Oh My Ghostess – Episode 12 Review

Let me cook for you too, Chef! Things are moving forward as our two girls are pondering over different things and facing the reality.

OMGhost Ep12-2
The sweet scene of Bong-sun hugging Sun-woo tightly in the middle of the street at night. Aw, hehe.
OMGhost Ep12-3 OMGhost Ep12-4
Sung-jae’s police friend is now cautious around Sung-jae as he knows there is definitely something about the connection between Sung-jae and the incident/accident. Whew, I like how he plays along with Sung-jae for now.
OMGhost Ep12-5 OMGhost Ep12-6
Soon-ae is unusually quiet and doesn’t even budge from her position on the floor when the ahjumma lays the food on the table. Since Soon-ae can’t resolve her virgin grudge, the ahjumma suggests doing the ritual for the dead and will do her very best to make it painless. Soon-ae just lies there.
OMGhost Ep12-8 OMGhost Ep12-7
As told by Sun-woo, Bong-sun fakes her leg injury to go the market with him which one of the assistant chefs catches on that she is faking as he has seen them close earlier on, however, Min-woo doesn’t believe him.
OMGhost Ep12-9
At the market, Sun-woo runs into an old friend who notices that he is carrying heavy bags and asks why his assistant doesn’t help out. It makes Sun-woo pissed off and rejects his offer to eat with him, telling him to work at his restaurant.
OMGhost Ep12-10 OMGhost Ep12-11
Sun-woo brings Bong-sun to eat blood sausage stew which Bong-sun can’t eat but is Soon-ae’s favourite. Uh-oh. She forces herself to eat it and goes to bathroom to throw up, telling herself that she can do it. Oh, man, I wish Bong-sun would tell him what her favourite food is.
OMGhost Ep12-12
As Sun-woo assigned Bong-sun to do the appetizer, since it’s Soon-ae’s talents which Sun-woo notices, Bong-sun has no choice but to work all night to work on making a dish till she finally comes up with a dish that might work. And, I love it when a creepy ghost hand creeps up on her shoulder, she just slaps it away, saying that she is busy. Whee, she is no longer as afraid as before!
OMGhost Ep12-14 OMGhost Ep12-13
The next day, Bong-sun’s dish is a successful and receives praises from others. TV station comes to the restaurant and when the director orders Bong-sun around to take stuffs for him, Sun-woo steps in. The director is surprised by his action and asks why he is so sensitive as if he is dating her. Out of frustration, he shocks everyone by replying that he is dating her.
OMGhost Ep12-15
The assistant chefs, especially Min-woo, are shocked and Min-woo wonders if he should quit since he is not always nice to Bong-sun.
OMGhost Ep12-16
When they go back in, they see Bong-sun doing the work and run over to her to stop her, haha. They sit her down and Min-woo explains that he always lectured her because she is “precious” to him and that he wanted to train her, trying to score points. Pffftt.
OMGhost Ep12-18 OMGhost Ep12-17
Soon-ae finally moves from her position on the floor to tell the ahjumma that she will do the ritual and the ahjumma hugs her, assuring her that she will do her best not to make her suffer so much. They decide to do it the next day and Soon-ae wants to pay last visit to her father.
OMGhost Ep12-19 OMGhost Ep12-20
Soon-ae drops by her father’s restaurant to say her last goodbyes with tears in her eyes. She walks past a store window where she sees Sun-woo on TV and decides that she will see him for the last time.
OMGhost Ep12-21
Bong-sun is left drinking with So-hyung as Sun-woo is called by Sung-jae to pick Eun-hee up since he got something up. However, we see that he is dresses in black and picks a lock to a car.
OMGhost Ep12-22 OMGhost Ep12-23
Bong-sun is tipsy and claims that she is not drunk when she walks home, with So-hyung offering to take her home. She gets serious and asks So-hyun if people are all naturally selfish that when one has enough problems of one’s own and in a dire situation, then one wouldn’t have time to think of others, to which So-hyun replies, “Yes. Because they are human.” So-hyung asks if she feels sorry to her to which Bong-sun replies that she feels sorry to So-hyung, the ghost and Chef.
OMGhost Ep12-24 OMGhost Ep12-25
On the way home, Soon-ae sees Bong-sun and a car coming towards her. Soon-ae runs to shove Bong-sun out of danger’s way and her body passes through the car. Whew, luckily she is a ghost. Bong-sun tells Soon-ae, “I’m sorry. And thank you.” Soon-ae scoffs at that and tells that she is really leaving now, telling her to live well.
OMGhost Ep12-26
Walking, she sees the black car from before and is surprised to see that the driver is Sung-jae who yells in frustration hitting the honk, “Shin Soon-ae!” A passer-by asks him to get out of the car, and the next thing we see that Sung-jae is dragging the man into dark alley while Soon-ae witnesses everything, horrified.
OMGhost Ep12-27 OMGhost Ep12-28
She returns to ahjumma’s home in daze and tells ahjumma that they will have to postpone the ritual as she feels that something seems a bit odd, saying that he is not the person she knew. When ahjumma asks who, Soon-ae replies that it’s Officer Choi whom ahjumma knows as Sun-woo’s brother-in-law, in shock too.
OMGhost Ep12-29
Bong-sun returns home at the same time as Sun-woo arrives and he asks her to make him fried rice as he says he wants to start eating rice. Though it was Soon-ae who made him friend rice, good thing that Bong-sun knows how to cook.
OMGhost Ep12-30 OMGhost Ep12-31
Sun-woo brings her out for a walk and tells her that he is doing things for her which she wanted to do. However, again, it was Soon-ae who had said that to him. Bong-sun looks gloomy, hearing that he remembers what Soon-ae had said.
OMGhost Ep12-34
They look at the night view from Namsan Tower and Sun-woo suggests taking selcas together. Sun-woo, getting into the mood, tells her that he is thankful to her for the last time. However, Bong-sun realises that this isn’t her he likes. Sun-woo pulls her into a hug and tears well up in Bong-sun’s eyes as she knows that it wasn’t her who did all these for Sun-woo.
OMGhost Ep12-35 OMGhost Ep12-36
On the cable car ride back to the bottom, Bong-sun finally speaks up, “I’m not the one that you like, Chef.” Sun-woo is puzzled as to what she is talking about. “It’s a ghost,” she said. Sun-woo can only stare. She continues, “The one you like is a ghost. To be honest, I can see ghosts. And I had a ghost in my body. Do you know about possession that people often talk about? So, the person that you liked… It was me possessed by that ghost. It’s not me, as you see now. I’m sorry.” She cries and he stares in shock, trying to understand what is going on.
OMGhost Ep12-37
The cable car comes to stop and Bong-sun apologises again, hurrying out of it. Still in shock and utter disbelief, Sun-woo is left in the cable car which starts to move upwards. And, it looks like a long way to get back down again.

Finally! I have been waiting for Sun-woo to learn the truth about Bong-sun being possessed by a ghost. Soon-ae is actually the one whom Sun-woo has fallen for. Soon-ae cares for him, cheers him up whenever he is down and even the one who makes Sun-woo start eating rice, all in Bong-sun’s body. He has fallen for Soon-ae’s personality. I wonder how Sun-woo is going to come terms with the possession and the fact that he has fallen for a ghost, not Bong-sun.
OMGhost Ep12-39

Also, finally! Soon-ae is on bent on finding out the truth about her death and Sung-jae. Yay for her finding that there is not something right and getting bad vibes from Sung-jae. Yay for her and ahjumma realising that her grudge is not her virginity but something else, maybe solving the mystery behind her death. It’s sad that the fun-romance is now kind of over, but we are finally getting to the mystery and how Sun-woo is going to deal with liking a ghost.
OMGhost Ep12-40


2 thoughts on “Oh My Ghostess – Episode 12 Review

  1. Awesome reviiew!! Thanks for saying this “Soon-ae is actually the one whom Sun-woo has fallen for. Soon-ae cares for him, cheers him up whenever he is down and even the one who makes Sun-woo start eating rice, all in Bong-sun’s body”. I don’t know why people cant see that it was SA’s “manic” side that chef’s attention and built the framework for the relationship.Just bc SW liked BS’s blog didn’t mean that he likes her romantically esp when in the first ep he mentioned how much he disliked her personality. BS shows up for 1% of the time and some pl think she should be with him lol

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