Scholar Who Walks the Night – Episode 7 Review

Two guys knowing about Yang-sun’s real identity as girl – unsure if it’s a good thing or not. Unsure if we are going to see a love triangle between these three. But, first, let us focus on Gwi and the known-to-viewers of the location of Prince Jeonghyeon’s secret diary.

Yang-sun searches for medicine plant to treat Sung-yeol’s wound and she gets hurt in the process. Little did she know what he need is blood, especially it’s full moon tonight, as said by his sidekicks who still have not found him yet.
Yang-sun notices that Sung-yeol’s body seems colder and that he is not breathing. Fearing the worst, she shakes him to wake up and cries. The tears mixed with her blood drips down onto his face, into his mouth which stirs him awake, reviving his sense.
Relieved, she hugs him with her neck exposed to him. He bares his face and almost bite her neck till the last moment he resists and shoves Yang-sun aside. I’d expected her to be asking him why his eyes are red and all, but she doesn’t ask? Doesn’t she see or sense something weird about him?! Dumb or dumb?
Outside, Sung-yeol staggers and keep Yang-sun at arm’s length. Luckily, his sidekicks found them in the woods and Sung-yeol orders Ho-jin to bring Yang-sun back to the town safely while he returns with Su-hyang who has done the ‘preparations’ for him. Hm, she must have done this a lot?
Yang-sun’s father looks at the secret diary and we see how he got it. Flashback: Yang-sun’s biological father hides Yang-sun (she looks like a boy, but I guess she cross-dressed that time too) and asks Yang-sun’s foster father to take care of the child and carry out Crown Prince Sadong’s plan. Oooh.
SWWTN Ep7-10 SWWTN Ep7-11
Sung-yeol, being a good vampire, fakes his identity as Eumlan Seosaeng and helps free the scholars who are arrested by the guards, maybe instructed by Gwi, and also gives the dead booksellers’ families money, beating Yoon, the real Eumlan Seosaeng, to it.
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The one-arm man is taken away by Sung-yeol from Yoon’s hut and asked after about the secret diary. He notes that Sung-yeol is a vampire and Sung-yeol explains that he used to serve Prince Jeonghyeon, to which the man recalls that Sung-yeol’s name was one of the five names in the diary. There was a dying message to him from then Prince.
SWWTN Ep7-14
Sung-yeol ponders about about the clues – the five names and ‘people’ which Prince Sadong mentioned. Could the ‘people’ be the way to defeat Gwi?
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Outside, Sung-yeol sees Hye-ryung who thinks about her deal with Gwi – to bring Sung-yeol to him and that het let her be the king’s woman – and smiles, as if provoking him before walking away. Sung-yeol follows her, despite Yang-sun calling out to him.
SWWTN Ep7-18
Hye-ryung is aware that Sung-yeol is following her and Sung-yeol asks why she smiled at him, thinking to himself that she is not Myung-hee. Hye-ryung replies coldly that it was because of the look he gave her and thought that he would burst into tears. “I am not the woman you are thinking of. Do not look at me that way, or follow me anymore,” she says before heading into her home which Sung-yeol seems to recognise.
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Yang-sun dresses up as woman, and still believes that Yoon thinks she is still man dressing up as a woman to avoid being caught by the guards. Oh, LOL. Doesn’t she realise that she looks too pretty to be man? xD Yoon is surprised to see her, though, as he thought she had left. This upsets him, and he orders his bodyguard to keep protecting her till she leaves.
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Yang-sun overhears Su-hyang confirming her departure with the ahjussi whom she recognises. She realises that she is being sent away, to which Su-hyang coldly says that they don’t trust her and she is in danger of being arrested. Su-hyang continues that Sung-yeol almost died saving her life and that she should leave for Tamra if she wants to do things for his sake.
SWWTN Ep7-23
Yoon has come to decision to reveal his identity as Eumlan Seosaeng as he doesn’t want Gwi to keep claiming innocence lives.
SWWTN Ep7-24
Sung-yeol has heard everything and vows to protect Yoon, even it means exposing himself as vampire. He says that he has been living this miserable life to eliminate Gwi. Woah, I almost forgot that his literally life goal is to get rid of Gwi.
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In his cave, Gwi fed on numerous of guards and tells the King to bring Eumlan Seosaeng to him soon, reminding him that this task is the only reason why the King is still keeping his throne.
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Yang-sun runs into Sung-yeol outside and when Su-hyang steps in to send her off her, Sung-yeol dismisses her. Hah! A drunk man thought Yang-sun is a gisaeng and tries to get close to her. Sung-yeol steps in and shoves him back, glaring at him which makes him run away, lol.
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Yang-sun stammers that she is okay, but Sung-yeol grabs her wrist and commands her not to say a word before pulling her away. Hidden around the corner, Yang-sun’s father sees his daughter with a man whom he recognises instantly.
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Yang-sun asks to let go of her wrist as it hurts. That’s when Sung-yeol finally sees the scraps on her face and asks her about it to which she says it’s not much. She tells that she heard why she is being sent off to Tamra by him. She is about to explain her real feelings, but he cuts her off, saying that he doesn’t have the leisure to listen to her about her feelings.
SWWTN Ep7-32 SWWTN Ep7-31
As he walks away, Yang-sun still continue anyway, “Is that… the only reason? If I were caught by the guards, are you afraid that I might cause a problem for you? So you want to send me to Tamra Island? I want to know… how you really feel.”

Looks like Sung-yeol is not accepting his own feelings and he still stays by the ‘rule’ – vampire shouldn’t be with human. But it takes a lot of courage for Yang-sun to say those. I feel that there are already so much intimation scenes even before half through the show, but then it shows how Sung-yeol is going to struggle between being attracted to Yang-sun and finding the secret diary to defeat Gwi. Who knows Yang-sun might be used as his weakness by Gwi? Uh-oh, is that what they mean by this?
SWWTN Ep7-36

I bet that Yoon is going to survive defeating Gwi, along with Sung-yeol. However, it seems that he might fall for Yang-sun, therefore his weakness too. Little did he know that she is actually Jin, his good friend. I wonder how it is going to turn out after Yoon finds out that he was actually right about Yang-sun being Jin and who has been helping him as imposter. And also his reaction to young Jin actually being a girl. But, wait, young Jin looked like a girl, right? If the child was really a boy, I’d be mindblown then.
SWWTN Ep7-35


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