Oh My Ghostess – Episode 16 (Final) Review

It’s time to say goodbye to Oh My Ghostess for real. It was and has been an addictive show that it feels like it just premiered yesterday. In this final episode, it wraps up nicely, as expected, as we say goodbyes to every characters especially to Soon-ae who is finally able to move on.

OMGhost Ep16-4
It has been exactly three years since Soon-ae’s passing and she has finally resolved her grudge. She says goodbye to the shaman ahjumma and the ahjumma has grown attached to her that she even tears up bit. Aw.
OMGhost Ep16-5 OMGhost Ep16-6
Soon-ae’s father prepares dishes for his daughter’s memorial and gets a call from police station. He finds out from them that Soon-ae didn’t commit suicide but was killed by Sung-jae. It is a great shock to him as he has been serving Sung-jae, his daughter’s murderer, with his food. He collapses.
OMGhost Ep16-10 OMGhost Ep16-9
Kyung-mo paces up and down outside the emergency room and blames himself till both Bong-sun and Sun-woo arrive to tell him that it’s not his fault. They hear about Dad’s condition and Soon-ae arrives on time to see Kyung-mo collapses in tears. She starts to cry too.
OMGhost Ep16-11 OMGhost Ep16-12
Dad’s condition worsens and his spirit begins to walk towards the light and Soon-ae stops him, telling him to go back. What would Kyung-mo do without him? She hugs him, still in tears, and sends him walking back towards his body. In the real world, he opens his eyes, to everyone’s relieve.
OMGhost Ep16-2
Bong-sun and Soon-ae sit down to talk and Soon-ae says her last farewell, thanking her and apologising as well. Bong-sun thinks it’s a fate to meet Soon-ae – Soon-ae figured out the mystery of her death, Bong-sun went one step closer to Chef and Chef found out the truth behind Eun-hee’s car accident.
OMGhost Ep16-13 OMGhost Ep16-14
As they about to part, Bong-sun asks if she is not going to say her farewell to Chef. Soon-ae scoffs that he can’t even see her, but Bong-sun gives the permission to possess her again for the last time. Soon-ae turns her down but Bong-sun pulls her in herself.
OMGhost Ep16-15 OMGhost Ep16-16
In Bong-sun’s body, Soon-ae goes to meet Sun-woo at his restaurant. He realises that Bong-sun is Soon-ae from feeling that her hands are cold. He feels awkward, not knowing what to say, and Soon-ae tells him, “Thank you. I received so many gifts from you, Chef. Like experiences I never got to have while I was alive. Those feelings… Also, I was truly happy when I was here. I have no more regrets.”
OMGhost Ep16-17
Sun-woo thanks her too, for the truth, and apologises that she had to die because of it. Soon-ae holds her hand out for a shake and tells him to be happy. Sun-woo takes her hand with both of his hand, saying “Take care, Shin Soon-ae.”
OMGhost Ep16-18 OMGhost Ep16-19
Sun-woo steps closer to hug her and Soon-ae comes out of Bong-sun’s body while being hugged, looking at Sun-woo and smiling with tears in her eyes.
OMGhost Ep16-20 OMGhost Ep16-1
She turns to go towards the bright light and Bong-sun tears up as she watches her leave. Soon-ae looks back at them for the last time before walking till the light envelops her. And, she is gone.
OMGhost Ep16-21 OMGhost Ep16-22
Later that night, Bong-sun get a new knife of her own from Sun-woo as he registered her in upcoming cooking competition. He engraved a heart onto her heart, aw.
OMGhost Ep16-25 OMGhost Ep16-24
During the competition, Sun-woo looks way more nervous than Bong-sun is and he is not even taking part in it, haha. Anyway, Bong-sun emerges as third-prized winner, yay!
OMGhost Ep16-26
Bong-sun is surprised to hear that the prize is a scholarship to study overseas which Sun-woo has been keeping quiet. He tells her that he will be cool about it if she wants to go. His heart sinks when he realised that Bong-sun wants to go in order to experience.
OMGhost Ep16-27 OMGhost Ep16-28
He asks if she is confident that she won’t get the roving eye to which she says that she won’t look at anyone else, hah. Sun-woo goes to his room to get the necklace to put on her neck. He gets sad and says, “Even though you’re in my arms, I’m already starting to miss you.” Aw. He turns to bury his face in her shoulder and cries though he claims that he is not crying. Hah.
OMGhost Ep16-29 OMGhost Ep16-30
Two years later: The dog Stalker has his own family now, aw. The shaman ahjumma is now having good and success business with her room full of clients. She has her own TV show! Hehe.
OMGhost Ep16-31 OMGhost Ep16-32
Min-soo is now the head chef of Sun Restaurant (Hah, I guess his dream has come true, but where is Sun-woo?!) and is still the same as two years back. He wonders where is the new sous chef who is already late on his first day. Later, a (handsome) man struts in, announcing that he is the new sous chef, Edward Seo (cameo by Seo! In! Guk!).
OMGhost Ep16-33 OMGhost Ep16-34
Heh, I love how Edward doesn’t listen to Min-soo and insists that Min-soo is just a salaried head chef, though Min-soo says that the owner-chef has left the restaurant to him to take care of it. And he even goes to flirt with the new hostess. Haha.
OMGhost Ep16-35
The girls in the restaurant are all swooning Edward while he is cooking. The other guys are annoyed, but admit that his food is actually good. Hehe. Edward starts to order Min-soo around, but Joon tells him to do it himself. Ooyeah! 😛 Joon actually takes Min-soo’s side and Min-soo admits that he misses Sun-woo. Aw, hehe.
OMGhost Ep16-36 OMGhost Ep16-37
Speaking of Sun-woo, he is at a new restaurant which he set up and Kyung-mo is the only employee. So-hyang visits the new restaurant where she brings her boyfriend over. And he looks like her dead ex-husband. Woah, shocker.
OMGhost Ep16-41
Eun-hee is at a flower shop, preparing a bouquet of flowers. Mom comes over to fetch her and Eun-hee is now walking with the crutches.
OMGhost Ep16-40 OMGhost Ep16-39
Eun-hee visits…. Sung-jae?! He is alive! However, he has lost his memories. He asks her again how long they have been together to which she answers, “Three years.” He admits that he doesn’t remember, but Eun-hee tells him not to try so hard, saying that she likes him the way he is now.
OMGhost Ep16-42
At night, Sun-woo is a loner and wonders why Bong-sun hasn’t contact him. He whines about letting her go and sings a song about missing her, then cries himself to sleep. Hahah!
OMGhost Ep16-43 OMGhost Ep16-44
The next day, Sun Restaurant is busy and Edward must be napping somewhere. Bong-sun enters, surprising the guys who group-hug her. Aw, look at how delighted they are at Bong-sun’s return.
OMGhost Ep16-46 OMGhost Ep16-45
Bong-sun visits Soon-ae’s father who is delighted to see her as well. She offers to work at his place and tells him to pay him good rates, not in yogurt. Aw, yeah!
OMGhost Ep16-47 OMGhost Ep16-48
As usual, Kyung-mo throws tantrum and runs out, expecting Sun-woo to come after him. Bong-sun arrives and Kyung-mo hugs her. Sun-woo comes out and freezes when he sees her.
OMGhost Ep16-49 OMGhost Ep16-50
Sun-woo presents her with one of his dishes and Bong-sun is surprised that he is making rice now. She now talks like an expert after tasting the dish. Sun-woo doesn’t look happy, saying how she must have been too busy to call him. Bong-sun tells him that she would want to come back if she heard his voice as she missed him too much.
OMGhost Ep16-51
This gets Sun-woo to finally smile and admit that he missed her a lot too, hugging her. He picks her up and they kiss with the smiles on their faces.
OMGhost Ep16-52 OMGhost Ep16-53
They return to the rooftop and Sun-woo gets jealous when Bong-sun is more excited to see Stalker’s family, LOL. She jumps him, calling him so cute that it makes her want to do it with her. Sun-woo is surprised and makes sure that she is really Bong-sun.
OMGhost Ep16-54
When she gets off him, he surprises her by scooping her up in his arms and declares, “It’s D-day!” Off they go into the room and all we can hear their voices. Hehe, finally?? 😛
OMGhost Ep16-55 OMGhost Ep16-56
It’s another busy day at the restaurant and Min-soo is doing his job as head chef with the usual guys but still without Edward (aw, man!). Bong-sun starts working at Dad’s place where it is bustling with customers. The customers didn’t know that Dad had a second daughter and Dad proudly tells them all that Bong-sun is his second daughter who just returned from studying abroad.
OMGhost Ep16-57
Bong-sun and Sun-woo go cycling together. (Hey, Bong-sun can cycle now!) In the voiceover, Bong-sun narrates,

“As it always does, the seasons change. And the days are filled with routines. That summer… Because of that girl who came and went like a summer night’s dream. We got to know love. And realised how precious relationships and people are. Just like she had advised me… I continue to love myself fully today. And… I love him, as well.”

As expected from dramas, it’s a nice and closed ending, with all the goodbyes as we say goodbyes to Soon-ae and the rest at the end. With this, I am ready to let it go as it wraps up sweetly. This show is predictable but still worth watching.

Soon-ae has been a great character as she played an important role, connecting everyone together – Bong-sun, Sun-woo and Eun-hee. Her goodbyes with Bong-sun shows her how much they have grown attached to each other and that Bong-sun’s live changed, thanks to Soon-ae, but in a good way, as such Bong-sun’s personality has become brighter. The friendship between Bong-sun and Soon-ae is really the best, aside from the relationship between Soon-ae and the shaman ahjumma. They supported each other and helped each other. However, it’s sad that she is ghost and that she has to move on to afterlife, of course without lingering regrets.
OMGhost Ep16-59

Of course, there is another who played a creepy possessed evil guy, Im Joo Hwan. (I have not seen any other of his works). He could go from smiling creepily to looking emotionless. That 180 degrees change. I didn’t expect Sung-jae to survive the fall from the previous episode as it looks like it made it clear that he committed suicide. But it’s actually a satisfactory to see Sung-jae survive the fall and it’s best that he lost his memories of his evil deeds, though the laws, of course, wouldn’t let him get away with them.

It’s great to see a lot of development in Bong-sun as we watched her grow. There are a lot of differences between old Bong-sun in first episode and new Bong-sun now. Park Bo Young has done a really great job in portraying two roles, especially acting out Kim Seul Gi’s role as Soon-ae. She pulled off both Bong-sun and Soon-ae very well and differently, and we could tell who is who. I got to give this adorable actress most of the credits for carrying out amazingly in this show.
OMGhost Ep16-58

Jo Jung Seok and Park Bo Young definitely look cute together and have awesome chemistry onscreen! It definitely looks like he is almost fallen for her for real, as you can see in his eyes when he look at her. But it’s all on screen. However, I am sure he finds her cute and damn adorable that he does likes her bitttt? Hahah, well, he is already taken in real life! Now, here’s to the end of Oh My Ghostess! Hope to see the casts in new projects soon!
OMGhost Ep16-61


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