Oh My Ghostess – Episode 8 Review

I like it! The girls’ interaction! Finally, our girls are interacting! The ghost and the human. It’s more fun, since they are now communicating with each other and helping each other what they couldn’t do without such ability, be it ghost or human ability.

OMGhost EP8-2
With permission given by Bong-sun to possess her, Soon-ae is delighted and hugs her, “Let’s be friendly! You can call me unni!” Aw, yeah~! Hehe.
OMGhost EP8-3 OMGhost EP8-4
Soon-ae shows Bong-sun her father’s restaurant. Bong-sun asks how she died, to which Soon-ae replies that she has no memories of her death. Soon-ae asks her why she changed her mind to let her possess her body. Bong-sun says that she used to be happy just from looking at Chef from far, however, she is now greedy for him.
OMGhost EP8-5 OMGhost EP8-6
Soon-ae encourages her to change her personality bit and that they are one body now, she eggs her to shout the cheer with her. Both of them shout, “Fightiiiiing!” at the top of their lungs. Later, they skip side by side and, on the other side, we see that Soon-ae has gone into Bong-sun’s body. Wheeee, I love them together!
OMGhost EP8-7
The next morning, Soon-ae, in Bong-sun’s body, creeps up to squat beside Sun-woo’s legs and Sun-woo asks if she is in manic state, haha. Soon-ae comments that she read somewhere that men are most aroused between 10-11AM, looking at his crotch… to which Sun-woo quickly crosses his legs. HAHA.
OMGhost EP8-8 OMGhost EP8-9
The restaurant is having two-days off and Min-soo has no one to hang out with, since the rest of the workers avoid him. That’s until Min-soo suggests to bring whole staffs for a trip to strengthen their bond, to the rest of the workers’ horror, except for Soon-ae.
OMGhost EP8-10 OMGhost EP8-11
Soon-ae lets herself out of Bong-sun’s body to update her on the trip. Surprisingly, Bong-sun comes up with great ideas on how to seduce Sun-woo that even Soon-ae is surprised by her. Woah, Bong-sun seems to be changing, all thanks to Soon-ae, hehe. They high-five each other!
OMGhost EP8-12 OMGhost EP8-15
The team arrives to the lakeside pension where the owners greet them. Their daughter sees something strange and asks why there is “another unni inside that unni?” Woah, so this girl can see possessed person? Cool. However, she is quickly hurried away by her parents while Soon-ae plays dumb.
OMGhost EP8-13 OMGhost EP8-14
Joon helps Soon-ae carrying the boxes which Min-soo unloaded onto Soon-ae and Min-soo gets mad at him for talking back to him. Joon argues why he can’t do that, and if only boyfriend could do that. Then, he is like, “I will be her boyfriend then!”
OMGhost EP8-16
Aww, hahah. Soon-ae starts to call him ‘boyfriend’, running after him and this seems to make Sun-woo looking glum.
OMGhost EP8-17 OMGhost EP8-18
Sun-woo suggest cooking competition and Joon and Min-soo emerge as the finalist. I can tell that Sun-woo was gonna declare Joon a winner, however, Bong-sun keeps cheering for Joon and therefore declaring Min-soo a winner, LOL. Jealous ah? So petty.
OMGhost EP8-19 OMGhost EP8-20
Soon-ae follows Sun-woo to get more bottles of soju and suggests borrowing bicycle to which Sun-woo thought she couldn’t cycle. But, it’s Soon-ae and she cycles with Sun-woo at her back, as Sun-wo was cycling too slow, hah.
OMGhost EP8-21 OMGhost EP8-22
By nightfall, they return and Soon-ae is flirting with him and literally climbing her leg onto his leg till So-hyung suddenly arrives, surprising them. Dammit! I almost thought she didn’t exist in this drama, lol. She explains that she was nearby and thought she should drop by. Oh really?
OMGhost EP8-23
So-hyung joins the team for drinking, and when Soon-ae and So-hyung lost and have to drink a cup each, they both offer their shots to Sun-woo who just accept and drink both.
OMGhost EP8-24 OMGhost EP8-25
Back at Sun-woo’s mother’s home, Eun-hee goes out to meet her friends with Sung-jae and Mom has invited the ahjumma over. Ahjumma arrives and notices that Sung-jae has a very strong ki, which she never seen before. Hmm..
OMGhost EP8-27 OMGhost EP8-26
Back to the lakeside, both Soon-ae and So-hyung have to sleep in the same and make sure that the other doesn’t leave the room to meet Sun-woo. Both stay up and eventually, So-hyung falls asleep and Soon-ae sneaks out to go into Sun-woo’s room.
OMGhost EP8-28
She snuggles straight up in his arms and starles Sun-woo awake. Soon-ae makes an excuse that So-hyung snores loudly and Sun-woo quickly drags her out of the room. Hah, must be so afraid of being jumped at. xD
OMGhost EP8-29 OMGhost EP8-30
Outside, the parents are looking for their daughter and tells Sun-woo that they worried about her causing trouble again. Both Sun-woo and Soon-ae search for her and Soon-ae finally finds her and she was talking to someone invisible. A ghost?
OMGhost EP8-31
The girl takes off and Soon-ae chases after her, however, she gets trapped in the cold storage room by the girl and she returns to her parents. Sun-woo starts to search for Bong-sun, saying how one has been found and another has disappeared.
OMGhost EP8-32
Good thing that Soon-ae is a ghost and ejects herself from Bong-sun and tells her that she will find a way out. Outside, Soon-ae finds the firecrackers which she dropped earlier and manages to light it, to which Sun-woo knows that it’s Bong-sun.
OMGhost EP8-34 OMGhost EP8-33
Soon-ae quickly repossesses Bong-sun and calls out for Sun-woo who pries open the door and hugs her fiercely. He scolds her for being careless and for listening to him, which takes Soon-ae by surprise. Aw, he must be really concern about her.
OMGhost EP8-36 OMGhost EP8-35
Sun-woo piggybacks Soon-ae back, with the guys following behind and wondering this and that. He walks past So-hyung without saying anything. Not sure if I should say ‘yay’ or not, hahah.
OMGhost EP8-38 OMGhost EP8-37
At the police station, one of Sung-jae’s police friends tells Sung-jae that has gotten the CCTV from the hit-and-run accident fixed which Sung-jae doesn’t seem to be pleased with. Oh, no, this bad feeling.
OMGhost EP8-39
Later, the police friend goes to pick up the fixed hard disk, however, he can’t get his car started and gets knocked out by a hooded man who keeps smashing the dark disk multiple times. Could it be Sung-jae?
OMGhost EP8-40 OMGhost EP8-41
At the restaurant after Sun-woo returns from dropping So-hyung off, he quickly gets down to lesson with Soon-ae who complains that she is not feeling well. Sun-woo decides to stop the lesson and asks her to clean up.
OMGhost EP8-43 OMGhost EP8-42
All of sudden, Soon-ae battles with the water hose that get them all wet. Well, this has to mean something, right? Since Sun-woo is asked to stay away from the water by his mother.
OMGhost EP8-46 OMGhost EP8-47
Sun-woo grabs a towel and helps dry her off and suddenly, Sun-woo stares at her into the eyes. I thought it’s Bong-sun’s expression, but it’s Soon-ae who actually gets little shy and backs away. That’s unlikely of her, though. She would have jumped at him. I guess she is taken aback by the way he is looking at Bong-sun now.
OMGhost EP8-48
Sun-woo, using the towel, pulls her in for a kiss. O.M.G. That’s hot. The way he pulls her in so gently and slowly kisses her.
OMGhost EP8-49
However, we see that Soon-ae is ejected from Bong-sun’s body halfway which leaves Bong-sun surprised to find herself kissing Sun-woo.

I am confused at Soon-ae’s reaction, did she get ejected voluntarily to let Bong-sun experience it instead, since Sun-woo is sincere. Or that did she get ejected involuntarily because of the ki, or that Sun-woo’s sincere feelings for Bong-sun is so strong that makes whosever ki stronger? Well, we gotta wait for next episode for the answer!
OMGhost EP8-50


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