Oh My Ghostess – Episode 9 Review

Maybe guys can be conservative too, not that I am stereotyping guys. Soon-ae doesn’t have much time left and only has Bong-sun to help her, however, poor Sun-woo doesn’t know anything about Soon-ae being virgin ghost and is currently in the body of the girl he likes-loves now.

OMGhost EP9-3
With Soon-ae being out of Bong-sun’s body, Bong-sun finds herself up close to Sun-woo and quickly apologises before rushing out of the restaurant.  Sun-woo catches up and stops her, telling her that it wasn’t a mistake.
OMGhost EP9-4
“Kang Sun-woo likes you,” Sun-woo confesses which makes Bong-sun suddenly get hipcups. Sun-woo hugs her, which shocks Bong-sun who is still processing everything, and admits that he keeps wanting to see her. That he’d feel nervous if she is not next to him. Bong-sun is still unable to say anything to which Sun-woo asks, “Shouldn’t there be a reaction?” Bong-sun manages, “Thank you, Chef.” LOL, whut. xD
OMGhost EP9-6 OMGhost EP9-5
She stutters, saying that it’s not that and when he asks if she likes him. She nods yes, and he hugs her, grinning. Aw, yeah~ Soon-ae is standing there watching them with confused or something like hurt (?) look on her face.
OMGhost EP9-7 OMGhost EP9-8
Soon-ae sits on the swing, telling herself that she is just a ghost, not Na Bong-sun. Of course, her spinning the swing scares someone away. Meanwhile, when Bong-sun mops the floor, Sun-woo carries her onto the counter, telling her that he will clean. Woah, that looks hot. xD
OMGhost EP9-9
They return to their own respective rooms and Sun-woo calls Bong-sun through the walls, asking her to sleep well and to dream of him, hahah. Bong-sun smiles and Sun-woo falls to his bed, grinning like a fool. By the way, how can they actually hear through the walls?!
OMGhost EP9-10 OMGhost EP9-11
Soon-ae says that she got annoyed when Sun-woo came at her, and came out. And why do I feel like she isn’t telling the truth? Bong-sun admits that it’s nice to receive a confession from the guy she has been in one-sided love with, however, she can’t believe it and wonders if it’s a dream and also worries that it’s not a dream. At least she won’t be hurt if it’s a dream.
OMGhost EP9-12 OMGhost EP9-13
The next morning, we know that it’s Soon-ae in Bong-sun’s body. Her eyes are practically smiling as she keeps following Sun-woo around which raise the chefs’ suspicious, hah.
OMGhost EP9-15 OMGhost EP9-16
She texts him, asking what are the plans for tonight. And when he doesn’t reply her texts even though he has already read it in front of her, she spam texts him, causing his phone to ring multiple times while talking to all of them. Hahaha.
OMGhost EP9-17
On the rooftop, Soon-ae suggests an overnight trip to which Sun-woo declines, saying that he can’t be so liberal. She whines while he goes back down, telling her to come down after five minutes.
OMGhost EP9-19 OMGhost EP9-18
The shaman ahjumma looks for Soon-ae, telling her that she isn’t there to catch her. Instead, she asks Soon-ae how is the process with the Chef.
OMGhost EP9-20 OMGhost EP9-21
Sung-jae visits his police friend at the hospital and asks if he remember anything. His police friend replies that he doesn’t remember anything after heading out. However, it turns out that he is lying and sees Sung-jae’s watch which is similar to the attacker’s. Yes! He is smart, for keeping the fact that he remembers and suspecting Sung-jae!
OMGhost EP9-22
Sun-woo and Soon-ae go for their first date. I wish it was Bong-sun on date with him instead! While eating, Soon-ae feels his leg with her foot under the table, and when she sees a couple kissing while eating, she tries to sit beside him to which Sun-woo knows and tells her to go back to her seat. Hah, his expression is like he expected it.
OMGhost EP9-24 OMGhost EP9-23
After dinner, Soon-ae asks to go eat red bean shaved ice and brings him to the place which turns out to be the streets of motels, lol. Soon-ae plays dumb and goes like, “Omo, this really is a motel.” But, Sun-woo isn’t falling for that since he knows her and drags her to talk to her.
OMGhost EP9-26 OMGhost EP9-27
In serious tone, Sun-woo asks her if she like him or his body and wonders if those aren’t usually the things girls say? Soon-ae replies that she is not a typical girl and assures him that she likes him and his body. “And since I like you, I want to do it.”
OMGhost EP9-25
Sun-woo says that he is conservative when it comes to relationship and that they should not rush which frustrates Soon-ae. Soon-ae bursts out, asking if a girl can’t be like that and saying that he is ridiculous and his way of thinking is so outdated. Angry, she decides to stay far from him and even does that when they reach home.
OMGhost EP9-28
Sung-jae and Eun-hee go out for a walk, he pushing her wheelchair, and they reminisced about how they met – Sung-jae saved Eun-hee from jumping off the building.
OMGhost EP9-31 OMGhost EP9-29
When asked about his past, we see that he was adopted and treated badly when his parents had new child. We also see a black-smoking person figure emerging itself into young injured Sung-jae. Ohmygawd, is that really an evil spirit?
OMGhost EP9-32
The workers know that it’s Min-soo’s birthday, however, they pretend not to know when he arrives. This angers Min-soo that makes him scold everyone. When they all say that they don’t want to go through hell, Joon suggests giving him the free belt he got, as a present.
OMGhost EP9-34 OMGhost EP9-33
They sing him a birthday song, to which Min-soo actually feels shy. He is touched and goes like, you didn’t have to go through this. Okay, uhm, didn’t he want them to remember and celebrate his birthday? I feel that this character is too much, no wonder the rest dislike him.
OMGhost EP9-35 OMGhost EP9-36
After work, they go out for drinking with Sun-woo’s credit card and when one of them asks Sun-woo to join them, Soon-ae says that she is sure he wouldn’t come since “our chef is a very conservative person,” using his own words. On the way out, she hmph at him, like a kid.
OMGhost EP9-37
Sung-jae lurkes outside, eyeing Bong-sun. He had met Soon-ae’s father earlier who said that Bong-sun tied the shoelaces for him, which was similar to how Soon-ae had tied for Sung-jae. Oh dear.
OMGhost EP9-40
Soon-ae is drunk and wearing helmet outside where Joon finds her. Since men know men, she asks him about her friend who is a very liberal person so she just attacked her boyfriend, however, he is totally rejecting her.
OMGhost EP9-38 OMGhost EP9-39
Well, Joon, and we, know that she is talking about herself. Joon replies that she is either not pretty or that he likes her so that he is waiting until there is more trust in the relationship. “If it’s the former, he’s just an ordinary guy. If it’s the latter, he’s a pretty good guy,” Joon continues. Why did I just notice now that you’re actually cute too, Joon?!
OMGhost EP9-41
Sun-woo waits up for Bong-sun to come home and she still doesn’t when it is already 2am. He keeps receiving texts about the transactions and the latest shocks him: Motel. He quickly calls Min-soo and hurries out, hah.
OMGhost EP9-42 OMGhost EP9-43
He found the motel room and carries Soon-ae out of the room full of the guys, aw. He tries to piggyback drunk Soon-ae, however, she keeps yelling to have one shot and not helping his balance.
OMGhost EP9-44 OMGhost EP9-45
At the convenience store, Sun-woo makes her drink more water to sober herself up. When she is sobered, he scolds her for going to a motel with the guys to which she argues that he should have read between the lines when she said that he wouldn’t come. Soon-ae continues that they don’t even see her as a woman. “You’re so much a woman, it worries me to death,” Sun-woo blurts out. Hehe.
OMGhost EP9-46
Frustrated with her wild being, he commands her to stay right by his side like a piece of gum, taking back his words of telling her to stay away. Hehe, is that an excuse for her to not hang out with other guys and to be with her? 😛 Soon-ae: “Okay. I’m sticking to you.”
OMGhost EP9-47
They walk home together, with Soon-ae ‘sticking’ to Sun-woo and Sun-woo stops to hold her hand. Looking at her in the eyes, he says, “Let’s start like this. And go slowly… For a long, long time, Na Bong-sun.”

Uh-oh, it seems that this can’t be good as we can see the way Soon-ae looks at him and their holding hands, and that Soon-ae may be falling for Sun-woo too. I really wish that Bong-sun was the one who went on the real dates with Sun-woo, since she has been crushing on him. For Sun-woo, I can see that he genuinely likes Bong-sun no matter how she is. I guess it should be alright for now. I wonder how this romance is going to progress for Soon-ae since she is just a ghost and Sun-woo doesn’t even know she exists and possessing Bong-sun whose personality is very polar opposite of Soon-ae’s.
OMGhost EP9-14


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