I Remember You – Episode 16 (Final) Review

As expected, I Remember You gives us an unexpected and yet satisfied ending. From the start till the end, show has never disappoint me at all, not even once. Instead, it is always surprising me with an intellectual writing and the way how the story unfolds itself throughout the whole series.

IRmbU Ep16-1
Memories are returning to Hyun in clearer vision – young Hyun, young Min and their mother playing scrabble happily together. In voiceover, Hyun realises that the cards Min sent were from the scene that day.
IRmbU Ep16-4 IRmbU Ep16-5
Ah. So, the criminal whom Dad had caught, had wanted to take revenge and killed Mom. There, blood on lavender flowers. Little Hyun found a gun in his father’s bag while hiding with little Min.
IRmbU Ep16-6 IRmbU Ep16-7
In order to protect his mother and little brother, little Hyun shot the criminal before passing out. Little Min had witnessed everything. Hyun narrates in his mind while still unconscious, “Sometimes due to witnessing shocking scenes in childhood, they say there are cases of people becoming psychopaths.”
IRmbU Ep16-8 IRmbU Ep16-9
As little Min steps on puddle of blood and looked his dead mother, Hyun wonders, “Could that perhaps be what happened to Min?” Turns out that their father had probably covered up that incident. “I erased what happened that day from my memory,” Hyun narrates as little Hyun wakes up in his memory.
IRmbU Ep16-10
When little Hyun woke up, little Min told his hyung that he saved his life and smiled. Was that why he ‘idolise’ his hyung, wanting to protect people by killing someone? “Min did not forget the scenes from that day,” Hyun realises.
IRmbU Ep16-11
In present, Hyun finally wakes, with Ji-an at his side, and the first thing he says is, “It’s because of me.” He keeps blaming himself for Min’s current psycho state and recalls that Min had told him that he was born like that, to tell him that it’s not because of him.
IRmbU Ep16-12 IRmbU Ep16-13
Tears form in Hyun’s eyes and as he cries from the shock, Ji-an pulls him into a hug, comforting him.
IRmbU Ep16-14
Outside, Min has overheard Hyun that he remembered a painful memory, looking sad.
IRmbU Ep16-15 IRmbU Ep16-16
Ji-an put her arms around Min who is reluctant by her action, but she still hugs him anyway. She tells him, “A person harming another person, whatever the situation might be, it’s wrong. The thing that you did wrong, you need to realise it and reflect on it. You must responsible for whatever you did.”
IRmbU Ep16-18
However, Min asks why they can’t cover it up as there are no evidence and he only hurt the bad people. Ji-an replies that she can’t ignore it and they would continuously investigate till they find the culprit.
IRmbU Ep16-19 IRmbU Ep16-20
Ji-an goes over to Joon-ho to confront him and says that he can drop his mask. Becoming angry, Joon-ho snaps and grabs Ji-an by neck as if wanting to tkill. Ji-an, being brave, tells him to kill her and the team will eventually find him. Team Leader Kang arrives in time to stop Joon-ho.
IRmbU Ep16-23 IRmbU Ep16-22
Joon-ho pays Hyun a visit and suggests running away together.  Hyun asks why them together, Joon-ho explains that if Hyun catch him, he will have to catch his brother too and that’s why Hyun isn’t able to catch him actively.
IRmbU Ep16-21
Hyun comes up closer to Joon-ho, putting his hand to Joon-ho’s neck before grabbing his collar and telling him not to shake or touch Min. Min overhears everything.
IRmbU Ep16-24 IRmbU Ep16-25
Eun-bok is still not saying anything about Lee Joon-young after he is arrested. While in prison, every one of his team members visit him, aw.
IRmbU Ep16-26
Min suggests going out with his hyung and I was like “Yay!” They take a stroll where they see people taking pictures of themselves and Hyun asks Min if he wants to take a picture to which Min replies that he doesn’t like taking pictures. Hyun says that he doesn’t too.
IRmbU Ep16-27 IRmbU Ep16-28
But Min asks if he want to take it, take it. Aw, yeah~! Hyun takes a picture and sees that they should smile a bit before taking another. And another with better-looking with happier smile. These two, too precious! Love the photo!
IRmbU Ep16-29
A man comes looking for Joon-ho who remembers him as one of those kids he saved. He is one of those kids in the photos, whom the team had found and interrogated earlier, but he denied knowing Lee Joon-young.
IRmbU Ep16-30 IRmbU Ep16-31
He tries to stab Joon-ho, but Joon-ho manages to block it by using his hand. Ouch, he is really a psychopath. Joon-ho asks why to which the man replies that it’s because he killed his parents. Ah, it’s da kid whom Ji-an believed to hate Joon-young for what he had done.
IRmbU Ep16-32 IRmbU Ep16-33
Min sneaks out to Joon-ho’s home and suggest disappearing together since they are both burdens to his hyung. Asking him to consider it the price for separating him from his hyung for 20 years, Min takes the kitchen knife and charges towards Joon-ho.
IRmbU Ep16-34 IRmbU Ep16-35
Two psychopaths fight each other with one of them with knife. However, Min is still no match for the older and experienced psychopath and gets stabbed. Oh no, not again!!
IRmbU Ep16-36
Hyun, realising that something is wrong as Min is not coming out of bathroom, rushes over to Joon-ho’s house, only to see Min already wounded and tries to make him come to his sense. Joon-ho says it’s no use and that sparks anger in Hyun.
IRmbU Ep16-38 IRmbU Ep16-37
Hyun attacks him and strangles him. However, he is knocked out by that woman, saving Joon-ho from being strangled to death. Hyun struggles to stay conscious but still passes out.
IRmbU Ep16-40
Later, Hyun wakes up to find himself alone, with Min already taken away. “Jung Sun-ho disappeared in Lee Joon-young’s method.”
IRmbU Ep16-41 IRmbU Ep16-42
Eun-bok has finally confessed to what he did, getting rid of Lee Joon-young’s real fingerprints. He says he will testify the things Lee Joon-ho did. “Lee Joon-ho is…” Eun-bok says and in his mind he apologises, “I’m sorry, Ahjussi.”
IRmbU Ep16-43
Somewhere along the street, Joon-ho switches on his phone so that the police can track him down. He calls to meet Hyun.
IRmbU Ep16-44 IRmbU Ep16-45
Hyun asks Joon-ho why he was so obsessed with him. He answers that when Hyun was younger, he had asked why Joon-young was different from others, and for the first time, Joon-young thought he was being understood since everyone treated him with contempt and feared him.
IRmbU Ep16-46
Joon-ho wonders if he has been understood earlier, would he have lived like Hyun. He goes on saying that he wished to be like Hyun and as for Min, he resembles him now exactly, like an alter ego. Hyun scoffs at it, saying it’s ironic that due to that word (being different), his life became more fun.
IRmbU Ep16-47
Hyun says that the reason he is not killing Joon-ho here is only one: “Return Min to me. I must at least have his corpse be returned to me.” No way Min died, right?!
IRmbU Ep16-48 IRmbU Ep16-49
The police run looking for Joon-ho, however, they are too late as Joon-ho has already left, leaving his phone behind. Ji-an: “Lee Joon-young disappeared like that. And…”
IRmbU Ep16-50 IRmbU Ep16-51
As promises, Hyun stops by Ji-an’s home three times. However, on the third time, Hyun tells Ji-an that he might go somewhere for a while. When she asks where, he smiles. In voiceover, Ji-an: “And, Lee Hyun disappeared as well.” Woah woah, one by one, the guys are disappearing? To where?
IRmbU Ep16-52 IRmbU Ep16-53
One year later: New junior team member has joined the team to replace Eun-bok. Ji-an says in voiceover, “Our team barely survived. Thanks to Team Leader’s efforts.”
IRmbU Ep16-54 IRmbU Ep16-55
Seung-joo visits Eun-bok who is still in prison. When he calls him ‘hyung’, Eun-bok breaks into a smile, showing signs of their friendship still intact. Aw yeah~
IRmbU Ep16-56
Ji-an walks by herself, thinking about Hyun. She thinks that she should have stopped by twice a year ago so that Hyun could stop by six times before disappearing.
IRmbU Ep16-57 IRmbU Ep16-58
Hyun’s indebt friend is reading an American newspaper and I thought he was in America, LOL. Myung-woo and Team Leader Kang come to meet him (Myung-woo’s hairstyle, LOL), calling him ‘Dave’s ahjussi’, hah. Friend says, “There was no contact from Dave. Is that enough?” It sounds as if they have been coming to see the friend about Hyun few times. Hah, I love these three’s interactions.
IRmbU Ep16-59
Ji-an looks at Hyun’s office table and thinks of how they met because of Lee Joon-young. She imagines if they didn’t lose their fathers to Lee Joon-young, she wonders if they would have met. She thinks that they still would have met.
IRmbU Ep16-60
She pictures the scenarios of how they would meet the different way – little Ji-an probably stalking little Hyun who would tell her to get lost and that next to him, there probably would have been a pretty looking brother (little Min). That they would have all grown up quite well.
IRmbU Ep16-61 IRmbU Ep16-62
Imagination: both adult Hyun and Min watching English movie which adult Ji-an would join and complain, “What about the subtitles?” In voiceover, Ji-an continues, “For me, with you and with your brother, I would have got along well with you and your brother. From time to time, we would have guests. That’s how well we’d have gotten along.” That’s really nice imagination!
IRmbU Ep16-63 IRmbU Ep16-64
The team has a new case and when they rush to the crime scene, I feel déjà vu. As expected, someone else is already there at the crime scene and it’s Hyun! It’s like how they all first met, but this time round, they know him and are glad to see him again, well except for that new member hahah.
IRmbU Ep16-67 IRmbU Ep16-68
Somewhere in hospital, Min is awake. Yes, he is still alive!! That woman comes by to tell him that his hyung stayed until few moment before. So, the woman saved Min? It seems so. Edit: So, Lee Joon-young ends up saving Min!
IRmbU Ep16-69 IRmbU Ep16-70
We see that Hyun had come by and is relieved to see that Min is still alive. Wow, after a year? (Correction) It seems like he was brought to hospital by Joon-young on the day he disappeared and has been taking care of Min for a year. That woman passes the new identity from Hyun Joon-young to Min and it’s a choice for Min to choose whether to live as Hyun’s brother or not.
IRmbU Ep16-71
Ji-an and Hyun go for a walk and Ji-an knows that Hyun wouldn’t tell her what and where he has been doing for past year. When asked if he was chasing Lee Joon-young, Hyun replies that he will have to, using future tense. So, what have he been doing?
IRmbU Ep16-74 IRmbU Ep16-75
Hyun explains that he remembered something after Lee Joon-ho/Lee Joon-young disappeared and we now see the conversation between young Hyun and young Joon-young. Joon-young was telling him that he can become as he wish – be like Joon-young or be completely opposite of him. “There isn’t just one door. You leave by the front or through the back door,” Joon-young had said.
IRmbU Ep16-76 IRmbU Ep16-77
In present, Ji-an asks if he is going to disappear again and if he does, she asks to leave forever from right there to which Hyun says that he will not disappear again.
IRmbU Ep16-78 IRmbU Ep16-79
Asking if she misses him a lot, she nods yes and Hyun embraces her.
IRmbU Ep16-80
Pulling back, he swoops in for a kiss.
IRmbU Ep16-81
And then another more passionately… Whee~! Finally a real kiss!! A real kiss for the first time after 15 episodes! Except for that deadpan fish kiss, hahah.
IRmbU Ep16-83
In the hospital, it seem that Min decided not to take the new identity and leaves smiling. Wait, he is now wants to live as Lee Min, right?
IRmbU Ep16-84 IRmbU Ep16-85
Among the crowd on the street, Hyun and Ji-an are walking hand in hand. Joon-ho walks pass by them without getting noticed. He is there!
IRmbU Ep16-86
Joon-ho/Joon-young: “Hyun. Now I am going to disappear. Then, you chase me. Don’t give up and find me.” He looks back at them.
IRmbU Ep16-87
As if they can communicate telepathically, Hyun stops and looks behind him as if knowing Joon-young is there. Hyun: “Don’t worry. Wherever you hide, I’ll most certainly find you.”

And, so they leave it like open-ended! It left it open as if there’ll be season two. The ending is content and but not that content. The ending turns out what we didn’t expect. I expected Joon-young to be caught and Min to be reunited with his hyung happily or sent for treatment. However, as always, I Remember You surprises us with even better and unexpected ending. No one died. I really do hope for season two, though! Seeing how Hyun will be ready to find Joon-young again. Even though most answers have been given, there’re so much things to explain. How did little Hyun get out of that room on the night of his father died? What is Min going to do? The kids in Joon-young’s photobook? Their backstories? That woman? And it’d be even better if they do season two of what Hyun, Joon-young and Min have been doing during that one year. And then the after. And how are they going to catch Lee Joon-young and prove his identity? Season two, I demand!
IRmbU Ep16-89

I plan to write overall review for this drama, so I will keep this short. I love how this drama is basically about nature versus nurture. Joon-young believes in nature and bringing it out such as triggering the tendencies. Hyun believes in nurture such that Min would have been able to live normal life if he were to be raised by Hyun. It’s all about whether one will feed to good side or bad side. I like how show actually questions if the monsters are born or created. More than giving us answers as we hear different opinions from different characters. Joon-young is an example, opposite of Hyun. Joon-young always thinks what he did is right and will help others, when in fact, he causes troubles for others. Joon-young had never asked for opinions before taking actions and I guess this is why that woman is like his counsellor, his anchor to reality and keeping his humanity on. As for Hyun, he kind of became opposite of Joon-young without knowing as he had lost some of his childhood memories. But one thing for sure is that, he never asked for help, especially not to Joon-young, when it comes to Min.
IRmbU Ep16-91

Nevertheless, this show is really a gem, the best drama of the year, other than Kill Me, Heal Me. Except that they are of different genres, so I can’t compare them two. It brings the sentence ‘I Remember You’ to a whole new level. Despite low ratings in Korea as most ahjummas watch TV, it’s really high in quality despite live shootings (Kudos to the actors, actress and the production crew!) and I am really glad to see that it’s more popular with intentional viewers like me. I love how this show brings us together online to share our theories and know one another. I have made online friend with a few and Seo In Guk is now my bias actor. 😛 He is really talented! Now, that this drama has ended, I am not even sure how to move on… Where can we find another amazing and intellectual drama like I Remember You?! By the way, look forward to my overall review for this drama! 🙂

I will remember you, show, always and forever. (inserts hearts)
IRmbU Ep16-88


8 thoughts on “I Remember You – Episode 16 (Final) Review

  1. This is what I understand: when Hyun wanting Joon Young to return Min to him, LJY took Hyun to that hospital directly. You can see Hyun’s clothes is same at that time. So, it’s not after one year, it’s just Min remembers that day when Hyun just found him. As to where Hyun disappears, he disappeared to take care of Min for one year–hiding from the world. After one year, Min said that hyung has been stayed with him long enough, so he can go visit home. I believe it was kind of a psycho hospital, like a rehabilitation for Min. So for one year Hyun was taking care of him in that hospital. After Hyun visit home, I think Min became a lot less like psycho and he can go home too. Because Jeong Seon Ho identity was dead, Min has to take new identity or became himself. So, yeah, he chose to became himself, take consequences and live with Hyun. While Min revealed himself to the world, LJY keeps hidden in the world.


  2. Oh and one more thing, I think the choice of whether Min has to take new identity or live as Min was from LJY, not from Hyun. I don’t think Hyun will do that and Min also says “…or live like you, remaining hidden in the world” he was talking about LJY


    • Thank you for pointing those out, i thought it was weird, but i just went to write what i see as i wrote it late at night >< I should have thought of that way, LJY bringing Hyun to the hospital on the same day he disappeared and that he has been taking care of Min for a year.


  3. “I wanted to ask what happened, what you did and where, but you will tell me not to ask.” Like what she always did, she understood that she needs to press him to face his reality, and conscience, yet she is still holding it in, waiting for him to take initiative to persuade Min to own up n come clean by his own free will. Amazing as to the depth she knew his empathy towards LJY, so much that Hyeon’s pity is sufficient to rein in to his inability to forgive nor fathom LJY… (he smiled in appreciation that she understood.) knowing while he basked in the temporary sunshine of brotherhood, she remembers him still, waited and trusting, even while missing him… a lot.
    “I missed you” (Hyeon)…. “mmh. (okay)”. (Ji-An)
    “A lot.”… “mmh. (okay)” (Ji-An’s faint shy voice). {with Min at his side for a year, he missed her, a lot? That’s gratifying.} Now in majority of the sites, it was translated as Hyeon asking her whether “you missed me” … Hyeon furthered prompted “A Lot?” (Replied… “Yes”) The great galaxy differences lies in, Hyeon been the one confessing his yearning for her, instead of asking her whether she missed him. He known long before the ep 10 kiss, that she liked him a great deal, in fact, when she shared that she doesn’t see him as a monster, when she held his hand as a sign of “partnership”… he sketched his hand after he withdrawn, for the first time he gave her this intense look, he has already keep her in his heart, and knew he was in hers. A little shaking of their hands, can sent him stirred as he stretched his palm in reflex of sensation queer thrill of liking that “touch”, after she initiated the hands hold.
    this is a man, that was self-sufficient, proud, not short of rudeness, blunt, and will never reveal any natural feelings, to have him declaring him missing her, is a pivot point. It’s not just missing her “a little”, it’s truly “A Lot”. This show’s strength is in giving that little pinch to stir in greater favour… throw a short sentence, and you imagine the hidden summaries behind… it’s a faint gesture or a look that replaces the physical arousal… this show, scored on “silent that thunder, less for more” effect. But when the Main Cast finally declared it plain and not hinting, we soar like falcon. To have someone like Hyeon telling you “I missed you, a lot”, is like you knew you finally “Earned it”!
    She smiled shyly, he smiled back… even these smiles hid a million words of relief and comfort to be back in each other presence.
    ahhh… that kiss? We found gratification that Hyeon (as much as Ji-An) has finally earned “THAT” (Hyeon will never be Home and be himself, until he found Ji-An). Did we not for sake of shipping Brotherhood, wilfully ignored how many times when he was worn out, drained after facing off LJY and controlling himself before a vulnerable Min, that he can only break into a smile by a simple word or gesture from Ji-An. So-far, only Ji-An can make him relax and be himself, she is also the home where Min should be in one day, after he served his sentence. Ji-An can help him to steer Min towards feeding Min’s own Pure Good wolf, that one day Min will choose Goodness for himself, not just to please Hyung. Was glad KBS can finally surpass herself, by writing no more third party and triangle relationship (jealous ex girl friend or evil fiancé) that make the OTP breaks up …. A fine drama drawn out the inner struggles between, within the two Leads, show how they grow together, changed,… need not bring in a third party to create chaos, nor bring in bromance to spice up ….
    I will remember Ji-An and her Hyeon, for a long time.
    and they deserve that much from all of us.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Is anybody realise the reason Min defeated easily when he go for kill LJY is because he just recovery from the first stab. And LJY intentionally hit him just at his wound, when Min grab him from behind.
    It is a small detail, but i like they (the writer) not forget to that fact, when sometimes in other drama they make someone got stab and almost die, but then they miraculously healed in few days (Bad Guys). In episode 15 Hyun still nagging about he go to work while he still recovery and to remember take his medicine. So it’s also fresh in my mind when Min go to killing LJY, i worry in my heart,” ..but he just recovery from the stab..!”. And then i see it coming, LJY hit him right in that place..T__T . Min look really hurt (physically) that time, when he keep try to reach the knive.

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