Yong-pal – Episode 6 Review

I am actually loving this pairing! Cynthia Park and Kim Tae-hyun! Stephanie Lee is definitely this show’s stealer! I have to say that all I could see in this episode is how badass Cynthia is and how she and Tae-hyun actually look good together. 😛

This week has been good for Yong-pal. I mean SBS as Yong-pal’s episode 6 has hit 20% for its viewership rating. However, they need to fix the darn live-shooting drama system first as you can see that Joo Won is really tired as he seems to have lost a lot of weight.

YP Ep6-2
In the middle of the night, Tae-hyun drives to the site where a poor woman has jumped off in attempt of suicide, with Cynthia. Tae-hyun manages to keep her barely alive. They are asked to keep it secret and Tae-hyun has to get a doctor to do the surgery in secret.
YP Ep6-3 YP Ep6-4
Chief Lee is surprised to be tasked to kill Yeo-jin since the board members are not withdrawing the court order. He is told to make it look like a suicide as if Yeo-jin took her own life, as she has history of attempting suicide.
YP Ep6-5 YP Ep6-6
Tae-hyun informs Yeo-jin about his meeting with President Go and asks her if she really trust the president to which she says, “I am their biggest benefit. I trust that.” This shows how much she trust the people outside as they need her which she knows.
YP Ep6-7 YP Ep6-8
It’s time for physical therapy and Yeo-jin keeps crying out in pain even when Tae-hyun claims that he is being gentle. Hah.
YP Ep6-9 YP Ep6-10
Chief Lee and Tae-hyun are making rounds with Cynthia and one of them is Chae-young who requests personal treatment from Tae-hyun. While knowing that they being watched, Chae-young turns her face away from the camera to talk to Tae-hyun, telling him not to react, about Yeo-jin. That Do-joon will kill Yeo-jin. That President Go would also rather Yeo-jin be dead if he can’t have her.
YP Ep6-11
I have to say poor Tae-hyun for being offered this and that as he has special access to Yeo-jin’s room. With President Go telling him that he wants to save Yeo-jin, Chae-young tells him that that former person would kill her if he can’t have her and says that she wants to save Yeo-jin. LOL.
YP Ep6-12 YP Ep6-13
In Yeo-jin’s room, the hospital director confirms with Chief Lee that they have been ordered to go ahead with the plan to kill Yeo-jin off. In her subconscious, Yeo-jin can hear them and tears up, frightened.
YP Ep6-14 YP Ep6-15
Having installed a secret camera in the room, Nurse Hwang has overheard everything too and is rattled by the news. The next we know is that she is walking towards the director, with bleeding hand holding a scalpel, and attacks him with it. She hisses, “How are you kill my baby?” You can’t! I’ll kill all of you first!” Chief Lee is frightened and calls over the security guards.
YP Ep6-16
It seems that Nurse Hwang has grown attached to Yeo-jin as if she is her child. But in not a good way. She is possessive of Yeo-jin and only treats her like a doll. She is definitely a crazy case.
YP Ep6-18 YP Ep6-17
After witnessing the incident, Tae-hyun rushes into the room to check on Yeo-jin who tells him about the murder plan in the operating room. She softly cries that it’s all over. Tae-hyun assures her that it won’t happen, telling her that he will be there. “No one dies on my operating table. Trust me. I’m Yong-pal.” Woohoo~!
YP Ep6-19 YP Ep6-20
On the rooftop, Cynthia confirms that the new gangsters are President Go’s men to recuse Yeo-jin. In on the plan because his sister, Tae-hyun is told of the proposed plan to deliver Yeo-jin to President Go and he will be paid in cash if he succeeds. Well, it seems easy.
YP Ep6-21 YP Ep6-22
…not. Do-joon is intrigued by an unknown caller to move the plan up and Chief Lee receives the word to enact the plan now.
YP Ep6-23
In Yeo-jin’s room, Chief Lee sneaks in a glass and injects a drug into her IV. He smashes the glass on the floor, picks a glass piece and finds himself staring at Yeo-jin’s opened eyes before getting up. His reaction damn best, haha!
YP Ep6-24 YP Ep6-25
It’s like as if he seen a ghost, haha! He freaks out and falls back in shock. Yeo-jin: “Murderer. You’re a murderer. You will also end up dying at the hands of Han Do-joon.” Chief Lee looks to pick up a shard quickly.
YP Ep6-28 YP Ep6-29
And the next thing we know is that Chief Lee comes out running to tell to have OR ready as Yeo-jin ‘attempted suicide’. The security guard quickly conveys the emergency message to the nurses.
YP Ep6-27 YP Ep6-26
Twelfth floor is in a mess as the clients are being ushered back into their room. Cynthia calls her men to switch to Plan B. Everyone is denied entry into Yeo-jin’s room, including Tae-hyun. He tries to get in, but see that covered Yeo-jin being is being wheeled out before Cynthia gives signal to cut the power off.
YP Ep6-30 YP Ep6-31
It’s not long before the emergency lights come one and the new gangsters kick through the glass down to fight the security guards. Tae-hyun sees the head of security take out the gun and points it at Yeo-jin. Tae-hyun stops him and gets shot in the process. Uh-oh. Nooo.
YP Ep6-32 YP Ep6-33
It’s when Cynthia is spurred on and tears open her skirt to jump over the counter. Woah, badass!! Badass Cynthia kicks ass and takes down few men. She takes the gun and shoots in the air before pointing around.
YP Ep6-34 YP Ep6-35
Do-chul comes running to help Tae-hyun up and they are tried to wheel Yeo-jin out but are blocked by security guards and Tae-hyun orders to go back into the restricted area. As they are blocked more, Do-chul tells Tae-hyun to go ahead and he starts to take on the guards. Woohoo!
YP Ep6-36 YP Ep6-37
Tae-hyun and others manage to get away in the secret lift with Yeo-jin. However, it turns out that they have taken decoy as Chief Lee goes to take the real Yeo-jin and, with those crazy look in his eyes, tells the security guards to bring her to OR.
YP Ep6-38 YP Ep6-39
In the OR, head nurse is there and we flashback to her conversation earlier with Tae-hyun. Tae-hyun has requested her for help in the OR where Tae-hyun would have to make people believe that she died on the table. But he plans to resuscitate her even though there is a chance she might not be revived. In the present, head nurse lowers Yeo-jin’s body temperature.
YP Ep6-40 YP Ep6-41
Chief Lee is taking his sweet time to operate on Yeo-jin, ohgawd. Meanwhile in the basement, Do-joon has caught them in action.
YP Ep6-42 YP Ep6-43
Tae-hyun moves over to push the fake Yeo-jin, to Cynthia’s (and my) surprise. Is he working for Do-joon?! Believing that Tae-hyun has betrayed them, Cynthia points her gun at his temple, boiling with anger.
YP Ep6-44 YP Ep6-45
In the OR, the head nurse prepares the syringe to induce artificial cardiac arrest with potassium. The effect is almost immediate and Chief Lee tells the rest not to do anything and pronounce the time of her death. Damnnn.
YP Ep6-46 YP Ep6-48
Do-joon gets call about Yeo-jin’s passing and shares the news with everyone not with a hint of sorrowfulness. Tae-hyun moves to uncover the decoy and is surprised as everyone else to see that they have been holding a decoy.
YP Ep6-49 YP Ep6-50
Dead Yeo-jin is being covered by the sheets and in the basement, Tae-hyun looks up at Do-joon who is laughing, having won the victory. Ughh. Time for Tae-hyun to quickly to get to Yeo-jin to revive her! Hopefully the nurse head will try to keep bringing her back in secret!

Yong-pal has been good so far. I love badass Cynthia and I love how she steals the show. And now, it’s a matter of saving and bringing Yeo-jin back from the death. But how would Tae-hyun do that in wounded state? And it’s surprising how Tae-hyun manages to hold on despite being shot. He needs to get the treatment quickly! As for whether Tae-hyun is working for Do-joon, I wonder whom he is really working for. President Go, Chae-young or Do-joon? All we know that he cares about saving his only sister. And has we ever seen Tae-hyun and Do-joon interact before? I don’t think so. Maybe they met secretly or that Do-joon threatened him. But then, Tae-hyun is known to be like a dog, serving higher-ranked people to get for his benefits.
YP Ep6-51

Speaking of wounded Tae-hyun, does that mean he gets to rest on set?! But I bet that they will live-shoot the hell out of Joo Won being dripped with IV. I respect Joo Won for working non-stop but this is not right. Live shoots and all. This show even adds 4 more episodes as extension! So, Yong-pal will have 24 episodes in total. That’d be good but to hell with the live-shootings. Our hero needs a rest too!
YP Ep6-52


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