I Remember You – Episode 13 Review

I love that we get to see more of the brotherly love between the long-lost brothers in this episode. We also get to see another side of Ji-an who is the strongest badass woman in dramalands, all thanks to the main villain who is such a sinister.

IRmbU Ep13-1
We waited for a week and panicked for no reason as the person behind Ji-an is just a random passer-by, LOL. Still, Hyun tells Ji-an to be careful and get to crowded place.
IRmbU Ep13-2 IRmbU Ep13-3
Ji-an asks what is going and Hyun tells her about how the killer’s cherished person died in front of him and he thought that Ji-an could be in danger, since the killer is aiming for people Hyun cherishes so that he can experience the same pain the killer felt. It makes Ji-an ask, “Cherished person?” Hyun’s eyes dart around and says nothing but “Let’s hang up.” LOL.
IRmbU Ep13-4 IRmbU Ep13-5
Hyun thinks of Min and that it couldn’t be possible, but still calls Min. However, Min’s phone is on silent mode, therefore missing his call. When Min gets to elevator, he senses someone behind, turns out and suddenly a knife is held to his neck.
IRmbU Ep13-6 IRmbU Ep13-7
Still holding the knife to Min’s neck, the killer asks to call his brother and Min recalls Joon-ho’s words to which he says that the killer is mistaken but smiles at the thought of being Hyun’s most cherished person. And I love how Min’s poker face doesn’t show his fear.
IRmbU Ep13-9 IRmbU Ep13-10
Min attacks the killer first and he fights like a pro! Woah, another badass we get to see! However, he gets stabbed which weakens him.
IRmbU Ep13-11 IRmbU Ep13-12
Hyun arrives on time to stop the killer from piercing rebar through Min like how his girlfriend died. Playing psychology game, Hyun tells the killer to kill Min as he doesn’t care. I hope Min doesn’t take him for his words! However, the killer isn’t going to fall for that and confirms that Min is Hyun’s most cherished person.
IRmbU Ep13-13 IRmbU Ep13-14
As the killer is about to kill Min, Ji-an arrives on time to shoot him in his arm. YAY, badass Ji-an is here! She runs to chase after him but lost him. Hyun quickly rushes Min to the hospital, his face full of worries and pain for his little brother.
IRmbU Ep13-16
After the killer got away, there is someone behind him, however, we can’t see who it is as he is covered in shadows.
IRmbU Ep13-17 IRmbU Ep13-18
At the hospital, Ji-an explains how she know about Lawyer Sun-ho’s identity. Hyun’s hand is shaking and Ji-an takes his hand in hers and Hyun eventually break down. Cries, his love for his little brother… T_T
IRmbU Ep13-20 IRmbU Ep13-21
Min wakes up to Hyun sleeping at his bedside, holding his hand. Min looks at him with those happy-sad eyes and is about to touch his hyung’s face when Hyun stirs awake. Aw.
IRmbU Ep13-22
Hyun calls his art director friend to look after Min because he can’t trust anyone else, LOL. He is like, “he is one of the murder suspect candidates you gave me”, HAH. The friend rejects his request and asks Hyun for a favour not to ask him for any more favours. But, Hyun still pleads with him, and he ends up looking after Min, hah.
IRmbU Ep13-24 IRmbU Ep13-23
The friend introduces himself as Na Bong Sung (is that the first time we finally hear of his name?!) to which Min says that he already know, since he has been watching his hyung.
IRmbU Ep13-26 IRmbU Ep13-25
At the station, Hyun overhears the team about having to find the killer’s phone signal and Hyun suddenly says, “You idiot” to which Myung-woo get worked up, but Hyun says he is saying himself as he just realised that he has the killer’s phone number with him. The team: “Ya! Lee Hyun!” “Totally disappointed.” “And I suffered for nothing.” Hahaha.
IRmbU Ep13-29 IRmbU Ep13-30
Joon-ho visits Min at the hospital. (The Friend: “Another murder candidate?”) Seeing Min lying down like this, Joon-ho reminisces about how he took care of Min when he often came down with fever. Turning to Joon-ho, Min confirms that he was the one who gave his information to the killer and asks if he is testing them. Despite Hyun’s words, Min says that Joon-ho will be the last person he’d kill.
IRmbU Ep13-27
We cut to the team who discovered the dead body of the killer, with the rebar pierced through his abdomen.
IRmbU Ep13-33
Hyun returns to the hospital where he meets Joon-ho who gets up to leave. Hyun notices that he has a wound on his hand to which he explains that he did some yard work and says that he also took care of Hyun’s grass and trees while he was away.
IRmbU Ep13-34 IRmbU Ep13-35
Joon-ho says to Hyun that even though his house has been vacant for a long time, his trees have grown nicely, looking at Min. Hyun replies that since he is back, he will take care of his own trees now, looking at Min too. “I am sorry, but since I didn’t ask you to do it, I don’t feel the need to express my gratitude. I am not the type,” Hyun says matter-of-factly.
IRmbU Ep13-36
It feels like they are talking about Min. Hyun saying how he didn’t ask Joon-ho for help to take care of his ‘trees’ refers to how he did not abandoned Min, which makes Min smile.
IRmbU Ep13-38 IRmbU Ep13-37
Joon-ho returns to the morgue where the killer’s corpse is at and it is revealed that Joon-ho was indeed the one in the shadows from earlier and probably the one who killed him. Creepy psycho, omg.
IRmbU Ep13-39 IRmbU Ep13-40
After Ji-an and Hyun meets with Joon-ho for the autopsy, Hyun notices the way she talks to Joon-ho. Outside, Hyun confronts Ji-an about thinking that Lee Joon-ho is Lee Joon-young. She tells him that Joon-ho already knows that she know who he is. Nevertheless, she still want to show that she is not afraid.
IRmbU Ep13-41
In the car, Ji-an tells Hyun something she didn’t tell him lest he gets disappointed. That Lee Joon-young’s real fingerprints were erased and it was switched with another criminal’s fingerprints. Therefore, it would be difficult to prove that Joon-ho is Joon-young.
IRmbU Ep13-42 IRmbU Ep13-43
Suddenly, Hyun recalls something but couldn’t remember what exactly it is. It’s something to prove with 99% certainty that Lee Joon-ho is Lee Joon-young. Must be the no-pulse detection?
IRmbU Ep13-45 IRmbU Ep13-44
Ji-an and Hyun get called to the police station to explain the killer’s case. Hyun explains simply about how the killer is after the person who is dear to him and thought that Ji-an was in danger, but stops there. He quickly explains that he only associated with them since he doesn’t know many people in Korea. If he were to give them score out of 100, each of the guys get 15 points till he stops at Myung-woo: “3 points” Myung-woo: “For me, you’re zero point!” HAHAH.
IRmbU Ep13-46
Team Leader Kang asks what about Ji-an and Hyun simply replies that she is rated higher than the guys: “15 points plus alpha” Ji-an: “Well, one or two points higher, right? If it’s not that, I guess around 0.5 points, right?” Well, I think it’s way higherrrrr! xP
IRmbU Ep13-48 IRmbU Ep13-47
Hyun talks to Deputy Police and Chief Hyun about Joon-young’s fingerprints and the Deputy Police seems to already know about it. Hyun confirms that Chief Hyun was the one who changed Joon-young’s fingerprints and asks that she would not have erased the original. He tells her that this is her last opportunity to do what is right.
IRmbU Ep13-50 IRmbU Ep13-49
Hyun visits Min to see that he isn’t eating and helps to feed him. Min still doesn’t move to eat and Hyun prompts, “Just one more bite.” Awww, hyung taking care of his dongsaeng. And Min is still putting on his poker face, masking his emotional vulnerability.
IRmbU Ep13-53 IRmbU Ep13-54
Joon-ho is out giving out the food to the homeless people and is seem to be familiar with one of them. “Do you remember Lee Joon-ho?” he asks the homeless man. Hmm, so the name Lee Joon-ho must belong to either this homeless person or someone he knows.
IRmbU Ep13-55 IRmbU Ep13-56
It’s Ji-an’s birthday and Min tells about Hyun about it and that he can go. How does Min know?! Hyun: “No. I am staying.” Aw, this makes Min smile. We are seeing Min’s smile a lot in this episode! They read books together, how nice.
IRmbU Ep13-57
Ji-an receives a present from the fast delivery service which the poor delivery man is held for now, hah. The present seems to be the present Joon-ho had packed earlier. Inside it, it’s the map of where Ji-an used to live.
IRmbU Ep13-58 IRmbU Ep13-59
They go out to search the big field as stated on the map and the dog lead them to the exact point. They dig up and discover skeletal remains. Oh, no, not another skeleton! Ji-an digs around to find the photo pocket which belongs to Ji-an’s father… On the verge of tears, Ji-an tells the rest that it looks it’s her dad.
IRmbU Ep13-60
She thinks of the conversation about hope with Joon-ho and chuckles that this is how he gives his answer. MOST EVIL GIFT EVER. A REALLY SINISTER GIFT. You’re so twisted, Lee Joon-young.
IRmbU Ep13-61 IRmbU Ep13-62
Back at the police station, Team Leader Kang informs his father about Ji-an’s father and it hits him that Lee Joon-young is the same person Hyun mentioned and there’re more to it than he thinks. Deputy Police seems to be surprised that one of the guards is Ji-an’s father. Looks like Team Leader Kang is going to be involved in all these.
IRmbU Ep13-63
Hyun returns to the police station to find that the atmosphere is off and asks what kind of situation is this. They explained about how they found the skeletal remains of Ji-an’s father. Myung-woo tells Ji-an to cry, but she reassures them that she is alright.
IRmbU Ep13-64 IRmbU Ep13-65
Hyun brings her to his house and tells her to just stay there for today. Ji-an sits by herself and thinks about her father. She apologises to her father, looking at the photo, for how she don’t remember the last time she saw her father.
IRmbU Ep13-66
Hyun apologises to Min for not being able to pick him up when he is discharged. Joon-ho is driving him home and says that he will cook for him. No, nooo, it’s better if Hyun cooks for him!
IRmbU Ep13-68 IRmbU Ep13-67
Hyun finds Ji-an in the room and lends her his shoulder when she finally breaks down and cries in this shoulder. Oh cries. T_T At least, Hyun is there for her.
IRmbU Ep13-69
After crying and calming down, Ji-an thinks of Park Dae-young’s words (the boy who was arrested for murder, taking revenge for his father): “Until you see that person face-to-face, until that moment comes, you won’t know what choice you’ll make.” She says to herself that she is right.
IRmbU Ep13-70 IRmbU Ep13-71
With a different look on her face, she takes out her gun. Oh no, is she going to kill Joon-ho? At Joon-ho’s home, Min is over there while Joon-ho prepares the dinner. Ji-an gets up and walks out of the room, gun ready and determination look on her face.

It feels like Joon-ho is already waiting for Ji-an to come. He is just so creepy. He definitely killed people. But it seems that he cares for Min, though I am not sure if he is jealous that Min and Hyun are reunited and still wants Min with him. But then he is a psychopath. A psychopath doesn’t feel anything emotional or attachment. Maybe he’d want someone with him under his wings since he always felt lonely as Joon-ho seems to be always playing games with Hyun, Min and probably Ji-an now. Now that Joon-ho has provoked Ji-an back, he probably wants to turn her into a monster, like how he nurtured Min into one. This is a game – good or evil? I think Joon-ho wants to prove that there is monster in everyone and that it can be triggered no matter what environment they grew up in.
IRmbU Ep13-73

Last week, we had a good share of the three Lees – Lee Hyun, Lee Min and Lee Joon-young – and I like how we are looking at Cha Ji-an’s back story in this episode. I like how I Remember You strikes just right balance and exposure for each of the characters. This drama is not about understanding monsters or why they become one. Rather, it’s more of asking ourselves the questions about the monsters and they give us answers (hopefully more).

Also, since we had the romance sparks from last week, this episode is where we get to see more of brotherly love. I love how Min look so happy to be together with his hyung again. He is even happier to find out that Hyun did not abandoned him, through the ‘tree’ talk with Joon-ho. Totally OTP! Anyway, how about these two?! Hehe.
IRmbU Ep13-72


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