Yong-pal – Episode 5 Review

Yeo-jin and Tae-hyun need each other for different purpose and it’s nice to see them working together to get what they each want. Tension everywhere and it’s expected, because dramaland. Despite that, it is making me curious as to what is going to happen next.

YP Ep5-9
Nurse Hwang and Chief Lee check the condition of Yeo-jin while Tae-hyun thinks back to when after Yeo-jin awakes, she asks if she should give him the money. “No,” she corrects herself, “Should I save your sister?”
YP Ep5-11 YP Ep5-12
Tae-hyun is alerted to make a call. However, Yeo-jin tells him if he pushes that button, he won’t get money or save his sister. Woah, that was strong, girl, especially that you have finally woken up from your long slumber.
YP Ep5-14 YP Ep5-13
Totally love this two together. xD Doo-chul even shows off the newspaper to Tae-hyun about the arrest of Hallyu star which is Doo-chul’s doing as he knows Tae-hyun deserves it. Hehe. Are we going to see more of Tae-hyun and Doo-chul in future?
YP Ep5-15 YP Ep5-17
So-hyun’s condition worsens and Tae-hyun is still not forgiving of his father, though So-hyun’s wish is for his brother to make up to their father.
YP Ep5-18 YP Ep5-19
Cynthia gets the email from States which is a good news for Tae-hyun as So-hyun has a chance of full recovery and that there is a match for her liver. Thankful, Tae-hyun hugs Cynthia which takes Cynthia back by surprise. And, I am so shipping these two even though there is low chance. xD
YP Ep5-20
On the rooftop, Tae-hyun thinks about how crazy he was as Yong-pal and that he can stop now. He also thinks and contemplates about Yeo-jin’s words about being able to save his sister.
YP Ep5-21 YP Ep5-22
And so, Tae-hyun decides to wake Yeo-jin up by stopping the dosage. In her own dream worlds, Yeo-jin is aware that Tae-hyun is approaching and the light shines on her. She thinks, “This is the 1172nd day since I’ve been locked in the glass box. Finally… the moment I’ve been waiting for is coming. Yes, I’m having a dream right now.”
YP Ep5-23 YP Ep5-24
However as Yeo-jin is about to awake, she gets convulsion which notifies Nurse Hwang’s phone. Tae-hyun calls out to Yeo-jin to wake up and her eyes fly open. Just as Nurse Hwang is coming into the room, she is distracted by a spam call (“Stop loving me so much!”).
YP Ep5-25 YP Ep5-26
She hangs up and goes in to find Yeo-jin still the same in her bed. In the corner, she finds Tae-hyun lying on the sofa. Smart move, Tae-hyun! He grunts about letting him sleep when she asks what he is doing and to get up right now. She is about to call the director/chairman, he makes threat about reporting to him about Nurse Hwang’s mistake – Yeo-jin’s attempted suicide. Whew, way to go, Tae-hyun!
YP Ep5-28 YP Ep5-31
That leaves Nurse Hwang fume with anger and leaves the room. When she has left, Tae-hyun goes to Yeo-jin’s bedside and Yeo-jin says how it’s too bad that she missed seeing her face.
YP Ep5-30 YP Ep5-29
To give Tae-hyun’s money for his sister’s surgery, Yeo-jin asks for his phone and when Tae-hyun teaches her how to use the phone, I love how she goes, “When I ask you in words, answer me in words.” Damn strong, girl.
YP Ep5-32
And it’s amazing how she even still remembers a foreign number which she make call to Switzerland and even her code to request to  transfer the money and damn, that is a lot of money! However, it’s not money yet without the passcode which she will give once she leaves this place.
YP Ep5-33 YP Ep5-34
Having overheard Do-joon’s intention to kill Yeo-jin since the stockholders have requested for court order to visit her, Chae-young tells them to drop it but they won’t stay still.
YP Ep5-35 YP Ep5-36
With Tae-hyun having reduced the dosage by half as Yeo-jin requested, Yeo-jin makes an effort to move her hand to alarm Nurse Hwang who comes in to check Yeo-jin but she is still in the same position. This goes on for few times which eventually drives Nurse Hwang up the wall, hah.
YP Ep5-38 YP Ep5-37
When Nurse Hwang is in toilet, the alarm goes off again which startles her and I had to laugh at her anger reaction, hahah. xD Of course, she comes in to find that Yeo-jin is still in the same position. Finally, her anger bursts and she angrily changes the fluids which she throws onto the floor.
YP Ep5-39
YP Ep5-40 YP Ep5-41
Chief Lee and Tae-hyun come in running and Tae-hyun tries to stop the nurse. Later, she is calmed down and, since there is nothing wrong with the alarm, Chief Lee tells her that she is off nights for a while and that Tae-hyun will take over.
YP Ep5-44
Now that Tae-hyun is alone with Yeo-jin and Yeo-jin is free to wake up, they talk about how crazy Nurse Hwang is. Hah, definitely, especially Yeo-jin knows what she has been doing to her, which she says Tae-hyun would faint if he were to hear about what Nurse Hwang has been doing. Keke.
YP Ep5-42 YP Ep5-43
Yeo-jin notes the way Tae-hyun talk to her and Tae-hyun explains that this is the way how he talks, which Yeo-jin says he has no manner. Yeo-jin reminds him not to forget that fact that she is the only one who can save his sister.
YP Ep5-45
Leaning in closer, Tae-hyun accepts that she is right, but he also reminds her, “But for you as well, don’t forget the fact that I’m the only boat that will take you to the outside world. And this boat is not a cruise ship.” Yup, so true.
YP Ep5-46
Outside the hospital, Nurse Hwang is seen feeling uneasy, scratching her hands. She turns around to look at the hospital and runs back in. Uh-oh…
YP Ep5-47 YP Ep5-48
Tae-hyun tells Yeo-jin about Chae-young and the people wanting to meet her and when Yeo-jin asks to search up on his phone to show the picture of a chairman, he leans in close to take a look on the phone which makes Yeo-jin uncomfortable.
YP Ep5-50 YP Ep5-49
Yeo-jin tells him to pick it up and look at it. Tae-hyun sighs in frustration, telling her that she will get mad if he takes away the phone. Hah, why do I find this funny? Must be frustrating for Tae-hyun as Yeo-jin is not an easy woman, but not the one to mess with.
YP Ep5-51
Moving on to personal chat, Tae-hyun asks if there is anyone she want to see or miss. Yeo-jin: “They are all dead. Everyone I loved. Because they loved me.” Maybe that is why she is being protective of herself and coming on stronger, even after being forced in coma for three years.
YP Ep5-52 YP Ep5-53
Next, Tae-hyun asks what she wants to do the most when she leaves here. Yeo-jin: “To destroy this place. Along with the people who locked me up. I’m going to destroy this prison.” Woah, I like how she answer. 😛 Tae-hyun nods his head, saying he gets it. When he asks that she must have something she wants to eat, she replies, “My mom’s soy bean stew,” which is also what Tae-hyun would want to eat, which almost brings tears to his eyes.
YP Ep5-55
Having something in common – what they would want to eat and having no friends, despite Yeo-jin’s claims to have friends – Tae-hyun asks her to grant him another wish. “My second wish is… Let’s be friends.”
YP Ep5-56
“What? Friends?” Yeo-jin questions. “Yes. Friends,” Tae-hyun confirms his wish. “Neither of us has friends,” Tae-hyun says to which Yeo-jin scoffs at. But, it seems that she wants to be friends too as she asks how old he is. Tae-hyun waves it off that age is only a number. She tells him that he has won lotto – for someone poor like him to have a rich person like her as friend. Tae-hyun takes it as her agreeing to be friends.
YP Ep5-58 YP Ep5-59
“If friendship doesn’t work out we can always break up,” Yeo-jin says as Nurse Hwang comes into the room. She is shocked to see Tae-hyun talking to Yeo-jin, oh shyttttt. Not aware of Nurse Hwang’s presence, Tae-hyun tells Yeo-jin that they will start rehabilitation and he has found a reason to send her back to the throne.
YP Ep5-60
Nurse Hwang’s shock turns into anger as if she is going to plot something against the two. Uh-ohhhh. Dammit. Kind of expected it but never knew it would really happen. How is she going to expose Tae-hyun? Besides that, would director or Chief Lee believe her or be on Tae-hyun’s side? But, she is really a crazy woman. Must be from keeping the secret to herself for too long.

It’s nice to see Tae-hyun and Yeo-jin to work together as they both need each other. It’s even nicer to see that Yeo-jin is finally awake from her three years long of slumber. Being the first person to see from outside world, I can see that Yeo-jin is somehow affected by Tae-hyun’s closeness and the way he talks as she has been living as an heiress, expecting respect and manners from people around her. But Tae-hyun is different, coming from poor family, and it’s understandable that Yeo-jin says that he has no manner, seeing how they have grown up in different environment. But I like how strong Yeo-jin is. Even her eyes and words could cut through, haha.
YP Ep5-61

Tae-hyun definitely makes girls’ hearts flutter, not knowing that he is doing that. To both Cynthia and Yeo-jin. Well, of course, it’s because he is a guy. And they are women. But I am so shipping Tae-hyun with Cynthia. Cynthia is such a love. I can’t wait to see her in action in next episode! At the same time, I can see Joo Won’s and Kim Tae Hee’s chemistry onscreen, so I don’t know, man. But I also hope to see Yong-pal in action again, maybe in next episode too! Though this show is expecting, there are thrills from watching it. And it’s fun to watch. No wonder, its ratings are always high, probably going to reach highest of all of the year.
YP Ep5-54


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