Oh My Ghostess – Episode 11 Review

The fun ride feels like it’s over now that things are becoming complicated for Soon-ae as she is changing. Same goes for Sun-woo and Bong-sun. And we are finally getting to the mystery which we have been wondering.

OMGhost Ep11-2
As Sun-woo leans down to kiss Soon-ae while unbuttoning her shirt, Soon-ae immediately gets up and runs off, apologising. She feels the heat and that causes her to be ejected from Bong-sun’s body.
OMGhost Ep11-3
Bong-sun thought Soon-ae came out to tell her something and Soon-ae goes with that. Bong-sun asks if there is any new development, and I hate how Soon-ae doesn’t tell her the truth! But Soon-ae thinks to herself, “Na Bong-sun, I’m sorry. Just a little longer. Even if it’s just for a few days… I’ll stay next to Chef and then leave. Sorry for lying to you.”
OMGhost Ep11-4 OMGhost Ep11-5
Sun-woo feels embarrassed and thought he done something wrong or did he smell, hah. Soon-ae returns in Bong-sun’s body and tells him that she was about to throw up. Not bad excuse.
OMGhost Ep11-7 OMGhost Ep11-8
Sun-woo has interview the next day and tells Soon-ae to come along, lying that she is needed too. Seeing that Soon-ae is in uniform, Sun-woo brings her to buy new set of clothes. Soon-ae dreams about trying out different set of clothes and Sun-woo buying her bags of new clothes. However, in reality, Sun-woo buys the clothes he first sees, LOL. He says that he hates shopping.
OMGhost Ep11-9 OMGhost Ep11-10
When the interviewer asks Sun-woo what is his ideal type of woman, he practically describes Bong-sun’s features and Soon-ae’s personality, LOL. It’s so obvious, pffftt.
OMGhost Ep11-11
At night, Soon-ae has to sleep in Sun-woo’s room as her rooftop room is flooded with water. Hah, did she poke through the roof or something? And she is wearing his shirt (gosh why always white shirt?) since her clothes are all wet.
OMGhost Ep11-12 OMGhost Ep11-13
Sun-woo tries to get in the bed to sleep with Soon-ae, but since Soon-ae doesn’t want to ascend yet, she freaks out and kicks him off the bed, hah. She apologises and says that she wants to take it slow like how he said before. Aw, man, now Sun-woo is a desperate one, hah.
OMGhost Ep11-14 OMGhost Ep11-15
Sun-woo caught Soon-ae and Joon together in the storeroom where Soon-ae is treating Joon’s burnt wound which Sun-woo accidently scalded without knowing, and gets angry. Well, more like jealous. Soon-ae notices it and asks him to which he says that he is not jealous. Pffftt.
OMGhost Ep11-16 OMGhost Ep11-17
Angry, Sun-woo sends Soon-ae on errand to market. On the way, Soon-ae droped by her father’s restaurant where she finds out that herself actually committed suicide.
OMGhost Ep11-18 OMGhost Ep11-19
She goes to look for a clue in her room and in her diary, she finds that she booked plane tickets for her family which the date was supposed to be after her death and wonders why she would kill herself.
OMGhost Ep11-20 OMGhost Ep11-21
Quickly, she takes the diary and goes to meet Sung-jae. Omg, no, you don’t! Oh damn. She requests for him to investigate and keeps the diary to look for more evidence. Ah, dammit.
OMGhost Ep11-22 OMGhost Ep11-23
Sun-woo overhears that Joon’s back was scalded and realises that it was the secret Soon-ae keeps from him. He goes to check on Joon’s wound and confirms that Soon-ae was applying ointment on it in the storeroom earlier.
OMGhost Ep11-24
Soon-ae returns to the restaurant looking quiet and Sun-woo feels stupid for being angry at her. He wonders how he is going to resolve it.
OMGhost Ep11-25
Still shocked from the fact that she committed suicide, Soon-ae ejects herself from Bong-sun to go meet the shaman ahjumma who is in the middle of session with customers and still surprised that she is still around.
OMGhost Ep11-26 OMGhost Ep11-27
Soon-ae tells her about her own suicide and ahjumma never heard of suicide ghosts. Ahjumma says that even if they take their own lives, they may have deep grudge or unfinished business. Soon-ae asks herself why she would do that.
OMGhost Ep11-28
Bong-sun waits for the cooking lesson at night, but gets disappointed when Sun-woo texts her that there is no class tonight and to come upstairs. Aw, man. She trudges upstairs and suddenly gets surprised by Sun-woo’s jumping out of nowhere with bouquet of roses, shouting “I forgive you, Na Bong-sun!” He claims that he doesn’t like flowers (“It’s not like you can eat them.” HAH SAMEE!) but he doing these things because of her.
OMGhost Ep11-29 OMGhost Ep11-30
Soon-ae returns to restaurant, still wondering about her death and figures that seeing Chef will put her in a good mood. She comes up to rooftop to hear Sun-woo say to Bong-sun, “More so than I thought… I think I really do like you a lot.” As Sun-woo leans down to kiss Bong-sun, a black mist forms around Soon-ae and she begins to charge at Bong-sun.
OMGhost Ep11-31 OMGhost Ep11-32
She pushes Bong-sun away from kissing Sun-woo and Bong-sun looks up at her in shock. Soon-ae is even more shocked and terrified at herself for doing something she didn’t mean to do.
OMGhost Ep11-33 OMGhost Ep11-34
Later that night, Soon-ae takes over Bong-sun’s body to write a letter, thinking about the ahjumma’s warnings about turning into an evil spirit. After writing, she ejects herself to watch Sun-woo sleep.
OMGhost Ep11-35 OMGhost Ep11-36
Bong-sun wakes up to see the letter Soon-ae left for her to read. The letter reads that Soon-ae is thanking Bong-sun, apologising for leaving without saying goodbye as she can’t take her body anymore and explaining that feelings will grow between her and Sun-woo. Bong-sun goes out looking for her and realises that Soon-ae started liking Chef.
OMGhost Ep11-37 OMGhost Ep11-38
Soon-ae returns to ahjumma’s house, crying in her arms, aw. Sun-woo startles awake from a bad dream and finds that Bong-sun is not in her room. He calls her to yell her for leaving in the middle of night. He says that she will get hurt walking with her head down and she finds that Sun-woo is standing across the street, waving at her.
OMGhost Ep11-39
Bong-sun looks across at her making a decision and thinking, “Right. I can’t take a step back from here. Chef is calling for me. Waiting for me because he is concerned. I’ve liked him so much all this time. And how hard was it to earn his heart? I’m only going to think of myself. Just this once. I’m going to keep it. I’ll do whatever it takes.”
OMGhost Ep11-40
She goes running into Sun-woo’s arms, making Sun-woo grins about how she has fallen for him so hard, haha. “Well it’s hard to fall out once you’ve fallen for me.” Heh. When he says she can let go, she refuses to let go. Still, he hugs her back, breaking into the biggest smile. And, oh hey, look at the heart-shaped light bokeh in the background!

We’re finally on the track of the mystery of Soon-ae’s death and yay for Soon-ae making such decision to not take over Bong-sun’s body. Soon-ae definitely has to find out why she would commit suicide when she was happily living with her family. And of course as we all know, Sung-jae definitely has something to do with her death, but we do not know how and I hope it will be revealed quickly. Maybe solving the mystery of her death and discovering Sung-jae’s true self will help her ascend to the heaven. About Sung-jae and the evil spirit in him, I wonder, if an evil is possessing him, how does it know his past or have the memories of Sun-jae’s life. This is one thing I am confused about. Maybe it’s just an evil spirit that causes Sung-jae to ‘lose his humanity’ and go around committing evil deeds, like how the ahjumma said. She also said how the spirit like Soon-ae is different from evil spirit like the one in Sung-jae.
OMGhost Ep11-6

It’s sad to see how Sun-woo has fallen for Bong-sun, thanks to Soon-ae. That Bong-sun didn’t get her by her own self. If only he knew what is going on. It’s high possible that Sun-woo has fallen more for the ‘lusty-fun’ side of Bong-sun, which is when Soon-ae possessed her. Now that Soon-ae has made the decision to not take over Bong-sun’s body lest she get selfish and wants to stay by Sun-woo’s side, I am curious as to how Bong-sun is going to take it all on her own with Sun-woo. Will he still love and accept her now that Bong-sun is back to herself?
OMGhost Ep11-41


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