Oh My Ghostess – Episode 14 Review

Sun-woo has a lot to take in and is trying to get used to the stuffs around him, with his love, Bong-sun, at his side. This episode is finally getting to the mystery component and we have our three main characters work together.

OMGhost Ep14-2
Sun-woo asks why her blog is named “You Are My Sunshine” which surprises Bong-sun. He tells her that he knows everything about her, pffftt. Sun-woo confirms the times he were with possessed her, except for when she caught the thief which Bong-sun seems to be proud of it, saying it’s her, hah.
OMGhost Ep14-3 OMGhost Ep14-4
All of sudden, a ghost flashes by and that startles Bong-sun and tells Sun-woo about it. Sun-woo suddenly looks scared and crouches beside Bong-sun, though he claims that he is not afraid. Pfffttt.
OMGhost Ep14-5 OMGhost Ep14-6
Soon-ae updates Bong-sun about the possibility Sung-jae of being involved in Eun-hee’s hit-and-run accident. Sung-jae discovers that his drawer’s lock has been fiddled with. Oh no. He opens it to see that the diary is still inside.
OMGhost Ep14-7 OMGhost Ep14-8
Next day at restaurant, Min-soo suggests hiring someone to replace Bong-sun. So, the boys hire a girl for her looks, however, things go awry at work.
OMGhost Ep14-10 OMGhost Ep14-11
The new girl calls Chef ‘oppa’, doesn’t want to touch the snails and even makes call at work. Ugh. Sun-woo chases her out, yay.
OMGhost Ep14-12 OMGhost Ep14-13
He calls to ask Bong-sun to come back to the restaurant and he takes the call from Sung-jae’s partner, Officer Han, who requests to meet him regarding his sister’s case and not tell Sung-jae about their meeting. From the crime lab, Officer Han confirms that Sung-jae has been the one who attacked him the other day.
OMGhost Ep14-14
However, Sung-jae manages to know about Officer Han’s secret investigation and oh-so-causally gets in Officer Han’s car in his black outfits. Evil as he is, the next thing we see that Sung-jae sends the police car tumbling down with dead Officer Han in it. Damnnn.
OMGhost Ep14-15 OMGhost Ep14-16
Sun-woo fails to meet Officer Han, and when he hears of his death, he rushes over to the funeral in shock, where he meets Sung-jae. Thinking of what Officer Han had told him, Sun-woo starts to become wary of Sung-jae. Yay, finally. It takes freaking 14 episodes, hahah.
OMGhost Ep14-17
Soon-ae and Bong-sun decide to tell Sun-woo about Sung-jae’s involvement in Officer Han’s death, Eun-hee’s accident and probably Soon-ae’s death too. This is too much for poor Sun-wo to take it all in after he discovered the existence of ghosts and falling for one.
OMGhost Ep14-19 OMGhost Ep14-18
After drinking to clear his head and still not believing that Sung-jae is not whom he has known for three years, he goes to the funeral to see Sung-jae. In disbelief, he tells Sung-jae that he and Eun-hee depend on him a lot. This raises Sung-jae’s suspicious but he says that he only has them as family, smiling creepily.
OMGhost Ep14-20
Sun-woo comes home to find Bong-sun waiting for him. She tells him to do finding inner peace which she learnt from Kung Fu Panda which puts a smile on Sun-woo. Aw, so cutee!
OMGhost Ep14-21 OMGhost Ep14-22
She opens her arms wide to offer him a hug and, like Sun-woo though, I half-thought that she was possessed. But, nope, she is 100% Bong-sun, and that is even more adorable! Sun-woo lets himself into her arms of comfort, with Bong-sun telling him that everything is going to be okay.
OMGhost Ep14-23
Next day in the morning, Sun-woo comes home to his mother to have breakfast, but in fact, he is actually trying to retrieve Soon-ae’s diary. Sung-jae is not home so Sun-woo goes to his room and searches.
OMGhost Ep14-24OMGhost Ep14-25
Just as Sung-jae is returning home, Sun-woo finds it in the secret suitcase. Luckily, he is not caught in action as Eun-hee asks Sung-jae to help Mom out. Whew, my heart was racing fast. Sun-woo makes an excuse to leave which leaves Sung-jae with curiosity and suspicion.
OMGhost Ep14-26 OMGhost Ep14-27
Sun-woo and Bong-sun go to the shaman ahjumma’s house to meet Soon-ae. To check the content of diary and talk with Sun-woo, ahjumma lets Soon-ae possess her which weirds Sun-woo out, hah. The ahjumma, with Soon-ae in her, looks at him differently with those eyes and even tucks her hair behind her ear. Heh.
OMGhost Ep14-29
They check Soon-ae’s voicemail in her father’s phone which Bong-sun has taken earlier. Sun-woo figures that the sounds are from a phone keypad and manages to decode it. They thought it to be a phone number, but it doesn’t exist. Bong-sun gets an idea that it might be a license plate number. Sun-woo high-fives her but not Soon-ae, aw man.
OMGhost Ep14-31 OMGhost Ep14-32
Officer Kang is wailing over the death of Officer Han and Soon-ae waits patiently for her to come out. As soon as she comes out, Soon-ae quickly possesses her and head back in.
OMGhost Ep14-33
She tries to access the computer and after few tries of passwords, she succeeds in accessing. She types in the license plate number and is shocked to see Sung-jae’s car registration come up. She closes the window and rushes out to call and inform Bong-sun.
OMGhost Ep14-34 OMGhost Ep14-35
After she hangs up, Sung-jae comes from behind her and tells her that he has heard everything, saying that he doesn’t know she has much interest in him. Soon-ae tries to get past him, but he grabs her by throat and asks in menacing voice, “Who are you?”
OMGhost Ep14-36 OMGhost Ep14-37
Sung-jae’s phone rings which brings Soon-ae’s memories back – witnessing Eun-hee being run over by Sung-ae with his car. And that was TWICE, ohgosh. He rolled his car over her the second time, ohgawd. Later, Soon-ae was found lying in the bathroom, dying.
OMGhost Ep14-38 OMGhost Ep14-39
Choking Officer Kang causes her to pass out, forcing Soon-ae out of the body. Sung-jae finally comes to face Soon-ae and with a smile, he says, “You finally made an appearance, Shin Soon-ae.” Ahhh! Don’t just stare! Girl, run!!

The final lap is almost here and it takes a long time to finally focus on Sung-jae and his evil spirit, though I am not complaining. In fact, it’s a good amount of time before it reaches the tip of its climax. We are also focusing more on Soon-ae than Bong-sun in this episode as Sun-woo and Bong-sun are now together. More on Sun-woo having to deal with the bombs dropped on him over few days regarding Bong-sun, Soon-ae and now his brother-in-law, Sung-jae. Practically, everything revolves around Sun-woo.
OMGhost Ep14-43

Now that Soon-ae has her memories of her death back and is found out by Sung-jae, I wonder if she is going to be in danger even as a ghost. But then, Bong-sun might be implicated as Soon-ae had been possessing her that Sung-jae might even want to hurt her. Nooo! Not your brother-in-law’s girlfriend! Oh wait, Sung-jae doesn’t even treat Sun-woo as his family. Evil spirit is what making Sung-jae a psychopath. And I gotta give credit to the actor, Im Joo Hwan, for portraying emotionless and evil Sung-jae so well that he looks so creepy with that smile. (It reminds me of the psychopaths in I Remember You.) By the way, it’s more likely that Soon-ae may ascend to the heaven after Sung-jae has been exposed or whatsoever, but nevertheless, Sung-jae should never get away!
OMGhost Ep14-42

I love how the restaurant is struggling without Bong-sun and no girl can replace her that Sun-woo tries to get her back to work. Hah. The assistant chefs, except Joon, need to realise that personality is what matters most, not the looks! No, I mean, they need to realise that Bong-sun is most needed as she has been doing the job!
OMGhost Ep14-40


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