Scholar Who Walks the Night – Episode 10 Review

Our scholar is dealing with its nature instinct as a vampire and the feeling in his heart for the fear of putting one in a danger. Nevertheless, he can never run away from what he feels. I have to say that Yang-sun is always lucky to have Scholar to save her no matter what.

SWWTN Ep10-3
Yoon sees Yang-sun wail over her father’s body, which makes Sung-yeol hides around the corner. Damn. Yoon’s guard tells him that she will be slave. Oh gosh, really?
SWWTN Ep10-4
With the relayed message from Yang-sun, Sung-yeol has FINALLY found the diary! FINALLY, ohgosh. So, can Gwi finally be defeated yet? He read the diary to find the message left behind from late Prince Jeonghyeon. It is written that the way to kill Gwi is “people”.
SWWTN Ep10-8 SWWTN Ep10-7
Yoon has dismissed his friend, Hak-young, from the office, but why?! Outside, he sees Hak-young who approaches him and tells him that Eumlan Seosaeng is dead. Despite everyone saying that Yoon is changed, Hak-young doesn’t believe it. He remains loyal and says that he will always remain in the same place, waiting for him.
SWWTN Ep10-5 SWWTN Ep10-6
At the place where the slaves are working, Yoon sees Yang-sun with the feeling of guilt of putting her in such plight. He can’t even speak a word, to which Yang-sun asks if he is sorry. Yoon says yes. “You can feel sorry 100 times, 1000 times,” Yang-sun tells him, almost calling him ‘hyungnim’. She continues, “You have committed a sin towards me that cannot be washed away. With the heart that is sorry towards me, save the nation and its people. Because that’s what Eumlan Seosaeng should do.”
SWWTN Ep10-9
She requests of him to never see her again and he agrees, saying that he was infatuated for a while. He says he is thankfully that the wicked were punished and that she should realise the situation she is in and treasure herself. His words shock her that she even drops the jar of salt. And Yoon doesn’t even help.
SWWTN Ep10-10
From the distance, Hye-ryung has been watching them and notices that, besides Sung-yeol, Yoon is also beside Yang-sun. She is bitter about how Yang-sun having two guys care for her.
SWWTN Ep10-11
Yang-sun is punished for spilling the salt and has to move rice sacks into the warehouse before the sun rises. She barely could stands up and thinks about having to endure for father’s sake as she needs to take care of her family. However, she faints from exhaustion.
SWWTN Ep10-12 SWWTN Ep10-13
Sung-yeol discovers a hidden page behind the page of the names and it reads that the guardian vampire and the befitting Royal are the key. So it means that Sung-yeol and the Crown Prince are one of the secret plan to get rid of Gwi. There is something about the maternal relation, though Sung-yeol does not what it is.
SWWTN Ep10-14 SWWTN Ep10-15
Ho-shi brings Yang-sun back (yay!) but she is barely alive. Sung-yeol quickly takes her to the bath where he soaks themselves in the water.
SWWTN Ep10-16 SWWTN Ep10-17
Sung-yeol beings to undress her to check her wounds. Using his hawthorn dagger, he slits his wrists and let himself bleed into the water, turning water red, to heal Yang-sun though it weakens himself.
SWWTN Ep10-18
As his blood heals Yang-sun’s wounds except for her childhood scar, he pulls her into his arms. I wonder why her scar from the bite doesn’t heal at all, though Sung-yeol had dripped the blood onto it when she was younger.
SWWTN Ep10-19 SWWTN Ep10-20
Yoon visits his mother and she finds out that Yoon is actually Eumlan Seosaeng and Hye-ryung has overheard everything, confirming what her father has said about Crown Prince being Eumlan Seosaeng.
SWWTN Ep10-21 SWWTN Ep10-22
Yang-sun awakes with Sung-yeol at her bedside and reaches out to touch his face, saying that it’s cold and she will warm his face. She confesses, “I love you.”
SWWTN Ep10-23
In his mind, Sung-yeol answers, “Me too. Towards you.” He leans down to kiss her on the forehead before moving to kiss her on the lips. Breaking away, he says, “What can I is up to here. There is no future for you and I together.” She asks why and he replies that she will find out one day.
SWWTN Ep10-24 SWWTN Ep10-25
At the temple, Yang-sun’s mother finds out that Yang-sun is not her husband’s real child from the monk who says that Yang-sun’s foster father will be rewarded for taking in a child that wasn’t his own. She realises that Yang-sun is the child of Scholar Seo whom Dad had been doing rites for every year.
SWWTN Ep10-26 SWWTN Ep10-27
Looks like Yang-sun is regaining her bad childhood memories of her father.
SWWTN Ep10-29 SWWTN Ep10-28
Yang-sun’s foster mother also finds out that Scholar Seo was accused of being traitor along with Prince Sadong which makes her think of Yang-sun being a traitor’s daughter. As Yang-sun is about to leave for Tamra with Mom and her sister, Mom slaps across her face and coldly tells her that she is not even related to them by blood.
SWWTN Ep10-30
Mom continues to tell her of her real parentage which leaves Yang-sun in confusion and blames her for killing Dad. She will not leave with the traitor’s daughter.
SWWTN Ep10-31 SWWTN Ep10-32
Sung-yeol finally present himself before Yoon, introducing himself as the one who used to serve Prince Jeonghyeon and that he is a vampire. The diary is revealed before Yoon and shows the way to kill Gwi. Sung-yeol says that he will give it to him if Yoon has the intentions on getting of Gwi.
SWWTN Ep10-34 SWWTN Ep10-33
Back at the house, despite the little sister’s protest and cries, Yang-sun tells Mom that she won’t go with them to Tamra. Su-hyang tries to tell her that she could be caught and be salve again, but Yang-sun walks away. Well, it seems more like Su-hyang saying that to cover up her real intentions of separating her from Sung-yeol.
SWWTN Ep10-35 SWWTN Ep10-36
Having heard about the situation from Ho-shi, Sung-yeol rushes over to hear that Mom and little sister have already left without Yang-sun. Meanwhile, Yang-sun wanders alone in the forest.
SWWTN Ep10-37 SWWTN Ep10-38
In Gwi’s lair, Hye-ryung asks if it’s possible for Yoon to become a king if he is really Eumlan Seosaeng and Gwi says that he can’t let him be the king if it’s true and notices about her concern. She explains that she only want the position as king’s woman so that she can be higher than her own father in terms of position. Gwi tells her that, seeing how she is smart, he is reminded of someone he used to love.
SWWTN Ep10-45
Hye-ryung asks what had happened to her and Gwi answers that he had no choice but to kill her as she had his child without his permission because a child born between a human and a vampire will kill vampires. Ooooh, interestinggggg. He thinks that the child died since it has been over 200 years.
SWWTN Ep10-41
Yang-sun walks through the forest, thinking of her happy times with her family and tearing at being alone, standing at the tip of the cliff. Sung-yeol searches for her all over the places (his arm is still bleeding!).
SWWTN Ep10-43 SWWTN Ep10-42
Before Yang-sun could jump off the cliff, Sung-yeol grabs her wrist and pulls her around to face him, having finally found her. Whew, I knew that Sung-yeol would find her eventually.

About Gwi’s first love and his child, it’s interesting. The child could be alive as a vampire (well, more like half-human-half-vampire being), not knowing that Gwi is her/his father. Or that someone in present of that child/Gwi’s lineage. It would be no surprise if Yang-sun were to be the one in Gwi’s family lineage. There is also something about maternal relation in the diary, so it could be Gwi’s first love. But I wonder who Gwi’s lover was. And it’s probably a hint that three people, not two but three, are needed to get rid of Gwi – Sung-yeol, Prince Yoon and ‘maternal relation’. But, the thing is, how would these people do to kill him?
SWWTN Ep10-44

I dislike how Yang-sun’s foster mother calls Yang-sun traitor’s daughter as she only heard about how Yang-sun’s biological father, Scholar Seo, was accused of being traitor, but he was framed along with Prince Sadong. She doesn’t even know the full story and blames Yang-sun for killing Dad and being the traitor’s daughter. Now that Yang-sun is left all alone and finds out that she is not her father’s biological daughter, it’s understandable that she wants to take her own life, but still no! Good thing there is someone else who cares for her, and it’s Sung-yeol. I like how he lets himself let his feelings take over, even it was just for a while, and lets Yang-sun see it for real. However, Sung-yeol still sticks to the rule of a vampire not being allowed to love or be with a human, not wanting to hurt Yang-sun like how he hurt Myung-hee.
SWWTN Ep10-40


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