Scholar Who Walks the Night – Episode 9 Review

Family love is when one sacrifice oneself to protect his/her loved ones. Maybe when one sacrifices another to save one’s own son too. But, not the sacrificing other part, just because she is no one to the king, but someone who means a lot to the prince.

Though Yang-sun is revealed to be a woman dressing up as a man, she and her father continue to get tortured.
Yang-sun is asked forcefully to say she is Eumlan Seosaeng, however, she claims that Crown Prince is the one to which the King’s advisor threatens her that she will not live if she were to tell it to everyone. Ugh.
Whew, good thing that Yang-sun’s father doesn’t shout for help when Sung-yeol comes to see him and Yang-sun. Sung-yeol confirms that Dad had seen him feeing ten years ago and explains that he is out to destroy Gwi. He urges Dad to trust him and tell him where the diary is. Before Dad could say anything, Sung-yeol disappears in a blink of an eye. Wow, does he have teleportation power?
It’s torturing session at the palace and Yang-sun is surprised to see Yoon in prince clothes. Thinking back to her conversation with Yoon about Eumlan Seosaeng, she finally speaks and declares to be the author, now knowing that Prince Yoon is actually Eumlan Seosaeng, to everyone’s shock.
To save his daughter, Dad declares that he is the real Eumlan Seosaeng, saying that Yang-sun is lying to protect her own father. He tells the king that he had worked for Prince Sadong in the past and asks to spare Yang-sun’s life. The king orders for everyone to be executed for conspiring against the nation. Damn.
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Luckily, Sung-yeol has come by to pour fake blood over Yang-sun, which Gwi tastes to confirm that she isn’t one who has the sweet blood, but notices that she doesn’t have the scent. Turns out that Sung-yeol has poured hawthorn powder all over the place which Gwi guesses that Yang-sun is someone important to Sung-yeol.
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After Gwi leaves, Sung-yeol returns to embrace Yang-sun in his arms while Yang-sun slips in and out of conscious. He tells her to hold on a little longer. Dad is surprised to see a vampire being that way towards Yang-sun.
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He thinks back to the night when Yang-sun’s father being killed by Sung-yeol, Sung-yeol had saved little Yang-sun by dripping his blood onto her injuries to heal her bite wound.
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Dad tells Sung-yeol that he can’t believe there is such a kind vampire and asks if he loves his daughter. He informs Sung-yeol that he also saved Yang-sun 10 years back which is news to Sung-yeol. Dad tells him that Yang-sun is Prince Sadong’s advisor, Scholar Seo’s child. Again, Sung-yeol asks for the diary, but before Dad could agree, he disappears again as the guards are coming.
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Yang-sun’s father tells her that they have been released, but we all know that he has taken poison to sacrifice himself to save Yang-sun. They are brought to the palace where Gwi’s lair is at.
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In Gwi’s lair, with the king, Prince Yoon is there where he meets Gwi for the first time and sees his dead father on the wall. Yoon doesn’t reveal that he is Eumlan Seosaeng to get rid of Gwi and that there isn’t a proof he is the one.
SWWTN Ep9-23
Yang-sun’s father is brought before Gwi and Dad recognises Gwi as the vampire who fed on Yang-sun’s biological father. He glares up at Gwi, saying that he is not going to beg for his life from such a monster. Way to go, Yang-sun’s father!
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Gwi asks if he has the diary to which Dad confirms that Prince Sadong had given to him. I thought, “Why would you tell him!” But Dad continues that he has given to someone else, not telling Gwi who. I change my mind – woohoo, Dad is such a fearless person, even asking Gwi to eat him, telling him that he will get his hands on the diary.
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Elsewhere on top of Gwi’s lair, Sung-yeol revives the dead consort using his blood to lure Gwi out. Yoon remembers about Sung-yeol mentioning to revive the consort. And then, Yang-sun’s poison kicks in and he dies.
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Yoon heads out and meet Sung-yeol, recognising him from the past encounters with Yang-sun. However, Sung-yeol has no time and moves on quickly before Gwi finds him. He is shocked to see Yang-sun’s father’s dead body being carried out of Gwi’s lair.
SWWTN Ep9-28
Gwi is disappointed about the death of Dad, losing the only hint of the diary. He hears that all of Eumlan Seosaeng’s people have killed themselves, and I hope that Yoon’s friend is not one of them?!
SWWTN Ep9-32
Well, nope, he is not one of the corpses which Yoon goes to see them lying in the cell and closes their eyes. Phew. But, it’s enough make Yoon feels sad to see his people dead.
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Yang-sun is being brought out, missing her father’s dead body passing by. Sung-yeol literally flies in to take down the guards to ensure Yang-sun’s safety. She insists to bring her father along so he tells her to go first while he checks on him. Yang-sun tells him about the diary which her father had asks to relay its whereabouts to Sung-yeol. Finally!
SWWTN Ep9-31
Just then, Sung-yeol sees something nearby which prompts Yang-sun to look as well. But, Sung-yeol stops her by blocking her view. She asks him why he wouldn’t let her see whatever it is and lowers his arm…
SWWTN Ep9-34 SWWTN Ep9-35
… to see her father’s corpse lying there and crawls over to him. She calls out to him, with tears in her eyes, begging him to wake up so that they can go home. Ah, damn, cries. They have always been close and it’s sad to see Yang-sun lose someone she loves.

It’s no surprise that Sung-yeol is saving Yang-sun again after 10 years when he had saved her back then when she was a child. Even though Sung-yeol has never forgotten his first love, Yang-sun is opening up his heart after 120 years and I wonder why. Is it because of her sweet blood or fate? However, Sung-yeol is battling his heart-versus-brain dilemma, to leave her alone in order to not hurt her or get her because he loves her now.
SWWTN Ep9-38

As for Yoon, it’s kind of annoying to see that he is being controlled by the king such as being ordered not to help Yang-sun or else she dies. He doesn’t even speak up as Eumlan Seosaeng just because of the king. But, then it’s surprising to see that the king actually wants to get rid of Gwi too, seeing how he has always been following Gwi’s words. He only thinks of his grandson, Prince Yoon, though. I do hope that Yoon will become stronger in term of having power to defeat whoever such as Gwi especially.
SWWTN Ep9-39


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