Oh My Ghostess – Episode 10 Review

Even ghost has feelings. Soon-ae finds herself in a complicated situation and mistaking herself for a human as she continues borrowing Bong-sun’s body to resolve her grudge. As time goes by, feelings can be developed and, what if she finally gets what she wants but doesn’t want to leave peacefully yet?

OMGhost EP10-4
Soon-ae and Sun-woo come home hand-in-hand and Soon-ae asks to stay that way for a while and while chatting, that’s when Sun-woo’s mother pays a visit.
OMGhost EP10-3 OMGhost EP10-5
The new couple have to quickly separate and almost forget to let go of each other’s hand before Sun-woo’s mother sees them together, hah. His mother asks what Bong-sun is doing there at night, calling her ‘Bong-sook’. Sun-woo quickly comes up with an excuse by asking Soon-ae, “I sent you on an errand, right? It’s all good. You can go.” Soon-ae follows by saying thank you and runs off. Hah.
OMGhost EP10-8 OMGhost EP10-7
Of course, Mom won’t let this go and knows that there’re something going on between him and Bong-sun. Mom wonders if he is desperate nowadays and asks Sun-woo to use contraception which makes him choke on his bun, LOL. HAHAH.
OMGhost EP10-9 OMGhost EP10-10
After Mom has left, Soon-ae returns and they act out as if sending each other home when their rooms are just next to each other. Aw, so cuteee!
OMGhost EP10-11
Soon-ae lets herself out of Bong-sun’s body to see Sun-woo and asks herself what she is thinking, to like him for real when she is just a ghost. Oh, nooo.
OMGhost EP10-12 OMGhost EP10-13
Soon-ae looks like she is having mixed feelings when witnessing Bong-sun together with Sun-woo and wipes off his sweat.
OMGhost EP10-14
This scene of Mom meeting PD Lee can’t be good! No no no, don’t even try it, Sun-woo’s mom.
OMGhost EP10-15 OMGhost EP10-16
Sun-woo asks around who want to go to market with him and when every guy offer to come, he tells them they got things to do and is like, “Well, I have no choice but to bring useless Bong-sun.” Oohh, what a scheming way. xD At the market, the food seller ahjumma mistakes them for wife and husband, and they didn’t even correct her. Hehe. They run into Soon-ae’s father and Soon-ae offers her a ride, despite his rejections, well, to which Sun-woo says that he is going to offer anyway.
OMGhost EP10-17
At Soon-ae’s father’s restaurant where Sun-woo visits for the first time, Soon-ae gets Sun-woo to connect the water hose which, after many struggles (his mistakes and Soon-ae having to correct him LOL), he manages to do it.
OMGhost EP10-18 OMGhost EP10-19
As always, Soon-ae’s father feels very bad and asks Sun-woo to stay to eat his rice to which Soon-ae says that he doesn’t eat rice but Sun-woo hushes her. He eats the rice anyway, in front of Soon-ae’s father. Aw.
OMGhost EP10-20
However, when he returns to work, he doesn’t look well and even look pale. His workers suggest the ways to digest the food but he asks them to mind their work, saying that he will take care of himself.
OMGhost EP10-21 OMGhost EP10-22
Bong-sun takes him and helps press the pressure point on his hand in secret. They quickly act like boss and staff when Joon comes who chuckles at the situation as if he knows about them.
OMGhost EP10-23
Sung-jae takes out an old and cracked phone which must belong to Soon-ae.
OMGhost EP10-25 OMGhost EP10-24
Flashback: Soon-ae being chases by someone, probably Sung-jae? Next we see that Sung-jae came out of the bathroom where there were a pair of legs lying on the floor whose look like Soon-ae’s. So, did he drown her in the bath tub or… rape her? But I think it’s mostly related to water, though.
OMGhost EP10-28 OMGhost EP10-29
Wanting to help Sun-woo’s indigestion, Soon-ae suggests playing tag at the playground which Sun-woo complains if they are kids, but they still play anyway. xD That’s it till Soon-ae falls and Sun-woo helps her up to check if she is injured and cleans her feet of the sand.
OMGhost EP10-32 OMGhost EP10-31
They sit on the swings side by side and Soon-ae tells him how she has been experiencing a lot of things, thanks to him. Sun-woo is surprised that she has never done many things. However, it’s all Soon-ae, not real Bong-sun. D: This makes him think and comes to a decision: “Okay, let’s go on a trip. An overnight trip.”
OMGhost EP10-33
Sun-woo says that it’s okay that she jump him (hah), however, Soon-ae doesn’t seem to be happy even though she wants it. She seems to come to a realisation now that Sun-woo is allowing it.
OMGhost EP10-35 OMGhost EP10-34
Soon-ae goes to the shaman ahjumma and tells her about the overnight trip which she says that it’s a good opportunity since she has been wanting it to happen. However, Soon-ae says, “I don’t know why I’m feeling this way. By tomorrow, I can resolve this grudge I’ve been dying to do. Yet, I’m not happy. Unni… I think… I like Chef a lot.” She continues that she had never get to experience those things when she was alive and asks why in her death, and with the man of vitality.
OMGhost EP10-36
Ahjumma tells her to get it together and says that the most dangerous thing for ghosts is feelings. “It’s mistakenly thinking that you’re human and feeling pain, sadness, and joy. Then, you’ll start to get greedy. Even if it’s as an evil spirit, you’ll get greedy and want to remain here. But evil spirits are different. They’re on a whole different dimension than ghosts like you who possess humans. They will never be able to die. They will latch onto shady people and go around committing evil acts,” Ahjumma explains, and I guess this is telling us about Sung-jae having evil spirit in him. She tells Soon-ae to get herself together and resolve her grudge.
OMGhost EP10-37
After whole day of rejecting the worker’s hang out and closing the restaurant early “because it’s too hot,” Sun-woo explains, he texts Soon-ae to prepare and meet later. While packing, Soon-ae tells herself to just quickly resolve her grudge and move on.
OMGhost EP10-38 OMGhost EP10-39
As soon as they were going to go off, Sun-woo gets a call from his mother who pretended to be drunk so that she can bring Sun-woo and So-hyung to meet. Sometimes, Sun-woo’s mother can be childish.
OMGhost EP10-41
After Soon-ae left to wait for Sun-woo at the train station as told by him, Sung-jae sneaks around and the dog keeps barking at him, however, it suddenly got silent? He goes into Bong-sun’s room and checks around, though I am not sure what is he looking for. Something related to Soon-ae? Oh yeah, he had heard Bong-sun singing like Soon-ae earlier. Oh, no, why does he only know about her habits?!
OMGhost EP10-42
Soon-ae sits on the swing by herself and decides that “today is not the day,” saying that she can’t leave like this and that she admits that she is being greedy. She asks Sun-woo to wait little longer, to herself.
OMGhost EP10-43 OMGhost EP10-44
Soon-ae returns home and Sun-woo few seconds later, apologising to her the first thing. Soon-ae acts bit angry, not wanting to tell him that she is ‘glad’ that it happened since she doesn’t want to leave.
OMGhost EP10-46
To make up for what had happened, he says he will it feel like she is going on a trip. Cut to: Tent set up on the rooftop. Sun-woo admits that he saw So-hyung earlier who was called out by his mother. Soon-ae could only ahh. He continues that he told So-hyung that he has a person that he likes now, which makes Soon-ae stop and turn to look at him. Sun-woo says that he is relieved that he had ended the long attachment to So-hyung.
OMGhost EP10-48 OMGhost EP10-49
OMGhost EP10-53
Soon-ae caresses Sun-woo slowly, to which Sun-woo takes and kisses her hand before swooping in for a kiss on her lips.
OMGhost EP10-51
They slowly fall back into the tent, and Sun-woo begins to unbutton both of their shirts… Omo omo omo!

Now that Soon-ae is getting closer to resolving her grudge, she realises that it means going to heaven and never being able to experience such romance experience again. She wants to experience what she was never being able to while she was alive. However, I feel that it’s wrong of her to keep using Bong-sun’s body because Sun-woo doesn’t that it’s the virgin ghost Soon-ae who has been doing and saying those stuffs to him.
OMGhost EP10-30

I have this theory, what if the reason she isn’t able to move on is not because of her virginity, but maybe because of Sung-jae? Maybe the reason Soon-ae remains on Earth is to find out who Sung-jae really is and his true (evil) self, and that Bong-sun is there for her to borrow her body to bring the truth to the light and Sung-jae to justice. Nevertheless, again, kudos to Park Bo Young for very well-expressive acting!
OMGhost EP10-54


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