.
SWWTN Ep6-38


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