I Remember You – Episode 14 Review

It’s so intense that I practically held my breath throughout a whole hour. We’re on the journey to finding evidence to prove Lee Joon-young’s identity and he definitely knows how to play a game. While on the way, more and more interesting facts are being disclosed to us. (And I like that picture, hehe.)

IRmbU Ep14-3
Hyun stops Ji-an from running out to shoot Joon-ho. “I have been thinking… What I should do with Lee Joon-young. Choice one, kill him. Choice two, kill him. Choice three, kill him!” Ji-an vents her anger and continues saying to kill him no matter what nth choice.
IRmbU Ep14-5 IRmbU Ep14-6
Hyun hugs her tightly to calm her down, telling her to get hold of herself. She calms down and Hyun tells her that he understands it fully and that there should be another answer.
IRmbU Ep14-7 IRmbU Ep14-8
Myung-woo tells his team to embark on finding Lee Joon-young and Team Leader Kang seems to be thinking of something else.
IRmbU Ep14-12 IRmbU Ep14-11
Since it’s still Ji-an’s birthday, Hyun baked a cake for her to which she said to bring it over to Joon-ho’s to share, as she wants to see what is the expression on his face.
IRmbU Ep14-9 IRmbU Ep14-10
At Joon-ho’s house where Min is also at, they sit down to talk. Ji-an tells Joon-ho that her hope about her father ends as of now and Joon-ho asks what kind of father was his father to Ji-an. Ji-an replies without hesitation that he was nicest to her in the world.
IRmbU Ep14-14 IRmbU Ep14-13
Joon-ho has expected that answer and his gaze changes, saying that there are two sides to people, as we see his flashback – Two guards getting ready and smirking as if going to beat Joon-young up in the prison cell. Ooohhh. Is that why?
IRmbU Ep14-15 IRmbU Ep14-16
At night, Joon-ho’s expression looks sad as if he is regretting what he have done to Ji-an as he says how Ji-an looks very angry. He wonders if it was wrong to give her what she want. Well, I don’t understand why he is being like this, though. It’s like as if he thought Ji-an would glad to have “found” his father, but instead, she gets vengeful to which Joon-ho did not expect. Min: “It’s the result of an evil one offering a good deed.”
IRmbU Ep14-17 IRmbU Ep14-18
Hyun tucks Ji-an in and I love how he sits in front of her, watching her sleep and falling asleep. In the morning, we see the other way round – Ji-an watching Hyun sleep. This scene alone has so much meaning to it. No gestures and yet the simplicity of it all is what makes it so endearing. This is the beauty of I Remember You.
IRmbU Ep14-19 IRmbU Ep14-20
Hyun brings Ji-an to her house and he even offer to clean her place since it’s his hobby, aw, hahah. However, Ji-an says it’s alright, but stops him from leaving to ask what are her points and alpha. Hyun explains that she cannot be quantify, as we can see that she means a lot to him. Aw, yeah, it means her point is infinity?
IRmbU Ep14-21 IRmbU Ep14-22
As Ji-an told Hyun to bring his brother back home, Hyun goes to Joon-ho’s house, telling them he would like to take Lawyer Sun-ho to his house. In the end, Min chooses to go with Hyun, thanking Joon-ho for all those times. Yay.
IRmbU Ep14-23
Outside, Joon-ho is walking and talking with someone who is… That ‘ghost’ woman from before, the one who told Hyun and Ji-an about Joon-young’s past. It seems that Joon-ho is confiding in her and the woman is the one telling him how he actually feels, like a counsellor. It’s as if she is the one who has been keeping Joon-young/Joon-ho’s humanity on.
IRmbU Ep14-24 IRmbU Ep14-25
The woman asks him what he is really hoping for. Exactly my question too. Joon-ho thinks about it and answers, “With those two kids (Hyun and Min)… and I… the three of us… just the three of us… to live together.” He sounds lonely, saying this.
IRmbU Ep14-26 IRmbU Ep14-27
Hyun questions Min about the cards he sent to them, to which Min says that Hyun really don’t remember and comments that it’s better that he doesn’t remember. “Just know this. I think I was already born like this. No. I was born like this,” Min says instead.
IRmbU Ep14-28 IRmbU Ep14-29
Hyun offers to dry Min’s hair to which he rejects, but still lets his hyung do it. Aww, this is just so cute, even as adults! Hyun really looks happy to be doing this, now that his little brother is back. But then he suddenly remembers about the nine beads, but still continue drying Min’s hair.
IRmbU Ep14-31
Chief Hyun has the real fingerprints of Lee Joon-young and compares it to everyone’s fingerprint. To her utter shock, she finds out that Lee Joon-ho’s fingerprints are the same as Lee Joon-young’s. She recalls her interactions with the forensic doctor and now sees them in different light.
IRmbU Ep14-32
One after another, Hyun gets calls from Team Leader Kang and Ji-an who are heading over to his house to ask/tell him. However, he ignores Chief Hyun’s call. Why?!
IRmbU Ep14-37 IRmbU Ep14-36
Ji-an reaches Hyun’s house first, follow by Joon-ho which surprise everyone as he comes uninvited, with bags of food. Lastly, Team Leader Kang arrives to see that everyone is there and is surprised to see Lawyer Sun-ho there.
IRmbU Ep14-34 IRmbU Ep14-35
He asks how and answers himself, “Your score was higher than Cha Ji-an, huh? You two look good together.” LOL HAHA. Team Leader Kang definitely looks extra here.
IRmbU Ep14-39
So, the five of them have dinner together, and I got to say this is da best dinner scene ever! Hyun prompts Team Leader Kang to ask what he wanted to ask, so he asks, “Who is Lee Joon-young exactly?”
IRmbU Ep14-40 IRmbU Ep14-42
IRmbU Ep14-41 IRmbU Ep14-43
This stops everyone in their tracks and look up with different gaze to Team Leader Kang. Gosh, their gazes! Four of them knowing Lee Joon-young (well, except that one of them is real Lee Joon-young) – their reactions and expressions to that question alone are just…!
IRmbU Ep14-38
Oh, poor Team Leader Kang. It’s look like he is a prey in the room full of predators, except that there is one real predator. Joon-ho and Min act as if they do not know a thing.
IRmbU Ep14-44 IRmbU Ep14-45
At the same time, Chief Hyun is being followed with the evidence in her bag. Oh gosh, how does the person know?! And, the person who has been tailing her turns out to be Eun-bok! I knew there is something about this keyboard-lover police guy! He stabs her, saying “I’m sorry, Planning Officer. I have a debt to that person.” Joon-young? Oohh.
IRmbU Ep14-46 IRmbU Ep14-47
At the dinner table, everyone, except Min, get a call at the same time, about the death of Chief Hyun. (But then, she died so easily?!) Min: “I’m the only one who is not busy.” Aw, come here.
IRmbU Ep14-48
At the crime scene, Hyun’s face is stricken as he listens to the last message which a voicemail she has left for him, saying that she want to make things right.
IRmbU Ep14-49
Back at the police station after the funeral, Ji-an thinks back to her conversation with Hyun about the possibility of Joon-young’s accomplice being in the police station, not knowing that it’s Eun-bok. And, how can Eun-bok be on poker face all the time?! Is he another psychopath?
IRmbU Ep14-50 IRmbU Ep14-51
Hyun fills in Min on how Chief Hyun aided in Lee Joon-young’s escape in a way, not directly. Min asks why he catch the culprit and “doesn’t she deserve to die anyway?” Hyun’s face hardens as Min continues that she died too comfortably and if it were him, he don’t think he would send her away that comfortably. “What a waste.” Homg, Min’s psychopathic mind!
IRmbU Ep14-52
Seeing his hyung’s face, Min asks if he is wrong. Hyun gets a hold of himself and smiles, masking his disbelief face, “No, it’s okay.” He ruffles Min’s hair, thinking to himself, “I will change you a little by little. You will change, Min.”
IRmbU Ep14-53 IRmbU Ep14-54
Team Leader Kang confronts his father about who is Lee Joon-young and how they are connected. It turns out that Chief Hyun had told him the truth and he covered it up by diverting the media’s attention to the guards (Ji-an’s father was one of them) by framing them as accomplices.
IRmbU Ep14-55 IRmbU Ep14-56
Oh, so, Deputy Police was the one who ‘framed’ Ji-an’s father as an accomplice to Joon-young’s escape, making her daughter of the criminal. Didn’t expect it… Team Leader Kang is shocked to hear this as he now feels bad for making Ji-an become a criminal’s daughter, since he is Deputy Police’s son.
IRmbU Ep14-57 IRmbU Ep14-58
Min tells Hyun an interesting fact – to Lee Joon-young, there are other kids like him, which is a news to Hyun (and us, the viewers). We see Joon-ho asking a little girl, “Who did this to you?” as if sympathising with her.
IRmbU Ep14-61 IRmbU Ep14-62
Min continues that Joon-young remembered his childhood when he was harassed and repeatedly killed the adults who harassed him – Joon-young is repeatedly saving his young self.
IRmbU Ep14-60 IRmbU Ep14-59
Eun-bok meets Joon-ho to tell him that has paid his debt for taking him out of hell. Was he harassed as a child too?
IRmbU Ep14-64
LOL, why we still have not hear about how Hyun met this art gallery director friend? He was dancing around till Hyun comes to see him and he tries to get away, saying that he is not going to do whatsoever for him, hah. But, Hyun still makes his friend help him anyway, hehe. As Hyun is about to leave, he tells his friend, “You know… Your score is over 20 points,” which makes the friend confused. Aw, his debt friend is ranked higher than those police guys.
IRmbU Ep14-67 IRmbU Ep14-66
Hyun asks Joon-ho out for a drink and Ji-an happens to call Hyun who tells her that he is out with Joon-ho. Ji-an gets an idea that it means no one is at Joon-ho’s house. She drives over to his house and finally get the chance to get into the ‘secret room’ which she has been wondering what is inside.
IRmbU Ep14-70 IRmbU Ep14-69
Ji-an calls Hyun to buy time and, in order to buy time, Hyun has to spill that he knows who Joon-ho is, to which Joon-ho asks why he didn’t say his name. Hyun answers that he is still lacking 1%. He is 99% certain but he doesn’t have 1% accurate proof.
IRmbU Ep14-68
Ji-an sneaks into the room which is eerily empty. There is a table with a book on it. Creepy. Ji-an shuffles through the books to find that each page contains a picture of a child. Could they be the ones Joon-young raised and nurtured?
IRmbU Ep14-71 IRmbU Ep14-72
Ji-an leaves the room and gets caught by Min. Min’s expression doesn’t seem to be good as if he is offended someone sneaked into his (Joon-ho’s) room. “We meet at a strange place, Office Cha,” Min half-smirked. Oh, nooo. What a cliffhanger!
IRmbU Ep14-74 IRmbU Ep14-73
Meanwhile, Joon-ho walks up to Hyun, calling him the same way he used to when Hyun was younger. Joon-ho takes Hyun’s hand to feel his neck, which triggers his memory of Joon-young telling young Hyun his secret about having no heartbeat. Hyun: “You still don’t have a heartbeat. Lee Joon-young.” As Hyun finally calls his real name, Joon-ho is delighted that he remembers.

Okay, wow, what an episode! Really an intense one! We find out that, not only Min was brought by Joon-young, Joon-young has been ‘gathering’ abused children out of their hell holes and nurturing them, bringing out their psychotic tendencies. And Eun-bok is probably one of them. However, where are others?

I remember that Joon-ho had mentioned – If ten people are placed in the same situations, would all of them make the same choice? By this, I think he means that one already has that ‘psychopathic gene’ in him and that it’s not a choice to make, to have exposure to violence and murders. Min had said that he was born like this and I think he believes that he cannot overcome his nature as he thought he was born with such tendencies. However, Hyun believes that one can overcome his nature, therefore he believes that Min can be changed if he were to be under his care.
IRmbU Ep14-65

I like how the reasons for Joon-ho and Min being monsters are similar. They are even similar to some of the cases in this drama. Well, that’s it, if Min really killed those nine people. (If not, perhaps Eun-bok?) Min kills those who abandoned someone, so that in his mind, he is killing his hyung again and again for abandoning him as he thought. For Joon-ho/Joon-young, he is repeatedly saving his young self from the confinement through killing those who abused/abandoned/harassed a child and taking the child in, under his wings. It’s a psychological thing – channeling one’s anger/resentment to someone else, however, in his head, it’s always the same person he is killing. It seems that Joon-ho always think he is doing the right thing by saving those kids who were/are like his younger self as if trying to be a good person. However, as what Min said, “Evil people do good deeds.” It probably applies to Min too.
IRmbU Ep14-75


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