High Society – Episodes 15 & 16 (Final) Review

We’re at the final week of High Society and it feels like everything has fast-forwarded for this week’s episodes. It feels like it’s in a hurry as it’s nearing the end. The ending is very much predictable and High Society is basically one of the many examples of how chaebol/makjang dramas are like.

Episode 15
HSo Ep15-1
Joon-ki drops Yoon-ha off at the hospital after hearing that her father has collapsed. Yoon-ha says that she has erased the time she was in love with him and that it was a pointless period. Joon-ki feels pain from hearing it.
HSo Ep15-2 HSo Ep15-3
So, it was like – Yoon-ha wanted to fall in love so that she could deal with her reality, however, for Joon-ki, he chose love because he didn’t to live in his reality. This shows how much opposite they are of each other.
HSo Ep15-7 HSo Ep15-6
Turns out that Yoon-ha’s fainting is staged to lure Kyung-joon out, as Kyung-joon wouldn’t fall for his mother’s tatics.
HSo Ep15-4 HSo Ep15-5
Chang-soo’s mother meets with Ji-yi and lets her know that she can see Chang-soo again, but it doesn’t mean the marriage will be approved. Despite Chang-soo’s mother’s approval, Ji-yi tells her that she still won’t meet him as she doesn’t want to pursue a marriage which will be opposed by her boyfriend’s family. No wonder I like you, Ji-yi!
HSo Ep15-8 HSo Ep15-9
Could hardly believe her conversation with Ji-yi, Chang-soo’s mother visits her son’s office to tell him about Ji-yi. Chang-soo tells her to stay out of his marriage life as he was always the one who gave into his mother. Seems like Chang-soo has matured a lot.
HSo Ep15-10
Kyung-joon is back for real! He is back! Yoon-ha, your oppa is back! Ye-won, watch out! This is definitely expecteddddd! Dramas.
HSo Ep15-11 HSo Ep15-12
And, he does the coolest thing ever. He literally walks into the company like a boss as if he didn’t go missing at all, surprising everyone. I don’t know why, but I am supporting Kyung-joon to stop Ye-won from being so greedy.
HSo Ep15-14 HSo Ep15-13
Kyung-joon recognises Joon-ki as Yoon-ha’s boyfriend, however, Joon-ki explains that they are no longer together. Aw, man.
HSo Ep15-17
Chang-soo picks Ji-yi after work and Ji-yi brings them to street vendor for chicken feet which Chang-soo hates and doesn’t eat. Ji-yi explains about ‘neighbourhood’ – how he never move around and Ji-yi moves around a lot – and that they can’t be together due to social class difference. Another aw, man.
HSo Ep15-22 HSo Ep15-23
Even though they leave at the same time, Chang-soo reached Ji-yi home earlier than Ji-yi and he wants to talk to her. She is drunk, to which Chang-soo tries to leave, haha. But, she says that she only drank a bottle. Too adorable. And they smile!
HSo Ep15-20
Ji-yi says that she can’t bring herself to get together with him because she knows that they will break up again to which Chang-soo says that they won’t break up again, however, Ji-yo explains that people’s hearts change. What Chang-soo wanted to tell Ji-yi is “I love you,” which stops Ji-yi in her tracks. Ji-yi says that she is drunk, will forget what he said and goes back in.
HSo Ep15-21
As the tears well up in Ji-yi’s eyes, tears roll down Chang-soo’s cheeks. Oh cries. T_T
HSo Ep15-24 HSo Ep15-25
Joon-ki turns in his resignation to Ye-won. No wonder, he tells Yoon-ha to ‘Win’. When Yoon-ha meets Ye-won to show the proof of her sale records which are even higher than Ye-won’s, to which Ye-won knows that it’s not only her efforts, she hears the news of Joon-ki’s resignation and quickly runs to find him.
HSo Ep15-26
She missed him by seconds at the elevator and chases him down to the parking lot where Joon-ki has already driven away.

Episode 16 (Final)
HSo Ep16-2
Yoon-ha calls Joon-ki to ask if he really quit the company and says that she doesn’t understand how he could quit when he had once said that making money is more important than anything else. Joon-ki replies that he should get punishment for his misdeeds.
HSo Ep16-3
Joon-ki comes home to find that his mother is there and tells that he has quitted the job to which his mother says that he has done well. Aw, I love this mother. She is so understanding. Lucky Joon-ki.
HSo Ep16-4 HSo Ep16-5
Yoon-ha finally meets her brother and thought of Ye-won’s words which said that Kyung-joon had used Yoon-ha as a witness to his disappearance. However, she was wrong as Kyung-joon explains that he took her on the trip so that she’d be the last to see his moments living as himself.
HSo Ep16-8
Chang-soo talks to his mother, saying that he wants to marry Ji-yi. Woah, that escalated fast. But yay! When his mother says that they will end up in divorce, Chang-soo counters that “even we divorce, I want to marry her.” He continues, “I want to become a man with responsibility. I want responsibility.” It’s amusing to see his mother being speechless and losing to his son, hah.
HSo Ep16-6 HSo Ep16-7
Chang-soo says that since her other daughter-in-laws are bad, at at Ji-yi will make a great daughter-in-law. However, she lacks educational background to which Chang-soo tells his mother to help her because she has a good heart like her. His mother agrees with that and also reluctantly agrees to Chang-soo’s request to persuade his father. “I want to be a man,” Chang-soo smiles. Awww, *swoons*. Chang-soo’s mother is finally defeated.
HSo Ep16-10 HSo Ep16-9
Joon-ki and Chang-soo have a chat after cycling together. Chang-soo is also curious as to why Joon-ki quits his job and Joon-ki says that he is changed and that they all had forgotten that they’re still in 20s for which they are still young. Me too, I just realized that you being 20s is still being young.
HSo Ep16-11
I like how Lady Kim has grown attached to Joon-ki’s mother, aw. She even asks her to work for her again to which Joon-ki’s mother apologises that she has already found another place.
HSo Ep16-12
Joon-ki finally visits his father who is very delighted to see him, and they go out for a walk. His father fans him even though he is crippled and this scene is just sweet and yet heartbreaking, showing the parent’s unconditional love for his child.
HSo Ep16-15
Chang-soo’s mother meets with Ji-yi to tell her that she won’t oppose the marriage to which Ji-yi says that they would likely to end up in divorce. Chang-soo’s mother has to convice Ji-yi to make choice for present and that her son has responsibility. Aw, hahah, wasn’t she the one who kept opposing her dating Chang-soo and also said that they would end up divorcing? xD
HSo Ep16-13 HSo Ep16-14
Chang-soo’s mother says that she feels like she lost. However, Ji-yi counters that Chang-soo’s mother has won and that she defeated by her. She says that she is going to meet with Chang-soo. Hahah. I guess Ji-yi means that Chang-soo’s mother has won by asking her to meet with Chang-soo again, which Ji-yi didn’t want to. Hehe, Ji-yi is da best!
HSo Ep16-16 HSo Ep16-17
Later that night, Chang-soo waits for Ji-yi at her rooftop and he notes, telling Ji-yi, that this was where they had second kiss to which Ji-yi says that people normally remember their first kiss. “Ji-yi. Let’s live today. No one knows tomorrow,” Chang-soo says. Ji-yi: “Let’s live today.” Chang-soo continues, “People will look at us and say “those two will break up”. But still let’s live together. I want to live with you. What do you want to do? Will you live with me?” He asks, and Ji-yi says yes without a hesitation.
HSo Ep16-18
Chang-soo opens his arm, where Ji-yi steps forward into it, and embraces her.They look sooooo happyyyy, those huge smiles on their faces! And I feel so happy for them! Wheee~! Ship ship ship!
HSo Ep16-21 HSo Ep16-19
Yoon-ha wants to find out where and when Joon-ki had first started to love her. Joon-ki brings her to the place where she had blind date with Chang-soo and first saw her in the elevator. Joon-ki admits, “Coming to think of it now. It was from the moment I first saw you.”
HSo Ep16-20
Turning to her, he continues, “Jang Yoon-ha. I love you.” Yoon ha replies, “I don’t believe in fate. I will choose. You, Choi Joon-ki.” As the elevator doors close, they kiss, even while the lift ascends up and up. We hear Yoon-ha saying in voiceover:

“Innocence is made complete through refinement. Our start was impure, but through loving each other, we were able to have a pure love. As we loved, we weren’t able to resolve problems, but love gives us the strength to resolve them. Using the strength to overcome them… We can be truly happy.”

HSo Ep16-22 HSo Ep16-23
One year later: Yoon-ha is now a director at Taejin! And there is Ji-yi who is now pregnant, whose husband is, of course, Chang-soo. Woah, another that escalated quickly. Hehe, these two.
HSo Ep16-25 HSo Ep16-24
The four meet at the same villa where the guys had their first fist fight at. Yoon-ha is there with Joon-ki to which Ji-yi asks if they are going to get married. However, Yoon-ha says that looking at Ji-yi, she don’t think there is anything good about getting married. Ji-yi quickly counters that she likes it, even though it’s hard and she is remaking her status now.
HSo Ep16-27 HSo Ep16-26
“But overall, it’s fun. More than anything, I like living with Chang-soo,” Ji-yi chirps. Chang-soo: “You like living with me?” Ji-yi: “I like it. As I continue to live with you, I like it.” Huge grin breaks out on his face, Chang-soo chirps back, “I like it too!” Aww, cute!
HSo Ep16-29 HSo Ep16-28
When Yoon-ha sighs that the man she loves won’t propose, Joon-ki takes out a box of matching wedding rings. “Will you marry me?” Joon-ki asks to which Yoon-ha says that there should be declaration of love. “I love you. Will you marry me?” Joon-ki amends his earlier sentence. Yoon-ha replies that the ring is pretty and I guess it’s her “Yes” which brings a grin to Joon-ki’s face.
HSo Ep16-30
And, that’s the end of High Society, with everyone living happily ever after! This drama is the first which I managed to write reviews for every episode throughout the whole series since I started eDramaClouds, and I like it. 🙂

I love how each of the four characters develop throughout the show. From everyone bent on achieving their life goals to changing them later halfway through the show. Yoon-ha from being wanting to fall in love and escaping from her reality to having become stronger in dealing, accepting her reality and becoming a director at her father’s company. Joon-ki from being greedy for wealthy life to accepting his reality and realizing the true love. Basically, from being a bad guy to good guy.
HSo Ep16-35
Chang-soo from being a playboy and giving in to his mother all the time to becoming a responsible man and not losing to his mother anymore. Ji-yi has always been a special girl throughout the show, a really different character from others. She may be optimist, however, she knows how to differentiate well and think ahead – like how, even though she wants to be with Chang-soo, she actually tells his mother that she won’t meet Chang-soo nor marry him if his household were to oppose their marriage and that they would end up separating. Therefore, rather than getting back with Chang-soo and hurting herself again from breaking up again, she tried to stay out of it, knowing that her background would never be accepted by Chang-soo’s family. This is why I like her. This is why Chang-soo likes her. Even his mother likes her! Like Yoon-ha, Ji-yi wants happiness while being in love. And the second lead couple has remained engaging from the start to the end because had not it been for them, despite there are flaws in their story, I don’t think I could continue watching the first leads.
HSo Ep16-33

What caught my attention is the Jang family’s reactions to Kyung-joon’s return. I had expected their mother to hug him and say that she is thankful for him being alive, however, the actual one is totally different. She feels betrayed by her own son who tells her that she has been living for herself, not him. One can’t deny that one loves oneself more than anyone else. As for their father, Chairman Jang, he was like, “Who is Kyung-joon?” and I am not even sure if he is acting in front of Ye-won or that he is being for real. I thought he’s be delighted to have him return since his son is the heir. But, as Kyung-joon has said, his father loves him. So, I guess, Chairman Jang doesn’t want to show it since he is still not forgiving about Kyung-joon taking on new identity and yet inside, he is glad for that his son is still alive.

So far, High Society has been predictable one and it ends the way we expected. Though I wonder what happened to Yoon-ha’s family. I half-expected to see Ji-yi being very close with Chang-soo’s mother and for her family, at least her mother, to show up. I know that Joon-ki’s family is very approving of Yoon-ha so I didn’t expect anything from that side. I appreciate it a lot that this show doesn’t go through of having extravagant wedding ceremony/ceremonies and I am very thankful for that. 😛 What I love about High Society is that there are two couples and the all four lives’ crossed one another. The first and second female leads being best friends is what I like about it the most. Also, the male leads! Even though they had conflicts due to Joon-ki being two-faced, I love how they actually like each other and becoming friendlier than before, even after Joon-ki shows his true self. This tells us that one should be honest with another in order to be comfortable with him/her/them. Finally, High Society ends on a nice note and I am so ready to let it go.
HSo Ep16-34


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