Scholar Who Walks the Night – Episode 8 Review

You know that this and that are just typical things when you watch a lot of Korean dramas. Sung-yeol always saving Yang-sun is one of those. However, in this episode, it’s a race against time and Gwi. And his followers.

After the last scene, Sung-yeol walks closer to Yang-sun and leans in to kiss her to which she turns away. He tries again and this times round, she shoves him away. He sneers at her reaction as if expecting it. He asks, “Did you expect more? Did you believe that I loved you?” Bastard much? 😛
Yang-sun’s father waits nervously for Yang-sun to return home after seeing her with Sung-yeol whom he recognised from the past. Flashback to the night of Prince Sadong and Jin’s father were killed: Jin’s father became vampire and bit down on Jin’s shoulder which is a scar on Yang-sun’s shoulder now.
Sung-yeol saved Jin by flinging the newly-turned vampire off and when he was too out of mind to answer Sung-yeol’s question about Prince Jeonghyeon’s diary, Sung-yeol stabbed him with the hawthorn dagger. Yang-sun’s now father had witnessed everything back then.
After Yang-sun confirms with her father that Sung-yeol is the scholar she has been working with, Yang-sun’s father tells his family to pack up and leave right this instant. I guess the sight of vampire Sung-yeol scares him and even now.
Gwi is still obsessed as ever, wanting to catch Sung-yeol, even to the extent of using Myung-hee’s lookalike, Hye-ryung who informs him that Sung-yeol should know by now that she is the daughter of prime minister.
SWWTN Ep8-10
The one-arm man tells Sung-yeol that he wants to restore Prince Sadong’s name before dying and goes back to Yoon to speak about Sadong’s conspiracy. He hands over the document which proves it.
SWWTN Ep8-14 SWWTN Ep8-13
I forgot about Yoon’s mother since we only heard about his father, Prince Sadong. Yoon visits her and his mother seems to refuse to step a foot into the palace.
SWWTN Ep8-11
This is where Yoon meets Hye-ryung again. His mother introduced her as a kind friend who visits her often and listens to her. Oohh, is this going to lead to something/where?
SWWTN Ep8-15 SWWTN Ep8-16
Sung-yeol visits Yoon at his palace, but he hides behind his throne, telling Yoon that he will release a vampire to make people believe Yoon’s words, which Yoon is going to distribute, and asks Yoon to trust him. When Yoon tries to approach to see who is Sung-yeol, saying that having to know his identity is first then trust comes later, he was stopped by the announcement of the arrival of the king. Okay, good.
SWWTN Ep8-18 SWWTN Ep8-17
The king comes to tell Yoon that he has captured Eumlan Seosaeng and all of his men who were stopped by the royal guards to distribute the flyers. The King continues, “Eumlan Seosaeng is… the bookseller Jo Yang-sun.” Whutttt. Both Yoon and Sung-yeol are shocked to hear her name, knowing the truth. So, the kind is protecting his son by framing someone else? Damnnnn.
SWWTN Ep8-19
The one-arm man is also attacked as well and barely make it to Yang-sun’s house to pass the evidence paper to Yang-sun to deliver to the prince. Yang-sun hears for the first time that the prince is Eumlan Seosaeng.
SWWTN Ep8-21 SWWTN Ep8-20
The royal guards arrive at Yang-sun’s house to arrest her, along with her father. They find that there are Eumlan Seosaeng’s books and flyers in their house. Whuutt? Did someone plant them in their house?
SWWTN Ep8-22
Sung-yeol heard the news and goes to the lock up cell to rescue them to get onto their boat. However, Yang-sun’s father suddenly looks very afraid of him as if he thought Sung-yeol is going to kill him like how he killed Jin’s father, but that was for a good reason since he is a vampire hunter.
SWWTN Ep8-23 SWWTN Ep8-24
Yang-sun’s father keeps calling for someone to save him, not knowing that Sung-yeol is here to save them. Sung-yeol is surprised at his reaction and asks if Yang-sun’s father knows him. Yang-sun tells him how her father told her to stay away from Sung-yeol. This causes the alert of the king and the guards who are approaching. When they arrived, Sung-yeol manages to get away, but without them and Yang-sun’s father is still in shock.
SWWTN Ep8-25 SWWTN Ep8-26
Yang-sun’s mother and sister are informed about the arrest and Sung-yeol asks the mother about the Prince Jeonghyeon’s book and she remembers seeing such book. She writes the title of the book and that’s the right book. Finally! However, they can’t find the book in the pile of the book.
SWWTN Ep8-29
The next day, Yang-sun’s mother remembers seeing her father bringing the book to the temple and Sung-yeol goes there to find out surprisingly that Yang-sun’s father was paying respect to Jin’s father who was Sadong’s advisor, and that he was the one whom Sung-yeol staked that night.
SWWTN Ep8-27
Bad news: Yang-sun and her father have been brought to somewhere else where no one can find them, not even vampires like Gwi and Sung-yeol. Sung-yeol tries to find her throughout the whole city using her scent, however, he can’t find a lead.
SWWTN Ep8-31 SWWTN Ep8-30
Yang-sun and her father are being tortured by the king’s advisor, along with Yoon’s good friend, Hak-young. It turns out that the advisor is Hak-young’s grandfather. The advisor orders the continual torture till they confess that Yang-sun is Eumlan Seosaeng.
SWWTN Ep8-32 SWWTN Ep8-33
Later, the old man orders to use hot irons to torture, what the….! Yang-sun’s eyes widen in alarm and when Hak-young claims to be Eumlan Seosaeng, the old man passes it off and asks to strip Yang-sun. Yang-sun cries and struggles, not being able to say that she is a girl.
SWWTN Ep8-34
Her father steps in instead to stop them, shouting “A woman! My child is a woman! Please spare her, My Lord!”
SWWTN Ep8-35 SWWTN Ep8-36
Yoon realises that his father has known he is Eumlan Seosaeng all along. News travel to the king’s ears and Yoon overhears it, with tears welling up his eyes. The king declares that even though she is not Eumlan Seosaeng, she should be punished for breaking the laws. Damnnn.
SWWTN Ep8-38 SWWTN Ep8-37
Yang-sun and her father are locked up after the revelation. Meanwhile, Sung-yeol tells his sidekicks that he will make a deal with Yang-sun’s father, with her life on the line, to save her. Okay, how are you going to do that?

Quick quick, save her! So, Sung-yeol actually saved Jin who is now Yang-sun, back then. Hmm, so is it a fate then? Sung-yeol always saving Yang-sun since she was young. It seems like Yang-sun is going to have a complicated life ahead of her, since she is a daughter of the advisor of Prince Sadong. A good friend with Yoon when they were younger. What’s more, Yang-sun’s foster’s father has the secret diary. However, where is it? He brought it to the temple, but it’s nowhere to be found when Sung-yeol visits it. I hope he didn’t burn it, lol. Yang-sun’s father definitely has wrong idea about Sung-yeol as he thought Sung-yeol killed Jin’s father, not knowing that Sung-yeol was stopping the vampire. The way he reacted to Sung-yeol’s appearance shows how much traumatised he was from that night, as if he is really scared of vampires or even meeting one. But, Sung-yeol is a good vampire! Not Gwi! If not Sung-yeol, I hope the father trusts his foster daughter Yang-sun about the scholar.
SWWTN Ep8-39


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