Oh My Ghostess – Currently Watching

Episodes aired: 8 of 16 episodes (as of 26th July)

I was so much looking forward to this show when I first heard about its story plot. To date, it has never disappoint me at all! I bet that most viewers love it! It’s even a hit on a cable channel, tvN, in Korea.

OMGhost EP1-32
Park Bo Young is one adorable girl! She could literally be on the top list of “Too Most Adorable Person in the World”. I have never seen any of her dramas nor movies and I heard that Oh My Ghostess is her drama comeback and her first in seven years.
OMGhost EP1-34 OMGhost EP1-35
Bo-young plays two characters – Na Bong-sun and possessed Bong-sun (by Shin Soon-ae, played by Kim Seul Gi) – who are very polar opposite of each other. Bong-sun is the girl who often apologise and never look at anyone in their eyes. Bong-sun inherits her shaman grandmother’s ghost-seeing ability and that’s where Soon-ae comes in.
OMGhost EP1-31
Shin Soon-ae is a lustful virgin ghost who died at a very young age and roams the earth due to her grudge. She may possesses people but not everyone. The person has to have low ki (energy) in order for her to possess her. Ghost-seeing Bong-sun is a perfect vessel for Soon-ae who can uses her body to settle her grudge. In addition to settling her grudge, the man needs to have a strong vitality and it is none other than…
OMGhost EP1-28
Chef Kang Sun-woo (played by Jo Jung Seok)! He is an arrogant star chef and Bong-sun has a secret crush on him. Because of Bong-sun’s being possessed and sudden change in her attitude and behaviour, Sun-woo starts to notice her. I like how Sun-woo is always doing the push-and-pull thing, hah. Like how he says his blanket is very expensive and doesn’t let anyone use and yet lets Bong-sun uses it, as if telling her the opposite. Also, he thinks that Bong-sun has a depression and maniac states, hah.
OMGhost EP6-2 OMGhost EP7-38
I love this pair’s chemistry onscreen! Especially when possessed Bong-sun (Soon-ae) keeps flirting with Sun-woo, wanting to do it with him. Well, it’s all thanks to Park Bo Young and Jo Jung Seok adorable chemistry! But then, I also love how Bong-sun’s interaction with Sun-woo is getting better and closer than before, thanks to Soon-ae.
OMGhost EP1-30
And there is very suspicious guy, Choi Sung-jae (played by Im Joo Hwan), Sun-woo’s brother-in-law. He may seems nice on outside and towards his friends, the people around him, however, behind his face, he shows no sign of remorseful and even damaged other people’s property such as scratching someone else’s car, knocking a grandmother’s cart and throwing drink at a car. Oh gosh, he even left Soon-ae’s father on the floor passed out. There’re some speculations that he might be possessed by an evil spirit or that he is a psychopath.
OMGhost EP1-29
Lastly, Lee So-hyung (played by Park Jung Ah) is someone who Sun-woo used to have a crush on since university days. She was married to his friend, however, for an unknown reason (Or that I missed out), he died. So-hyung seems to be liking Sun-woo, but nah, too late! 😛

OMGhost EP8-51
Why you should watch Oh My Ghostess
– Cute Park Bo Young!
– Hot Jo Jung Seok 😛
– The cuteness everywhere
– Plot story, very interesting and fun
– Different from other kdramas
– Close intimations
– Mystery
– Cute budding romance
– Comedic moments from the Sun-woo’s workers, hah
– The interaction between the girls, Bong-sun and Soon-ae
– Skinship

I really do like how this drama is different from other dramas as it shows more intimations, like how Soon-ae keeps asking Sun-woo to do it with her. There is also a lot of skinship, which doesn’t really show much on other major Korean broadcasts, which is really refreshing. However, that’s not all. It’s all thanks to Park Bo Young, who is really cute, and makes the intimations not that horny type or something. She makes it look like kind of aegyo type, which I can’t even pull off if I were to do that. I would look like crazy for one type, haha. But, yeah, there’s just something about this drama that makes us watch it more and want it more. Even it’s a hit in Korea since it airs on cable network.
OMGhost EP8-53

Of course, there is mystery that keeps on our toes. Soon-ae’s death and Sung-jae’s psychopath behaviour. I am putting my trust into the writers and the way how they are going to show all the answers, but still slowly or one at a time, we have been dying waiting to hear. This drama is my favourite currently airing show, other than I Remember You! 😀
OMGhost EP8-52


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