Mask – Overall Review

Year: 2015
Korean Channel: SBS
Episodes: 20
Korean title: 가면

“If you wear a mask, you’ll never be happy.” – Seo Eun-ha

Byun Ji-sook (played by Soo Ae) has been living difficult life due to her father’s private loan. All of sudden, she is ‘threatened’ by a man who asks her to pose as Seo Eun-ha and live her life. Seo Eun-ha comes from a wealthy family and strongly resembles Ji-sook.

Choi Min-woo (played by Joo Ji Hoon) is the illegitimate son of the chariman of SJ Group and also an heir. He is not well-treated by his family, especially the chairman’s wife and his half-sister, Choi Mi-yeon (played by Yoo In Young). He is supposedly to be married to Seo Eun-ha, however it’s Ji-sook in her place and he notices that Ji-wook is different from other wealthy women.

That character
Mask ep20-2
In this section, I would like to give the most credit to this character, Min Seok-hoon (played by Yeon Jung Hoon) for giving such a great impression on us. It feels like he is the main character. But, well, he is da main villain throughout the show. From the start to the end. Seok-hoon is really a manipulative person, using his professionalism and his sidekick to cover up whatever evil things he does. (His sidekick’s loyalty is totally 100%, but I wonder why.) Seok-hoon totally highlights the show.
Mask ep20-4 Mask ep20-3
To correct myself, the whole credit goes to the actor, Yeon Jung Hoon, for portraying the Min Seok-hoon so well that we hate and root for him at the same time. Jung Hoon delivered the character with menacing and manipulating personality that it’s so convincing. It’s as if he is always meant to be an evil guy. It’s only when his lover Eun-ha died, he breaks down for a while before building up his defence to get his revenge on Min-woo’s father, using everyone around him. Especially, Ji-sook and his wife Mi-yeon. Such an incredible and impressive performance and I hope that the next drama we’ll be seeing him in is Vampire Prosecutor 3! 😛

Thoughts about characters
I like how Ji-sook is using Eun-ha’s life to help poor people and tries to expose Seok-hoon’s deeds. However, Seok-hoon is always having something on her, since she loves and treasures her family a lot, therefore her plans often fail through. I also like how she faces and accepts the consequences in the end by serving the jail terms, for posing as Eun-ha, for lying to everyone and that she feels happier after revealing everything, unlike Seok-hoon who runs away after his evil deeds have been exposes by Ji-sook and Min-woo.
Mask ep20-6

Mi-yeon is blinded by her love for Seok-hoon that she becomes a woman villain of the show. I can’t hate her because Seok-hoon has been manipulating her. In fact, it’s because of her husband, she is being that way, even to the extent of letting Eun-ha drown. However, in the end, it seems that she wants to redeem herself by telling Ji-sook the truth. Even though she knows most of what Seok-hoon has done, she still goes back to him. Again, it’s because of her love for Seok-hoon that she wants him to run away to somewhere else with her so that he needs not to face the music. She even saved Ji-sook so that he won’t become a murderer. This character is totally an example of someone being blinded by love. It’s sad that she ended her life at the end, just because Seok-hoon told her that he doesn’t love her, has been using her to get revenge on her father and ‘abandoned ‘ her. That’s too much for Mi-yeon who has always loved him for real.
Mask ep20-7

Final thoughts
From the start, I have always wondered how Seok-hoon’s evil deeds are going to be exposed to the world after his numerous threats to the people who tried to do so. I have to say that the ending is a bit kind of satisfying, with Seok-hoon finally be defeated and thrown into the jail, as his own evil plan got turned against himself and backfire. And it’s all thanks to Min-woo whom I thought wouldn’t be able to do anything. However, his plan at the end proves that he is smart too.
Mask ep20-5

Mask sometimes has me hooked especially when Seok-hoon is planning and I couldn’t wait to see how they would turn out. I put my faith in the writer on everything and I like how some are thrilling. Usually it’s a man who always saved the woman, however, in Mask, Ji-sook gets to be the knight in shining armour for Min-woo whenever he is in danger she knows of.

It’s nice that we get to see them in 4 years’ time – Ji-sook released from prison, Min-woo and Ji-sook having a child and family back together along with Ji-sook’s department friends and Min-woo’s secretary (Chang-soo) who is married with the maid (Yeon-soo) in Min-woo’s house. They are cute! Hehe. It’s time to sign off Mask and it has been a great melodrama and yet fun ride, as expected from the writer of Secret.
Mask ep20-8


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