Yong-pal – Episode 3 Review

We dives deeper into the world where the privileges come first and the money matters the most. In both Tae-hyun’s and Yeo-jin’s worlds. Even though Yeo-jin is still a sleeping beauty, she is still forcefully to be the way she is now because of money.

YP Ep3-2
Yeo-jin is rushed to emergency operating room while Tae-hyun who is performing an unauthorised operation, quickly switches off the lights and hide with the nurse, Nurse Oh.
YP Ep3-4 YP Ep3-3
Tae-hyun comes to face Yeo-jin while checking what is going on outside and when Yeo-jin tries to slit herself using the glass shard, Tae-hyun risks himself to pry the shard out of her hand. She looks at him and pleads “Please.”
YP Ep3-5 YP Ep3-6
It’s Tae-hyun’s first day on the twelfth floor and he is introduced to Cynthia Park (played by Stephanie Lee). She is already looking so cool!
YP Ep3-10 YP Ep3-9
In Tae-hyun’s new office, the view is wide and nice, wow. However, Tae-hyun doesn’t seems to be happy and Cynthia tells her that the view is for clients. Tae-hyun is given a stylish-looking pen as Cynthia says that the power seat in office is not that one, but this pen.
YP Ep3-11 YP Ep3-12
Tae-hyun casually asks about Young-ae to which Cynthia smiles and says that it’s true he is good at smelling money. If he could get into the Princess’ room, it would jackpot, however, she tells him to not dream of such thing as only Director, Chief Lee and Nurse Hwang can access the room.
YP Ep3-14
Do-joon’s wife, Lee Chae-young (played by Chae Jung Ahn), seems to be hiding her true intentions behind her happy-stupid-simple look as Do-joon thinks of her simple wife and even she makes jokes. But, when she is alone, she becomes serious and calls her father to tell him that she actually eavesdropped.
YP Ep3-16 YP Ep3-15
It looks like Chae-young’s father and his people are trying to get to Yeo-jin as we see the stockholders from before, are with Chae-young’s father. So, it’s clear that Chae-young is putting on simple front with her true intentions of finding out what is going on in Yeo-jin’s room.
YP Ep3-18 YP Ep3-17
While in comatose state, Yeo-jin is stuck in her own dream land where she finds herself trapped in circular room. She knows what is going on outside like it’s Wednesday, judging from the food Nurse Hwang is eating in the room. Yeo-jin says that it has been 1,165 days since she has been locked up in the glass room.
YP Ep3-19
As Nurse Hwang eats the damned steak and drinks the red wine (she looks like darn vampire!), Yeo-jin continues, “For the first year, I prayed that I’d grant the wish of whoever could wake me up whatever it might be. For the next year, I prayed that I’d grant the wish of whoever would let me die whatever it might be, so that I could end this pain. And after three years, if I can ever wake up, I have decided to kill everyone who locked me in here and everyone who is on their side.” She thinks of Tae-hyun, “And the first outsider I’ve seen in three years… I wonder who he was.”
YP Ep3-20 YP Ep3-21
Speaking of, Tae-hyun finds himself being avoided by other doctors as they heard he has been transferred out of their department. Only Nurse Oh sits with him and she tells of him of the patient’s progress which surprised everyone else when they checked that he is still alive. He is curious about the patient from across them that night, which there is no record of it, and Nurse Oh guesses that it was a VIP patient since Chief Lee performed the surgery.
YP Ep3-22 YP Ep3-23
Emergency arises as a hallyu star’s girlfriend who couldn’t get sent to hospital as there is media everywhere and Chief Lee gets an idea – send Tae-hyun out, using his Yong-pal’s backpack which contains surgery equipment.
YP Ep3-24 YP Ep3-25
Cool Cynthia drives him in a sport car and she speed drives which Tae-hyun has to hold the handle to balance himself, hah, his expression.
YP Ep3-27 YP Ep3-26
In the hallyu star’s hotel room, Tae-hyun immediately rushes to the injured girlfriend’s side and calls over Cynthia to tell her that they are looking at crime scene, not an accident. But Cynthia tells him that the star is a client and to revive her to bring her to hospital no matter what.
YP Ep3-28
Using his experiences as Yong-pal, he turns the room into an operating room and before he operates on the girl, Cynthia stops him and tells him to just stabilize her and that he could be blamed if the girl died and the star will be wriggled free. But Tae-hyun still operates, anyway.
YP Ep3-29
Next we know that on the news, the star is known to save the girl to the world and Cynthia is impressed by Tae-hyun’s skills. She give him a tip – Ask the director for permission to enter the Princess’ room. If he is in good mood, Tae-hyun might get the permission.
YP Ep3-30 YP Ep3-31
Using the tip, seeing how the director is impressed by Tae-hyun’s method of handling the patient on house call, Tae-hyun takes the chance to ask for the permission. And, so the director thinks it’s a great idea. Whoops. However, Chief Lee doesn’t look happy with it.
YP Ep3-33 YP Ep3-32
As tasked by the director, Cynthia brings Tae-hyun out to shop for new clothes and makeover in order to look fashionable whenever on house calls. Tae-hyun dons the new look, looking better than before. Maybe he would look even better without those glasses, hah. He even gets a new car.
YP Ep3-34
After the makeover, in the car on the way back, Tae-hyun asks about Young-ae again and Cynthia tells him the story of how Yeo-jin’s story is like Romeo and Juliet.
YP Ep3-35 YP Ep3-36
We flashback to when Yeo-jin’s brother was nice to her (I think he was pretending). Yeo-jin, the heiress of Hanshin Group, fell in love with the eldest son and the heir of their rival. Do-joon knew about it.
YP Ep3-37
After the party, Yeo-jin and her lover had intended to get married secretly, however, the night went horribly wrong with the accident we have seen in the first episode.
YP Ep3-39 YP Ep3-38
In present, Cynthia finishes, “The Prince of Daejung Group died that way. And only the Princess of Hanshin Group survived.” Tae-hyun summarises that the kids of the wealthy fell in love and got into an accident.
YP Ep3-40 YP Ep3-41
Back in the hospital, everyone awes over Tae-hyun’s new look except Tae-yong whom Tae-hyun digs at about how amazing it is to be on the twelfth floor and even invites the nurse for a drink. But when he leaves around the corner, he thinks it was childish of him to do that. Hah, nah.
YP Ep3-42
Chief Lee brings Tae-hyun to the princess’ room where the guards get the notice that Tae-hyun has been granted access. Inside the futuristic and high-tech room, Tae-hyun introduces himself to comatose patient before recognising her from that night when he had grabbed the shard out of her hand.
YP Ep3-43
In her dream land, a light forms and shines at Yeo-jin in the room as she hears him. She looks up and repeats his name, “Kim Tae-hyun?” as she finally hears an unfamiliar name for the first time.

I like how they visualise Yeo-jin’s world in her comatose state as we get to see what is going on in her mind, dream land. I thought we were all going to see her keep lying there all the time, but nope, we also get to see Yeo-jin’s world. The way they visualise her world really fits how she is in other world than real world. With her being locked in the cloudy circular room and nothing else.
YP Ep3-44

I find myself liking Cynthia more and more as I find her cool. She definitely knows the rules and how to play the game, like how she knows about the hospital’s policy of putting privilege first. Even though she doesn’t bother about the injured girl, she puts the hospital’s reputation first such as telling Tae-hyun that he could be in trouble, knowing that there’re higher ranked people who could easily get out of the situation without even being implicated. And it shows how well she knows about playing the game and surviving. Other than Nurse Oh, I hope for Tae-hyun to work more with Cynthia especially on house calls, haha!
YP Ep3-45

On the other hand, Tae-hyun still has a lot more to learn about being on the twelfth floor. Unlike the doctors in the hospital, he puts the patients’ health first. I wonder if his priority will get him in trouble or something since the twelfth floor rules differently. I wonder if Yeo-jin is going to get him to help her out of comatose state since he is the first outsider to enter the room in three years. And if she wakes up, how Tae-hyun is going to handle Yeo-jin’s suicidal thoughts? All that aside, I thought we were not going to see Yong-pal in action again, but that emergency situation has put Tae-hyun’s experiences as Yong-pal to use. Deciding to send Tae-hyun out on house calls is what totally fits Tae-hyun since he is not able to do them illegally for the gangsters. I am glad that the hospital is at least using Tae-hyun’s experiences so as to utilize his skills as Yong-pal.
YP Ep3-46


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