Yong-pal – Episode 2 Review

We get the insights of how the hospital in this drama works and another side of Tae-hyun. What to do when someone discover your night identity? Especially when he dislike you for being a capable one.

YP Ep2-1
Of course, Yong-pal survives the jump and goes to get the boss to shakes him out of unconsciousness in the water. They make it to the shore and Yong-pal contacts Man-shik of their location. And I wonder if Yong-pal’s phone manage to survive the water too?
YP Ep2-4 YP Ep2-5
In the high-tech hospital room, Yeo-jin flashbacks to her accident and wakes up. Didn’t she open her eyes before? But I guess that she is forced to sleep as there is a nurse who is notified of her waking state and rushes to the room.
YP Ep2-7 YP Ep2-6
Tae-hyun is assigned to a patient, Kim Young-shik who is neglected by doctors because he has no guardian. His abdomen is like not allowed to be close just because of that fact.
YP Ep2-8
The nurse-in-charge (played by Oh Na Ra), explains to Tae-hyun that Young-shik only worked at construction site for a day before he become like this and no one has shown up as a guardian, sounding mad.
YP Ep2-9 YP Ep2-10
Seeing that patient Kim Young-shik has no family, Tae-hyun goes to fill in the form to transfer him to a patient care facility. However, at the administrative office, Detective Lee comes by to ask about scalpel which Tae-hyun lost from treating the mob boss the night before and Tae-hyun recognises his voice. Oh damn.
YP Ep2-11
Luckily, Tae-hyun has emergency call about patient Young-shik arresting. When he arrives, the patient is stable and Chief Park Tae-yong (played by Jo Bok Rae) chides Tae-hyun for his whereabouts at administrative office. And he punches (or slap?) Tae-hyun for wanting to transfer the patient. What??
YP Ep2-12 YP Ep2-13
Chief Park assigns another doctor to the patient. The doctor (I don’t know his name so that I shall call him curled-hair doctor, lol) seems reluctant to take the patient in his care.
YP Ep2-15 YP Ep2-14
Detective Lee is sent to see Chief Lee by the administrative guy. Chief Lee checks the serial number of the scalpel and notes it’s missing who surprises him, but lies to the detective that it has become scrap metal and been sent to junk shop. Hm, did he catch on already?
YP Ep2-16
As the detectives are leaving, Detective Lee wonders why Yong-pal would want to hide so much and realises that he could be a real doctor and being caught could revoke his medical license.
YP Ep2-17 YP Ep2-18
Tae-hyun seems to be close with the head nurse who knows about his mother and that patient Young-shik is similar to what had happened to his mother.
YP Ep2-39 YP Ep2-19
Flashback: Tae-hyun was first –year resident when his mother got rushed to hospital. A doctor pronounced her dead, but when he heard that her son was the doctor of that hospital, he quickly transfer her to treat her. What the…
YP Ep2-20 YP Ep2-21
His mother was then rushed to the operating room and the head nurse was there too. A doctor professor is almost scheduled to operate on his mother which he was thankful for but it was for a short while as there is an urgent patient who seems to be a VIP as everyone rushed over including the professor. What the…
YP Ep2-22
In the operating room, there was no surgeon as most of them have gone to the so-called VIP urgent patient. It was too late as his mother died on the operating table. Is that why Tae-hyun strives to become probably the best doctor? And I guess that the patient Young-shik reminds him of his mother who had been neglected due to different treatment.
YP Ep2-23 YP Ep2-24
Tae-hyun is called over by Chief Lee who calls him by Yong-pal. Uh oh, he found out. That was quick. Tae-hyun immediately gets on his knee and asks to spare him, telling him that he would anything for him. Woah, he didn’t deny.
YP Ep2-25 YP Ep2-26
The head nurse of Yeo-jin puts make-up on sleeping/unconscious Yeo-jin as if Yeo-jin is a doll. Whut? It looks like the nurse is a nut case, lol.
YP Ep2-27
Chief Lee brings Tae-hyun to meet someone for dinner and it seems that the old man is looking for someone to do his dirty job and Chief Lee recommends Tae-hyun. Tae-hyun explains that he needed money so he did such work as Yong=pal. Tae-hyun quickly gets on his knee again, asking to spare him.
YP Ep2-28 YP Ep2-29
He tells the old man to ask him to do anything and he will work like a dog, even it means that it won’t be possible for him to hold a scalpel in the operating room anymore. Tae-hyun kneeling in front of higher-ranked people reminds me of Masked Prosecutor, though.
YP Ep2-30 YP Ep2-31
After the dinner, Chief Lee asks Tae-hyun to start working at the twelfth floor which seems to be different from other floors. They don’t call them “patients” but “client”. Hmm, twelfth floor seems to be where VIP patients at, and may be the first priority.
YP Ep2-32
Patient Young-shik goes into arrest again and the doctor-in-charge manages to bring him back. Tae-hyun rushes over and the doctor tells him that it is really over if he has another arrest which reminds him of his mother.
YP Ep2-33 YP Ep2-34
He tells the doctor to rest, and when the doctor leaves, Tae-hyun immediately unplugs the equipment from the patient but the nurse from before stops him. Tae-hyun explains that Young-shik needs an X-ray, saying it out loud for everyone in the room to hear.
YP Ep2-35
The nurse realises that Tae-hyun is actually talking about surgery and that saying the patient “needs an X-ray” is an excuse to get out of the room. Smart. And, so, they transport the patient out and to the operating room for his last surgery in the middle of night.
YP Ep2-36
Meanwhile, the nurse of that high-tech room is notified of Yeo-jin’s state and quickly rushes to the room. However, in there, she finds that Yeo-jin is missing and sees the broken flower vase on the floor along with blood.
YP Ep2-37 YP Ep2-38
Behind the bed, Yeo-jin struggles to get with a glass shard in her bloody hand. The nurse tries to get close to her but Yeo-jin tells her not to come any close, putting the glass shard to her neck. Wah, she wants to commit suicide as soon as she woke up?

I didn’t expect that Tae-hyun’s identity as Yong-pal would be discovered by someone so quickly. Now that he is found out by Chief Lee and assigned to twelfth floor, I wonder how his life going to be different. Will he be ordered around like a dog since Chief Lee dislikes Tae-hyun because he hurts his pride as surgeon? Is he not going to do the night work as Yong-pal? I hope he will get into the ninja mode again. But I wonder how he being Yong-pal is related to Yeo-jin, the female lead. I feel that it escalated too quickly and I can only say not to expect a lot from this show. It’s nice to watch, but not that intriguing yet as we have not get to the climax yet. Hopefully it will pick the story up soon now that Yeo-jin is awake again.
YP Ep2-2


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