Oh My Ghostess – Episode 15 Review

Oh no, we can’t have Park Bo Young getting frightened and crying! No evil person can get away with he had done, no matter what. And here we have people chasing after the evil-doer like finally. Will he be able to get away again or get caught?

OMGhost Ep15-3
Soon-ae remembers everything regarding her death and confronts Sung-jae why he did that to her. He replies that she saw what she shouldn’t have seen. Good thing that Sung-jae’s body can’t touch her as he tries to grab her by neck. She quickly takes off running and Sung-jae loses her.
OMGhost Ep15-4 OMGhost Ep15-5
Flashback: After running into his adoptive father who doesn’t want to see him ever again, Sung-jae had wanted to attack his father but stopped himself. Twice. It was when he wasn’t possessed by an evil spirit, but it seems that the evil spirit has been following him ever since he was teen.
OMGhost Ep15-6 OMGhost Ep15-7
He was genuinely shocked when he accidently knocked down Eun-hee. Till a black mist absorbed into Sung-jae and he became eerily calm. With that, he went back to his car and drove over Eun-hee’s legs, crippling her.
OMGhost Ep15-8 OMGhost Ep15-9
Soon-ae witnessed everything then, including the license plate number. She called over Sung-jae innocently and told him everything. It was later that she realised that he was the one in the car after seeing the exact same license plate number. She ran out, Sung-jae chased after her and we all know what happened next.
OMGhost Ep15-10
Having remembered everything, Soon-ae confirms that she wasn’t a virgin ghost and that she couldn’t go up because she died so suddenly. She was just a ghost with a deep unresolved grudge.
OMGhost Ep15-11 OMGhost Ep15-49
Bong-sun is supposed to meet with Sun-woo to inform him about the owner of the license plate which Soon-ae told her. However, she is kidnapped by someone, presumably Sung-jae as he heard about her staying at the restaurant. Sun-woo tries calling her but her phone is turned off and hears that Sung-jae has disappeared as well.
OMGhost Ep15-12 OMGhost Ep15-13
It’s the start of the search of both suspect Sung-jae and victim Bong-sun as whole police department knows about Sung-jae’s evil deeds and that Sung-jae is confirmed to have been the one who kidnapped Bong-sun. The shaman ahjumma manages to get a glimpse of where Sung-jae might be – sound of children.
OMGhost Ep15-14 OMGhost Ep15-16
He is at the orphanage where he grew up and playing with the children. It turns out that he has donated his hit-and-run car to them. And the place which they provided for him, is where Bong-sun is held hostage.
OMGhost Ep15-17
Bong-sun tries to think of a way out and remembers smelling something familiar which is rosemary and the orphanage is next to the herb farm.
OMGhost Ep15-19 OMGhost Ep15-18
With the clue from ahjumma, Sun-woo frantically searches every school and day care but to no avail. Soon-ae asks other ghosts for help to find someone and I love how she describe Bong-son as someone who looks like a puppy and has half-moon eyes. Hehe.
OMGhost Ep15-20 OMGhost Ep15-21
The ghost girl chances upon that orphanage and sees Sung-jae coming out of it. She is surprised that he can see her and runs away.
OMGhost Ep15-22 OMGhost Ep15-23
Soon-ae has no luck and the friend tells her about the weird encounter with a man who has strong ki and could see ghosts, to which Soon-ae finds her description familiar.
OMGhost Ep15-24 OMGhost Ep15-25
Sung-jae returns with food for Bong-sun who rejects it and begs him to think of his wife, Eun-hee. She tries to convince him to turn himself in but get shut up. He is about to squeeze her throat, but thankfully, the orphanage director calls out for him to help out.
OMGhost Ep15-26
When alone, Bong-sun tries to communicate with the ghost child boy using the eyes and mind, asking him to kick the phone over to her. He manages it after few tries and Bong-sun quickly makes a call to Sun-woo.
OMGhost Ep15-27 OMGhost Ep15-28
Sun-woo picks up the call and knows that it’s Bong-sun on the other line even though she isn’t able to speak. He tells her to text him the location. Bong-sun texts, “Rosemary.” He gets the hint when the assistant chefs tell him about Eun-hee favouring the rosemary plant which she went with Sung-jae to get. He gets the call from the ahjumma and he confirms that Sung-jae is at the orphanage. Off her go, with the police.
OMGhost Ep15-29 OMGhost Ep15-30
Sung-jae calls Eun-he, using a payphone, to assure her that there is nothing wrong and that he wanted to clear his mind. He is about to hang up when she tells him, even though she doesn’t know what is going on, “Just know that I’ll always be on your side. I trust you, Sung-jae. You’re a good person, Sung-jae.” He hangs up.
OMGhost Ep15-31 OMGhost Ep15-32
The police and Sun-woo arrive at the orphanage, however, Sung-jae manages to speed away with Bong-sun in the back of the car. Sun-woo quickly drives off in hot pursuit. Ahjumma and Soon-ae arrive in taxi on time to see Sung-jae’s car and join in the chase.
OMGhost Ep15-33 OMGhost Ep15-37
In the back of the car, Bong-sun manages to untie the ropes around her legs and grab something to stab Sung-jae in the abdomen which causes his car to swerve into the wrong lane.
OMGhost Ep15-34 OMGhost Ep15-36
Bong-sun manages to get out of the car before Sung-jae screeches off. Sun-woo gets out of his car to collect her who bursts into tears. Soon-ae and the ahjumma join them and Soon-ae keeps apologising. The ahjumma asks to borrow his car.
OMGhost Ep15-38
Ahjumma drives in hot pursuit after Sung-jae. Even an ahjumma do car chase! Awesome! Hehe. Look at how scared Soon-ae is, even though she is just a ghost, hah.
OMGhost Ep15-39 OMGhost Ep15-40
Later that night, Bong-sun is deep in her sleep and Sun-woo watches over. He thanks her for returning safely.
OMGhost Ep15-41 OMGhost Ep15-42
Following the trail of blood, Soon-ae and the ahjumma find themselves at the open where Sung-jae tries to launch at them. Ahjumma throws the beans at Sung-jae and the evil spirit bursts out of him.
OMGhost Ep15-43
Freed Sung-jae suddenly thinks of Eun-hee and her words, shocked at the ghost before him. He also recalls the happy moments with Soon-ae when she was alive. It seems that the evil spirit didn’t entirely possessed him all the time. Otherwise, how could he have memory during the time he was possessed? Maybe it’s a different case for an evil spirit, as said by ahjumma – the longer an evil ghost possesses a human, the more difficult it becomes to distinguish between the two.
OMGhost Ep15-45 OMGhost Ep15-44
It’s not long before the evil ghost repossesses Sung-jae and it makes him as if he is in pain. He gets to his feet and runs to the edge of the rooftop before turning to look at Soon-ae and the ahjumma.
OMGhost Ep15-47
As if resigning himself to his fate, he lets himself fall off the edge and lands on the ground with a thud, with blood pooling around his head. So, it seems that he is trying to get away from the evil spirit but couldn’t do so. I guess he thinks that committing suicide is the only way to rid himself of the ghost, saving himself.

Sung-jae is the highlight of this episode. His case is different from Bong-sun’s when she was possessed. But maybe it’s because it’s an evil ghost, not like Soon-ae. It may not be entirely Sung-jae’s fault for doing such evil deeds as he didn’t mean to. It’s the ghost. Maybe he knew that he has been possessed but couldn’t control himself as the ghost is ‘monster’ part of him, urging him to do evil things. That’s probably why he have good memories, that’s my theory.
OMGhost Ep15-46

Sun-woo has suffered a lot, I must say. He finds out that his brother-in-law whom he depends on a lot and trusts when it comes to his sister, is not whom he thought to be. It’s even more shock for him that the person who caused Eun-hee to be physically disabled, has been in front of him all along. Next is Bong-sun. She is innocent, but gets involved because of her ability and Soon-ae. Sung-jae kidnapping Bong-sun, Sun-woo’s love, is what hurting Sun-woo. Again. All those trusts gone. But it makes Sun-woo realise how much he is afraid to lose Bong-sun and that he loves her a lot.
OMGhost Ep15-48


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