Orange Marmalade – Overall Review

Year: 2015
Korean Channel: KBS
Episodes: 12
Korean title: 오렌지 마말레이드

Short short short summary
Fantasy word where vampires and humans coexist: A vampire high-school girl, Baek Mar-ri (played by Kim Seolhyun), wants to live the normal live, like any other high-schoolers, without revealing her identity. However, things go awry when she falls in love with a human boy, Jung Jae-min (played by Yeo Jin Goo), who hates vampires.

Casts and their characters
OrMa Ep12-3
You can refer to my post Orange Marmalade – Currently Watching for this. 😛

About title
OrMa Ep12-4 OrMa Ep12-10
The title Orange Marmalade totally fits this show. As said by Baek Ma-ri, “When you eat oranges, you throw away the peels, But when you make orange marmalade, you include the peels in order to improve the taste and texture. To make something special, even the parts that you would usually trash are needed.” Deep. Because Ma-ri is a vampire, she doesn’t want the humans to disregard vampires, therefore outcasting them in the human society. She wants the humans to know that vampires are also needed and accept them as part of their society, even though they may treat them like trashes. I really like that quote! As it may also applies to us.

It is a sweet drama. Even in both eras, modern and Joseon. Jae-min fighting for Ma-ri without knowing her identity and Ma-ri protecting Jae-min despite knowing that he hates vampires. Regarding the time jump back to Joseon era, it’s Jae-min’s memory of his own past life when he had amnesia. I think it’s meant to let Jae-min, and the viewers, to know about the characters’ past life and how it’s related to the modern era by showing us what is supposed to happen in present. It served as a purpose for Jae-min to know that it has always been Ma-ri when he keeps treating her harshly just because of her being vampire. It is also to let him to accept her for what she is, as we see that Jae-min and Ma-ri are finally together in the finale. At the same time, Jae-min’s blood being sweet to Ma-ri is also telling her of Jae-min being her fate.
OrMa Ep12-7

Another pair – Shi-hoo (played by Lee Jong Hyun) and Ah-ra (played by Gil Eun Hye). Their budding romance, even though they never end up together, is kind of, how do you say, hot and flirting? 😛 It’s a good thing that Ah-ra’s attitude is better, thanks to Shi-hoo who is always standing up for Ma-ri, even after finding out that he is also a vampire. It’s also a good thing that Ah-ra is there for Shi-hoo who couldn’t get Ma-ri but might fall for Ah-ra, since Ma-ri is with Jae-min. 😀 I like how this somehow doesn’t lead to Second Lead Syndrome, though some viewers doesn’t agree as they’d still want Ma-ri and Shi-hoo to end up being together. But, well, fate.
OrMa Ep12-6

Orange Marmalade is really different from other dramas as it takes different approach in transiting between the different eras. It may be confusing, however, it’s interesting as I don’t think I have seen other dramas done that kind, except for time-travel theme. But, this is not time-travel. The Joseon part is more of a memory which Jae-min is able to know about his past life, which is really cool! However, for those who dropped it after episode 4 (when Joseon started in episode 5), you can skip through episode 5 to 8 and continue from episode 9 as it will continue from where it was left off in episode 4. Anyway, Orange Marmalade didn’t disappoint me in the end as they gave us what we want – the couple(s), sweet and nice ending.
OrMa Ep12-8


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