Oh My Ghostess – Episode 13 Review

It’s an emotional and complicated ride for Sun-woo as he is trying to come to terms with the existence of the ghost(s) and struggling within himself while at the same time, he is in confusion about having fallen for (the warm actions of) a ghost whom he cannot see.

OMGhost Ep13-2
Bong-sun runs off crying while Sun-woo can only stay frozen at the truth which he is still not believing. Still in disbelief, Sun-woo runs to find Bong-sun after getting off the car ride.
OMGhost Ep13-7
They sit down and Sun-woo confirms with her about her seeing ghosts but still cannot believe her ability and that Bong-sun wasn’t Bong-sun all the while he was with her.
OMGhost Ep13-5 OMGhost Ep13-4
He doesn’t take her seriously and asks if she is trying to break up to which Bong-sun tells him that everything she said is true and that the ghost is the daughter of that restaurant ahjussi.
OMGhost Ep13-6
Sung-jae thinks about how he was not able to hit Bong-sun with the car and it makes him guess that Soon-ae has been in Bong-sun’s body. Wait, can he actually see ghost Soon-ae?
OMGhost Ep13-10 OMGhost Ep13-9
The ahjumma comes to conclusion that Sung-jae has been possessed by an evil spirit and warns Soon-ae to be careful since he might be able to see her.
OMGhost Ep13-11 OMGhost Ep13-12
The assistant chefs sense that there is something wrong going on between Sun-woo and Bong-sun. Sun-woo tells them to close early and drags Bong-sun out to see doctor, deciding that she must be hallucinating. But Bong-sun stops him and tells him to believe her. She has been living that way for 28 years, she says. She apologises before running off.
OMGhost Ep13-13 OMGhost Ep13-14
Back at the restaurant, before Soon-ae could tell Bong-sun about Sung-jae, Sun-woo comes running in and tells her he refuses to believe without seeing it. Bong-sun looks up to tell Soon-ae that she had told him everything, which alarms Sun-woo who can’t see her.
OMGhost Ep13-15 OMGhost Ep13-16
Bong-sun explains that the ghost is here and Soon-ae moves the chair which spooks Sun-woo. Soon-ae moves to touch Sun-woo’s cheek which spooks him again and more than ever. But, wait, Soon-ae can touch now?
OMGhost Ep13-53 OMGhost Ep13-52
Still reeling in from what had happened earlier, Sun-woo goes out for a drink where Sung-jae chances upon. Sun-woo asks him if he believe in ghosts which takes him by surprise, but he causally says that he never really thought about it. Sun-woo says, “Right. It’s not something most people would think about.”  Then he goes on mumbling that Na Bong-sun is Na Bong-sun but she is not Na Bong-sun, which makes Sung-jae confirm that Bong-sun is Soon-ae.
OMGhost Ep13-22 OMGhost Ep13-21
Sun-woo comes home to call Bong-sun out of her room and asks her why did she have to tell the truth instead of lying to him all the way and that he would’ve been better off thinking she was manic depressive.
OMGhost Ep13-19 OMGhost Ep13-20
He reaches out to hug her and asks who did he like – her or the ghost? The answer to that question is what we all would like to know too.
OMGhost Ep13-18 OMGhost Ep13-23
Soon-ae and the assistant chefs find that Bong-sun is gone and Sun-woo is informed of her absence. Turns out that Soon-ae’s father has brought her home as she fainted on the street.
OMGhost Ep13-24 OMGhost Ep13-25
Sung-jae, knowing that Soon-ae is out of Bong-sun’s body, comes by Soon-ae’s father’s restaurant to look around but finds nothing. Soon-ae later comes by to check in on her father and discovers Bong-sun there in her room.
OMGhost Ep13-27 OMGhost Ep13-26
Soon-ae tells Bong-sun about Sung-jae being the one who tries to hit Bong-sun and advises her to stay inside to avoid being seen by him. As she is about to leave, Soon-ae adds that she thinks her grudge is not a virgin grudge after all.
OMGhost Ep13-28 OMGhost Ep13-29
At the police station, Soon-ae possesses weak Officer Kang to sneak into the station as Sung-jae might be able to see her in ghost form. She notices that her diary is in the drawer. Now the mission is for her to retrieve it.
OMGhost Ep13-30
The boys know that Sun-woo is putting up on strong front and ask him out for drinks to cheer him up where they say to forget the women.
OMGhost Ep13-31 OMGhost Ep13-32
Joon waits for a moment to speak to Sun-woo about how Bong-sun has always been looking at Sun-woo from distance no matter what she was doing since day one. “Her eyes were always looking for you, Chef. I respect you, Chef. But if you let Bong go like this, I think I’ll be disappointed in you. I know I’m overstepping my boundaries when I say this. I just want two people I like to be happy,” Joon tells him.
OMGhost Ep13-33
Back at the restaurant, Sun-woo hangs out in Bong-sun’s empty room again and finds the torn paper which are pieces of Bong-sun’s diary. He reads and recognises the cabbage porridge recipe from Sunshine’s blog. And then another which is about the buckwheat pancakes which Sun-woo had taken her to eat and she was the real Bong-sun that time.
OMGhost Ep13-34
He quickly goes to read the Sunshine’s blog and the latest post was about when she went to eat the buckwheat pancakes with Sun-woo. He looks up her resume and rushes off to her house address.
OMGhost Ep13-35 OMGhost Ep13-36
Bong-sun’s grandmother senses that a visitor will be coming and Sun-woo arrives to see that Bong-sun is not there. He pretends to come by to say hello to the grandmother, lol. Grandma notes that he is a perfect match with Bong-sun, aw yeah~!
OMGhost Ep13-37 OMGhost Ep13-38
Grandma tells him how Bong-sun has grown up without parents and never once complained about her shaman grandmother and seeing ghosts. When she leaves to get a drink, he looks around the house and envisions Bong-sun living and taking care of her grandmother. He thinks, “You must have been as lonely as I was, Na Bong-sun.”
OMGhost Ep13-40 OMGhost Ep13-39
Sun-woo returns to Seoul and Kyung-mo comes up to slap him, asking why he hurt the weak girl and tells him that she won’t even eat one spoon of rice. Sun-woo, confused, asks how knows that. Kyung-mo shouts that she is at his house and Sun-woo takes off running. Kyung-mo: “Be happy.” Hah, I love how he has been misunderstanding but he is now truly concern about Bong-sun.
OMGhost Ep13-41 OMGhost Ep13-42
Bong-sun is on the phone with her Grandma and hears that someone came by and just then, Sun-woo shouts her name which makes Bong-sun turn around in surprise. Sun-woo is out of breath and walks towards her to pull her into a hug.
OMGhost Ep13-43 OMGhost Ep13-44
Pulling her in tight embrace, he tells her, “Don’t be mistaken, Na Bong. I didn’t run over here because I’ve forgiven you for lying to me. I was just so worried. I’m holding you because my heart told me to. So, I’ll just hold you a bit for now… I’ll stay like this for a moment.” Bong-sun tells him, “I missed you” to which he says he can’t hear so she says it again more loudly.
OMGhost Ep13-45 OMGhost Ep13-46
He pulls back and tells her, “I thought about it and I’m sure of one thing. Even before, I… Long before you were ever possessed… I watched over you, thought about you, and worried about you. So, don’t disappear from my sight again. I’m going to go crazy with worry.
OMGhost Ep13-47
Happy with his words, she throws her arms around him and they hug tightly. Aw yeah! So, has Sun-woo finally sort out his feelings?

I thought Sun-woo is going to take a long time to come around and I’m glad that he did faster, having sorted out his thinking and feelings. Yes, Sun-woo may have fallen for Soon-ae but that was because of her warm actions and concern towards him, and that’s what it makes Sun-woo feel. He didn’t realise that he has been liking Bong-sun for real as he was still not over So-hyung. I guess it’s that way.
OMGhost Ep13-49

Though I am glad that Soon-ae has decided not to take over Bong-sun’s body as she realises her grudge may be other thing, it’s sad that we may no longer see Park Bo Young play flirty and way cuter possessed Bong-sun.
OMGhost Ep13-51


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