Scholar Who Walks the Night – Episode 12 Review

As expected, Gwi is still not being able to be defeated by humans plus Sung-yeol who is weaker than him. Sung-yeol is still trying to get the Royal’s will and the answer for the maternal relation as part of secret plans.

SWWTN Ep12-3
Finally finally, Yoon is told by In-ho that Yang-sun is Seo Jin and that Jin is a woman.
SWWTN Ep12-4 SWWTN Ep12-39
In-ho tells Yoon that Sung-yeol killed Jin’s father and must be using Jin to find the diary. However, Hak-young counters that Sung-yeol is the vampire who has been helping Yoon and that he is different from Gwi. Whee, at least there is someone who thinks of Sung-yeol as a good guy.
SWWTN Ep12-5
Yang-sun gets back the brush case and ponders over Yoon’s words about her looking like his friend. She wonders if Yoon mistook that woman friend as a man, since she lived as a man. She decides not to think further.
SWWTN Ep12-6 SWWTN Ep12-7
Hye-ryung hurts herself in the process of saving Yoon from being shot by an arrow. Well, it turns out that she orchestrated this, seeing that the culprit is Hye-ryung’s man. I guess she does this to gain Yoon’s trust. She even pretends not to know he is Crown Prince, saying that she will be marrying Crown Prince without love. Evil.
SWWTN Ep12-9 SWWTN Ep12-8
She even pretend to be shocked to see Yoon and his mother which convinces Yoon that Hye-ryung is nothing like her father. Well, if only you know her true self.
SWWTN Ep12-10 SWWTN Ep12-11
Su-hyang is shocked to see Gwi visit gibang and when he asks if she knows him, she makes excuse that he is too beautiful that knocks her over. Hahah, nice! xD But yeah, Gwi actually looks pretty in that hat and outfit!
SWWTN Ep12-12
Gwi asks Su-hyang to look for Sung-yeol and she manages to maintain her poise. But I was still afraid of Gwi finding out about Su-hyang’s connection to Sung-yeol. Sung-yeol is notified of Gwi’s whereabouts by Ho-jin.
SWWTN Ep12-13 SWWTN Ep12-14
Sung-yeol walks up to Yoon and finally clears the misunderstanding up with him. That he killed Jin’s father but that was only after Gwi had turned him into a vampire and Sung-yeol had to kill Scholar Seo to save the child. He also tells Yoon that he didn’t choose to become a vampire and that he is the only way to fight against Gwi.
SWWTN Ep12-15 SWWTN Ep12-16
Having heard from Yoon that the palace will be used as hunting ground against Gwi, Yoon requests an audience with the king. Instead of sneaking in with his supernatural powers, he meets the king as a citizen. He then shows the diary to the king and tells him about the secret plan – royal’s will, guardian vampire and someone of maternal relation.
SWWTN Ep12-17 SWWTN Ep12-18
The king rips the page out and burns it. Whatttt? He says that he doesn’t want Yoon to die looking for it as Jeonghyeon and Sadong died looking for it. He asks Sung-yeol to join in the fight at the hunting ground, ughhh.
SWWTN Ep12-19 SWWTN Ep12-20
Having accepted king’s order to join in the fight, Sung-yeol goes into the library when Yang-sun is. He looks at her as if this would be a last time. He reaches out to caress her face gently.
SWWTN Ep12-22
He leans in to kiss her softly and tears roll down his cheek.
SWWTN Ep12-23 SWWTN Ep12-24
Next day is the day of royal wedding. After the ceremony, the king meets In-ho and tells him about the secret plan Sung-yeol told him, holding up the half-burned paper. He says that he have got a lead on the last part of the secret plan. But they still decide to proceed with tonight’s plan.
SWWTN Ep12-25 SWWTN Ep12-26
Celebration begins at night and Su-hyang is actually there, ignoring Sung-yeol’s words to stay put. Gwi enters the party and that send all the guests off. He asks for new Crown Princess to pour him a drink but Yoon stops her.
SWWTN Ep12-27
Instead, Su-hyang offers to pour him a drink, as planned for the signal to attack him as soon as he drinks it. However, as sharp as he is, Gwi senses something and drops the cup before drinking. With that, the king commands to fire.
SWWTN Ep12-28 SWWTN Ep12-29
The royal family tries to escape but is blocked by Prime Minister’s man. Thank goodness, Sung-yeol comes flying in to take the men down, buying the family time to get away. Afterwards, he goes to find Gwi in bloodbath. They attack each other. As Gwi weakens, Sung-yeol manages to take In-ho and escape.
SWWTN Ep12-31 SWWTN Ep12-30
Yoon manages to get the king back to safety. The king tells Yoon that it seems like he will have to leave his son alone and go, wanting to take responsible for the things he planned and done. He tells Yoon to live and survive no matter what to get rid of Gwi and tells him that there is still one remaining method – Seo Jin, the only survivor on the mother’s side. FINALLY!
SWWTN Ep12-32
The king figures that her bloodline will probably kill Gwi which means that Jin has to be scarified. Gwi will probably die if he drinks from her. Now that’s really big decision. And I wonder if the king knew all along that Jin is a woman.
SWWTN Ep12-33 SWWTN Ep12-34
It’s sunrise and Ho-jin thinks that Sung-yeol is not coming back. Yang-sun finds outside crying and he tells her that Sung-yeol won’t be coming back ever. She asks for an explanation but Ho-jin keeps sobbing.
SWWTN Ep12-35
Out in the woods, Sung-yeol manages to get In-ho to safety. However, it doesn’t seem that In-ho will be able to hold out much longer. He only manages to tell Sung-yeol that the secret to killing Gwi is Seo Jin. Whew, finally too! But, it is going to put Sung-yeol in dilemma.

What are both Sung-yeol and Yoon going to do? To kill Gwi by sacrificing Yang-sun or not? That’d be really big dilemma. They can get rid of Gwi now, but it would mean losing the woman both love, assuming that Yoon loves her as a friend, if not more than that. That aside, I like how Yoon tells Sung-yeol to keep his life to make Yang-sun happy even after getting rid of Gwi, fulfilling his vampire life purpose. Aw, Yoon does truly wants Yang-sun to be happy. And I am sure he means that as a childhood friend of hers.
SWWTN Ep12-37 SWWTN Ep12-36

Yang-sun should really know what is going on outside as I feel that it’ kind of stupid to leave a female lead in dark and not knowing anything. (Maybe it’s because of I Remember You that I am expecting much from a female lead :P) She should be at least try find out on her own and accept whatever it is. It’s unlikely that she would leave Sung-yeol after finding out that he is a vampire. Well, let’s hope for that. But then, it’d be good to that Yang-sun will be playing a big part again as being the key to getting rid of Gwi. Is she going to sacrifice herself to kill Gwi like how Myung-hee sacrificed herself to save Sung-yeol? And they are the women whom Sung-yeol loved and loves.
SWWTN Ep12-38


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