I Remember You – Episode 15 Review

Clues and puzzles are finally coming into the view as we are at the finale week. (Cries, it is really the finale week…) Though everything is still not revealed yet, this episode is already tying up a few loose ends for the perhaps epic final episode.

IRmbU Ep15-1
Remembering Joon-young’s secret, Hyun finally calls Joon-ho by his real name and Joon-ho is delighted that Hyun remembers. Remember back in the first episode when Hyun did the interview in America, telling the interviewer that he wanted to meet someone? Joon-ho had read the magazine and was happy that Hyun was remembering him.
IRmbU Ep15-2 IRmbU Ep15-3
They continue to look at each other, both of them in their own thoughts as if speaking to each other telepathically. Hyun: “The reason I came to Korea was to meet you. It was for this moment.” Joon-ho: “I know, Hyun-ah.”
IRmbU Ep15-6
When Joon-ho asks why Hyun wanted to meet him, Hyun says that he wanted to know what kind of child he was. However, he already got the answer for that and what he now wants to know is all the things Joon-ho have done. Hyun, voice growing louder with anger, confronts Joon-ho about the things he had never asked for – killing his father, taking Min away and making Min like Joon-ho.
IRmbU Ep15-7
Joon-ho thinks of Min and that woman words about how he is always causing trouble for those whom he thought he’d helped. He seems troubled by Hyun’s anger and asks if Hyun could handle his little brother when he was younger to which Hyun replies that Min could have been normal if he were raised by his hands.
IRmbU Ep15-8 IRmbU Ep15-9
Meanwhile, Ji-an is caught by Min for trespassing Joon-ho’s home, or rather his room. Min asks Ji-an to give it to him as a favour but Ji-an plays dumb and asks for a favour instead – Catch Lee Joon-young.
IRmbU Ep15-10 IRmbU Ep15-12
Hyun tries to stall for more time, however, Joon-ho has already cooperated and goes off to his house. At Joon-ho’s house, as Ji-an tries to leave, Min stops her… and asks if it would be better to go out the other way. Phew.
IRmbU Ep15-13 IRmbU Ep15-14
Outside, Ji-an meets Hyun who is worried and asks her if she really doesn’t have any fear. I know right?! But, damn, Ji-an is such a fearless woman. The most fearless and strongest woman ever in dramaland.
IRmbU Ep15-15
Team Leader Kang is out drinking by himself… not. He has called Myung-woo in the middle of night for personal things which he complains at first, but stops when he sees that his team leader is crying. Team Leader Kang cries and Myung-woo sits beside him to console him without asking anything. Aww, I actually love this bromance, keke.
IRmbU Ep15-18 IRmbU Ep15-19
Hyun watches Min sleep and thinks of his conversation with Ji-an about how she sees that Min’s bond with Joon-young is much stronger than she thought and Joon-ho’s about how he sees an evil soul in Min and whether Hyun would be able to take of Min by himself. Hyun tells sleeping Min, “I can take care of you. You will definitely change.”
IRmbU Ep15-20
As he leaves, Min opens his eyes, having heard him.
IRmbU Ep15-16 IRmbU Ep15-17
The next morning, Hyun keeps reminding Min to take his medicine to which Min says that he also did that in past, always following him and their Dad around and tellimg them to not forget their things. Hyun: “Then what about you? You always followed me around telling me to find your things.” Min is lost for words and he looks so cuteee! Hehe. 😛
IRmbU Ep15-22 IRmbU Ep15-21
At the police station, Team Leader Kang tells Ji-an everything about his father’s involvement in her father’s being framed. He continues to tell that it’s alright if she doesn’t forgive his father since he can’t forgive him too. He will take responsibility, he says.
IRmbU Ep15-23
Ji-an meets Hyun at the staircases and tells him about how she feel like crap and she’d never imagined that the Chief Hyun and Chief Kang would have done that.
IRmbU Ep15-24 IRmbU Ep15-25
Myung-woo comes up the staircases to hear them talking about suspecting the team members and he makes it so obvious eavesdropping, LOL. He pretends to stretch his arm over the handle and asks them if they are dating or something strange like that, HAH.
IRmbU Ep15-26 IRmbU Ep15-27
Ji-an comes up close to Myung-woo’s face, telling him not to suspect anyone recklessly like that, before walking off. Mimicking her like couples do, Hyun does the same. Myung-woo is like there is no way. Oh, dumb, why can’t you notice how they are similar in movements and actions? Hahaha.
IRmbU Ep15-28 IRmbU Ep15-29
After coming back from meeting Min as lawyer with his client, Hyun thinks about the murderer case and asks Myung-woo for his password to access the database to which Myung-woo says no instantly. But, Hyun manages to get his birthday and logs into his account, hah. Dumb Myung-woo.
IRmbU Ep15-30 IRmbU Ep15-31
Joon-ho comes to Hyun’s house uninvited again. But, Joon-ho seems to be happy to be eating with Hyun and Min. Hyun tells Min about what he has found about his case to which Min asks, “And?” which surprises Hyun. Min asks where and what do he think those two are doing? Joon-ho: “I think the two guys are together.”
IRmbU Ep15-32 IRmbU Ep15-33
Well, Joon-ho is right as Hyun has called Myung-woo to go to the murderer’s (the uncle professor’s) where Myung-woo and Seung-joo find the now-murderer (the nephew who is supposed to be murder suspect) in bloody clothes.
IRmbU Ep15-34
IRmbU Ep15-35 IRmbU Ep15-36
Hyun asks Joon-ho and Min if they have been living talking about these kind of things for past 20 years to which Joon-ho said that it was often. Min agrees and says that while eating, often they did, even if they had nothing else to talk about. Hyun looks angry hearing that and walks off.
IRmbU Ep15-37 IRmbU Ep15-38
Hyun sits by himself and Joon-ho comes to return his father’s diary to him. Hyun sneers, “Person or object, your hobby is to steal.”
IRmbU Ep15-69
As Hyun reads his father’s diary, he gets a call from Ji-an who says she stops by on the way home. But Hyun says that it’s not her way home, hah. They still go for a walk and Ji-an tells him about having told Team Leader Kang about Lee Joon-young’s identity which left him in shock.
IRmbU Ep15-41
IRmbU Ep15-39 IRmbU Ep15-40
As they walk, Hyun takes initiative by taking her hand in his. They both smile. And here I am squealing over their hand-holding that means so much! It’s like Hyun is shy but still takes initiative. Jian tells him to stop by three times next time if she stops by once. Aww, hehe.
IRmbU Ep15-42 IRmbU Ep15-43
Hyun receives the rest of lavender boxes from America and opens them with Min who sent them. Min still insists that it’s better Hyun doesn’t remember the past. As Hyun looks at the cards, he is beginning to have bit flashes of memories of objects. Min asks if they could have happy ending to which Hyun says that they have to make it possible.
IRmbU Ep15-45 IRmbU Ep15-44
LOL moment when Hyun sends his debt friend to meet his colleague, Myung-woo, whom he had met before, to pass the envelope to Hyun. I was thinking if Hyun purposely make them meet again. xD And when is Myung-woo ever going to call Hyun by David, not Dave?
IRmbU Ep15-46
The friend recognises Eun-bok as orphan. Hah, I love how he recognise almost everyone from the photos Hyun had asked him to look up. The friend makes it so obvious, hugging the envelope tightly in front of him which he notices, of course. Oh gawd.
IRmbU Ep15-47 IRmbU Ep15-48
Of course, Eun-bok sneaks the envelope to toilet to check the contents inside which is the information of himself along with the childhood photo of himself. The photo slips out of his hand and Seung-joo, on the other side of the door, takes it and recognise it from when Ji-an pinned it up on the board.
IRmbU Ep15-49
Seung-joo knows there is something up and leaves the photo behind for the person to pick up and finds out that it’s Eun-bok.
IRmbU Ep15-52 IRmbU Ep15-53
While Hyun confirms that Eun-bok is indeed Joon-young’s accomplice, Eun-bok meets Seung-joo on the rooftop. Seung-joo, teary-eyed having found out that Eun-bok was the one who murdered Chief Hyun, asks if it’s really him. “Is It you, Hyung?” Eun-bok replies that he doesn’t know what he is talking about and walks off.
IRmbU Ep15-54 IRmbU Ep15-56
Seung-joo pulls out his gun, asking Eun-bok to turn himself in. And, I love how they even put spotlights on these two now as they didn’t really get much story of their own, especially Seung-joo’s. No backstory, but still. They still focus on them for something else.
IRmbU Ep15-58 IRmbU Ep15-57
In the office, Hyun finds Eun-bok missing and hears that he is at rooftop with Seung-joo. He tells the team that Eun-bok is Lee Joon-young’s kid and the one who murdered Chief Hyun. And off they run to the rooftop where the boys have started fighting.
IRmbU Ep15-62 IRmbU Ep15-68
Eun-bok and Seung-joo are stopped by the team and the gun slides up to Hyun who picks it up and…
IRmbU Ep15-63 IRmbU Ep15-61
At that moment, part of his lost childhood memories trigger – younger him holding a gun. Whatt??!! And the paper cards and the objects. Memory of his mother, brother and himself playing scrabble. Then young Hyun firing the gun. Omg. Who did he shoot?!
IRmbU Ep15-65 IRmbU Ep15-64
When he recovers his memory, he faints into Ji-an’s arms. Oh, cliffhanger again!

Uh-oh, what a shock. Hyun must have been traumatised when he was younger to the extent of losing that part of memory for a long time. It’s only finally when he picks up a gun that triggers his muscle memory and he feels familiarity from holding it. And his buried memories begin to unfold itself in Hyun’s mind. It must have been too much for him that he even fainted from remembering them. And it doesn’t seem like he is actually a psychopath or a monster like his father thought to be. I bet that his father thought him as a monster as he knew that little Hyun had shot someone. However, looking at how little Hyun had closed his eyes while pulling the trigger, little Hyun seems more afraid of hurting someone and also afraid of seeing that he shot someone, but got no choice as he wanted to protect his little brother and his mother. Well, that’s my scenario.
IRmbU Ep15-66

But, the real question is – Who did little Hyun shoot? How did his mother die? Where was his father then? As for young Min, I think he had witnessed everything, see how adult Min tell Hyun not to remember anything. But then Min must had been traumatised too. Wait, I don’t think he was, as Min had said that he was born like that. I think by that, he means that little himself didn’t feel scared or something to have witnessed something bad. Maybe that’s why little Min ‘idolised’ little Hyun as he must have seen his hyung shoot someone, thus murdering that person, if that person died. Maybe witnessing all those was what triggered Min’s psycho tendencies.

Well, I am so sad that we have one and last final episode to go. I am curious as to how the storyline from this point onwards will move forward, with the answers to everything we have been wondering about, especially the mystery behind Hyun’s mother’s death and his lost memories. They actually drag out the revelation behind the mother’s death till the end, wow. But, at the same time, I don’t want it to end?! This drama is too good!
IRmbU Ep15-67


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