Scholar Who Walks the Night – Episode 11 Review

Our hero is starting to show his affections towards Yang-sun as he opens up more. However, things may go awry if she gets wrong idea about him like how others do. And the men are on the same yet different paths.

SWWTN Ep11-3
Sung-yeol stops Yang-sun from contemplating about throwing herself off the cliff and tells her to live on, even though her father is gone and her father has scarified his life for her. Deep. Sung-yeol, thinking, decides to let Myung-hee go as there is another woman is his heart now. “I’m sorry. I’m truly sorry, Myung-hee.”
SWWTN Ep11-4 SWWTN Ep11-5
Having nowhere to go but not wanting to impose on Sung-yeol, Yang-sun insists to find a place, but Sung-yeol tells her that he is now owner of her and that she is not to leave the place and not to get hurt or cry. “You are mine now, and you may not treat your body carelessly.” Okay, this definitely doesn’t feel the type to swoon over. Oh drama.
SWWTN Ep11-7 SWWTN Ep11-6
Yang-sun asks to see the diary which is the last possession belonging to her father but still lets Sung-yeol to keep it to use against Gwi. Instead, Sung-yeol passes her another – the half of the pair gifted by the prince. She doesn’t recognise it but remembers Yoon telling her about the pair of matching brush boxes. Remember it!
SWWTN Ep11-8
Yang-sun relives in her dream of the night her biological father bit her on the shoulder and jerks awake. She tells Sung-yeol about dreaming about being bitten recently.
SWWTN Ep11-9 SWWTN Ep11-10
Outside, Su-hyang worries about Yang-sun recovering her memories. What is she finds out that he is a vampire? Sung-yeol has already know what might happen: “She would leave. I know this well.” He wants to cherish Yang-sun while it lasts.
SWWTN Ep11-13 SWWTN Ep11-11
The next day, Yang-sun works whole morning and when Ho-jin tells her to rest, she insists on doing which drives him crazy, hah.
SWWTN Ep11-14 SWWTN Ep11-12
Ho-jin runs to Sung-yeol, complaining how terrible Yang-sun is at housework and Sung-yeol takes it all in with amusement. Yang-sun comes into the room with a table of food and even though the food may be terrible, Sung-yeol still eats and compliments her.
SWWTN Ep11-15
Sung-yeol ponders over the five names and when Yang-sun comes in, she recognises the way it is written – the list as a family tree for a novel’s characters. Finally, thanks to Yang-sun, Sung-yeol gets the clue. It’s the mother’s relation.
SWWTN Ep11-16 SWWTN Ep11-17
Sung-yeol finds out that someone has been paying respect to late Scholar Seo and Yoon is tasked by his father to find a hunter who was close with Prince Sadong and Scholar Seo. So, we now have both men looking for the same person.
SWWTN Ep11-18
Sung-yeol finds the hunter’s hut first in the forest and it’s empty a first till a blade appears at Sung-yeol’s necks. It’s the hunter Baek In-ho. He slides his skin and sees it heal before him but doesn’t react to it. Instead, he accuses Sung-yeol of being that vampire who killed Scholar Seo and attacks him. Sung-yeol manages to dodge him but gets shot by the hunter.
SWWTN Ep11-19 SWWTN Ep11-20
Sung-yeol manages back home and is quickly treated by Su-hyang. Yang-sun is sent out to gibang to work. While on the way to gibang with Ho-jin, hunter In-ho goes to look around for the vampire’s home and recognises Yang-sun at one look. Yeah, well done.
SWWTN Ep11-21 SWWTN Ep11-22
Sung-yeol is alarmed to hear that Yang-sun is at gibang where is the worst plac for her to be as if the prince were to find her there, she would be in danger. He rushes over to take Yang-sun who leaves the brush box behind. Really??? Reallyyyy?? That’s your father’s last possession! Ohgawd… The box is later to be picked up by In-ho.
SWWTN Ep11-23 SWWTN Ep11-24
The next day, In-ho is brought by Hak-young to meet with Yoon and passes him the brush box, telling him that he has found Jin. He thinks that ‘he’ is being held hostage by the same vampire who killed his father. Uh-oh, the misunderstanding!
SWWTN Ep11-25
In-ho guides Yoon and Hak-young into the woods to find Sung-yeol and Sung-yeol senses that there are people coming. Woah. As In-ho leaves to check, Yoon senses someone and goes to check alone. Sung-yeol approaches him when he is alone.
SWWTN Ep11-26 SWWTN Ep11-27
Sung-yeol asks if he is sent by Gwi but Yoon replies that he is here to take Jin back and that he was the one who killed Jin’s father. Sung-yeol counters that Gwi was the one, but Yoon doesn’t believe, saying that he can’t trust a vampire.
SWWTN Ep11-29 SWWTN Ep11-28
Sung-yeol declares that he is different from Gwi and Yoon sneers that he would want to live as the ruler above weak humans. This provokes Sung-yeol and he grabs him by the throat, lifting him into the air. Yoon takes out the dagger to put to his neck and says, “Doing this, how can you say you’re different from Gwi?” Sung-yeol: “I… I have the heart of a human! In order to not lose that, I’ve had to go through so much pain! You will never be able to guess how that feels like!”
SWWTN Ep11-31 SWWTN Ep11-30
That’s when Yang-sun comes, looking for Sung-yeol. Frustrated, Sung-yeol tosses Yoon away. Ugh, can someone clear the misunderstanding between them all up? What is Yang-sun is going to do once she finds out that she is Jin, Sung-yeol killed her father and that Sung-yeol is a vampire?

It’s clear that Yang-sun is the key to defeat Gwi. Maybe the reason why Scholar Seo dressed Yang-sun up as a boy is because he didn’t want people to know the real gender or Yang-sun as maybe being the girl was the key of importance.
SWWTN Ep11-32

I am not sure if it’s just me or that the lines are being cheesy with Sung-yeol telling Yang-sun to take care of herself and that she should listen to him since he is owner of her. They do look good together but I can’t wait for Yoon to find out that Yang-sun is Jin and the day when Sung-yeol finally brings Gwi down and kill him. However, I wonder if after Gwi is defeated, is Sung-yeol really to going kill himself or live on with Yang-sun?
SWWTN Ep11-1


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