Yong-pal – Episode 4 Review

Life at hospital is not easy for Tae-hyun as he has different mindset from those of higher rank. And, once you’re in, it’s never going to be easy to get out of it as Tae-hyun is now part of the sleeping beauty secret.

YP Ep4-3
In the big secret room, Chief Lee tells Tae-hyun about Yeo-jin being the true owner and heiress of Hanshin Group through her mother and that ignoring all these truths is no use. Tae-hyun can’t run away from the truth about Yeo-jin’s comatose state and the reason for it.
YP Ep4-4 YP Ep4-5
Yes, as we all know, the reason for her state is because she would be running the company right now, but she is put to medically-induced coma so that her older half-brother can take over. Tae-hyun is warned that his every move will be watched outside.
YP Ep4-6 YP Ep4-7
Now that he is one of the accomplices and part of secret, Tae-hyun goes out for a drink where Do-joon’s wife, whom he thought to be a VIP client, joins him and it can’t be a good thing for Tae-hyun.
YP Ep4-8 YP Ep4-9
Well, of course, as it turns out, someone took photos of them together and even going into the hotel together while Tae-hyun was drunk. Later, Tae-hyun is surprised to find out that the woman is none other than Do-joon’s wife.
YP Ep4-10 YP Ep4-11
Tae-hyun makes his rounds with Chief Lee and they visit the hallyu star’s girlfriend. Tae-hyun suggests getting psychiatrist for the girlfriend, however, Chief Lee shots it down, saying that he doesn’t think of what is the best. Well, I don’t think it’s that way.
YP Ep4-12
They visit the hallyu star who has the scar on purpose to show the proof of having “saved” the girl. They watch the news about the suspect being caught, and I think that “suspect” is a scarified lamb. Ugh.
YP Ep4-45 YP Ep4-13
Next patient is an anonymous and we see that it’s the gangster boss, Doo-chul, whom Tae-hyun had saved. Hah, I love how the boss is happy to see Yong-pal again, though he looks different here at the hospital. Doo-chul tells Tae-hyun not to get mad at Man-shik for revealing his workplace and swears that he also doesn’t want Tae-hyun to be fired otherwise who would treat him.
YP Ep4-14
Yeo-jin’s room is now the safest place for Tae-hyun as he makes calls to Man-shik to chastise him, not believing that the gangsters tortured him. He declares to Man-shik that the illegal house calls are really over and asks to calculate the amount. He will be taken in if the police find Doo-chul, then his sick sister will really die, he curses at the loan shark.
YP Ep4-15
Though unconscious, Yeo-jin has heard everything which leave her to wonder. Tae-hyun wonders if she is aware of her surroundings and when he is about to leave, Yeo-jin screams that she can hear everything. At that moment, Tae-hyun stops to assess her for any signs of consciousness.
YP Ep4-18 YP Ep4-17
He checks her eyes by shining light into her eyes, which in her world, the bright light shines down on her. It seems like she could see her and recognise him from that night she tried to kill herself.
YP Ep4-19 YP Ep4-20
Tae-hyun returns to his office to find Chae-young there and Tae-hyun remembers drinking with her and passing out the night before. He asks her to let it go just this time and would do anything for her. Well, as expected, it is to let her meet Yeo-jin. However, they interrupted by Cynthia who tells her to quickly evacuate.
YP Ep4-21
Tae-hyun is ordered to move Yeo-jin or else they would all die, Cynthia says and she also doesn’t get what is going on. We see that it is because of the injured girlfriend who has locked herself up in the control room.
YP Ep4-22 YP Ep4-23
Together with Nurse Hwang, Tae-hyun rushes Yeo-jin through secret passage and into the van. His sister calls him and he remembers telling her to come for dialysis, which means she could be in danger too. Desperate, he takes the van’s keys and threatens to throw them out unless they tell him what is going on.
YP Ep4-24 YP Ep4-25
After hearing the truth, Tae-hyun takes off running and stops in his track to take in the surroundings around him – the innocent patients oblivious to the impending danger and the rich people evacuating, knowing about what is going to happen.
YP Ep4-27 YP Ep4-26
He makes decision to go over to the control room to try talk to the girlfriend into her sense, before the partial accelerator reaches its limit. He speaks to her about the innocent lives, how the rich and powerful people are not in here as they have evacuated, including her boyfriend, and his family.
YP Ep4-28
He tears up as he tells and thinks about how his father had been abusing his family when he was younger and that his sister is sick.
YP Ep4-29 YP Ep4-30
It finally gets the girlfriend to break down, however, it’s too late as the oxygen is being drained out. She tries to stagger forward towards the door, but she collapses. Determined Tae-hyun tells them to turn off the computer and to unlock the door as he volunteers to go in to turn off the switch manually.
YP Ep4-32 YP Ep4-31
He runs in to bring the girlfriend out first before rushing inside to turn off the switch. However, when he tries to get back, he collapses and Cynthia who has returns to the hospital, comes running towards him with the others to get him.
YP Ep4-33
Tae-hyun is home to see that his mother is preparing the food which Tae-hyun says that the taste is what he remembers. His mother apologises for leaving him to take care of So-hyun. Ah, it’s a dream as Tae-hyun calls for his mother in his unconsciousness while they check that he is not contaminated.
YP Ep4-34 YP Ep4-35
He awakes and when he rushes to his sister’s side at the dialysis center, So-hyun guesses that something must have happened. He tells her that he had a dream and So-hyun guesses that he dreamt of her dying. She reassures him that dreams are the opposite of reality.
YP Ep4-36 YP Ep4-37
Tae-hyun returns to the twelfth floor and when he sees the hallyu star, he punches him which shocks everyone. Hehe, that was satisfying and even Doo-chul thinks that he does look like Yong-pal now.
YP Ep4-38
Nurse Hwang returns to the room with Yeo-jin and Tae-hyun helps to carry her back onto the white bed. They didn’t realise that the tube which is for to keep her in coma, has been cut off. After hooking her up, Nurse Hwang goes to get more fluids.
YP Ep4-39 YP Ep4-40
Which leaves Tae-hyun left alone with Yeo-jin and he takes a call from Man-shik about the remaining amount he still owes and it’s higher than what he expected since he has been treating a lot of thieves. He asks how he could pay that back and says that he can’t even work part time these days. While behind him, Yeo-jin opens her eyes.
YP Ep4-41
He hangs up and mutters that it’s one thing after another. A voice behind him asks, “Should I give you the money?”

Oh, yay! Are we finally getting to see Kim Tae Hee in act for real from next episode onwards?! I can now see where this is going to and how Tae-hyun and Yeo-jin are going to interact with each other. Yeo-jin is probably wanting to take revenge on her family, especially her half-brother. And she now knows Tae-hyun is in need of money, and it’s going to be interesting as to how she is going to help him, well of course, maybe he has to help her in return.
YP Ep4-44

Though it’s common in dramas, I knew I could trust Tae-hyun as a person and as a doctor when it comes to saving people. He could save his only sister, but he can’t ignore the innocent people in the hospital unlike those powerful people. So, he believe in himself that he can get to the girlfriend’s head to calm her down. In the end, he is a hero, having saved everyone in the hospital. It shows how much difference of their mindset are, between non-rich and rich people. In this drama, rich and powerful people only care about themselves and the VIP clients. As for Tae-hyun, he is definitely different and yet still a common citizen.
YP Ep4-43


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