Scholar Who Walks the Night – Episode 13 Review

It’s the decision-making about whether to offer Yang-sun to Gwi or not. Both of our male characters have same goal but yet different opinions. It’s the matter of time who will get to do what he think it’s right.

SWWTN Ep13-5
Both Sung-yeol and Yoon learn that Seo Jin is one of the secret plans to get rid of Gwi, from Hunter Baek and the king respectively. They have to decide whether to sacrifice the girl whom they are/used to be closed with.
SWWTN Ep13-6 SWWTN Ep13-7
Seeing that Sung-yeol has not returned yet, Ho-jin tells Yang-sun that he thinks he is dead. Yang-sun can’t believe it and goes to change into man’s clothes to look for him.
SWWTN Ep13-9 SWWTN Ep13-8
However, Sung-yeol returns later with injured Baek In-ho, much to Ho-jin’s relief. He cures In-ho’s injury with his blood and hears from Ho-jin that Yang-sun has gone out to palace to look for him. Alarmed, he quickly goes out to look for her.
SWWTN Ep13-12 SWWTN Ep13-13
Meanwhile, Su-hyang is captured by Gwi and remains calm when Gwi says she looks tasty. She tells him that saving her for now and savouring her slowly would be better. He smiles in agreement. Not sure whether to be relieved or not, haha.
SWWTN Ep13-10 SWWTN Ep13-11
While searching for Yang-sun, Sung-yeol come across Yoon riding on his horses with his men, looking for her as well. He stops to talk to Yoon who tells him that Yang-sun has to be offered. He also tells Sung-yeol that he has no choice but to do that and that he would give up his life if he could.
SWWTN Ep13-3 SWWTN Ep13-15
Yang-sun manages to sneak in the palace by dressing up as one of the court ladies, with the help of the loan sharks. However, she is caught by the senior court lady and Hye-ryung kind of saves her, to pull her aside. Finally, she tells Yang-sun the truth about Sung-yeol’s identity as a vampire.
SWWTN Ep13-16
Yang-sun is shocked by the truth and Hye-ryung sneers at her more. Around the corner, Sung-yeol has overheard everything – Yang-sun knows Sung-yeol’s identity now.
SWWTN Ep13-17
Crying, Yang-sun thinks about her times with Sung-yeol and the fact that he couldn’t get over his first love but has moved on. Her words that her heart will never change. She sees Sung-yeol who speed walking towards her supernaturally.
SWWTN Ep13-18 SWWTN Ep13-19
Instead of being scared, she hugs him instead, crying and telling him how hard it must have been for him to keep his identity secret. Sung-yeol asks if she is not scared to which she replies that he saved her life and he is also the one who found her a reason to live. They hug again, this time embracing each other.
SWWTN Ep13-22
Yoon finds the king missing from the room and the letter left for him instead. It’s written by the king in his blood. Ouch. Though the letter, the king gives Yoon the last order and tells that the kings are responsible for the people’s safety and the future of the country. Yoon tears up reading his grandfather’s dying letter.
SWWTN Ep13-24 SWWTN Ep13-23
The king is at the well where he banished his son Prince Sadong to, saying “Son, I am sorry.” He imagines Sadong there, looking up to him as he replies, “Don’t be, Father. Thank you for watching over our Yoon.”
SWWTN Ep13-25
Gwi arrives, telling him that he enjoyed the banquet well. The king holds his sword as Gwi approaches him, telling him that the humans aren’t as weak as he think they are. This echoes the past vampire hunter Hae-seo’s words.
SWWTN Ep13-26 SWWTN Ep13-27
The king slashes himself, splattering the blood at Gwi’s face. As he takes his last breath, he tells him to eat him and falls into the well. Gwi’s face is like, “What the hell?”
SWWTN Ep13-28 SWWTN Ep13-29
All of sudden, Yoon begs Gwi to spare his life, telling him that he didn’t know anything. Hak-young is brought in and fakes his disappointment in Yoon’s cowardice. He spits at Gwi and says that he will curse him even in heaven. This makes Gwi bites him, draining him of blood. Nooooooo.
SWWTN Ep13-32 SWWTN Ep13-33
In his lair, as Su-hyang is talking about how great it is to be a vampire, Gwi realises that she wants to become a vampire. He scoffs and tells her that a vampire has no will and if there is, it’s the bloodthirst. And that one won’t be able to forget if he taste the blood.
SWWTN Ep13-14
As instructed by Gwi (to make it fun), Hak-young’s body is transported to gibang in a box to be delivered to Sung-yeol. Suddenly, the lid of the box flies off and it’s newly turned Hak-young, and gosh, he looks hot as a vampire! He goes around biting and draining the people of their blood.
SWWTN Ep13-34 SWWTN Ep13-35
He goes into Yang-sun’s room where Sung-yeol has told Ho-jin to hide with her to avoid Yoon. Ho-jin tries to get away from him and leads Yang-sun out. However, vampire Hak-young catches up to them and gets Ho-jin, tosses him aside and goes towards Yang-sun. It triggers her childhood memories.
SWWTN Ep13-37 SWWTN Ep13-36
Hak-young launches himself at Yang-sun and about to bite down on her when Sung-yeol arrives on time to fling him off her. Sung-yeol manages to pin him down and pulls out his hawthorn dagger.
SWWTN Ep13-38 SWWTN Ep13-39
As he is about to stab the new vampire, Yang-sun screams in distance and yells not to kill him. Sung-yeol hesitates. She shakes her head, begging him and Sung-yeol looks at her, as if in dilemma.

It seems that Yang-sun’s childhood memories have returned to her as she begs Sung-yeol not to kill vampire Hak-young. She must have seen him kill her father 10 years ago. I wonder how her recovered memories are going to affect her and her relationship with Sung-yeol. And I need for Yang-sun to know that she is the one who is able to kill Gwi and what she is going to do with it. Will she really sacrifice herself? But it’s for sure that Sung-yeol wouldn’t let her offer herself to Gwi. Neither Yoon, though he has no choice.
SWWTN Ep13-40

Speaking of Yoon, I am not even sure about him. Does he really want to save his own ass? Or the innocent citizens that he even wants to find Yang-sun to offer her to Gwi in order to kill him, which will in turn free the country of being ruled by a vampire king? And why the sudden change in his attitude, asking Gwi to spare his life. Oh wait, it’s so that he can live, following in the kings’ footstep, to kill Gwi which the past kings couldn’t do so. I hope it’s that way. No, it’s definitely that way. He must be conflicted about having to sacrifice his childhood friend.
SWWTN Ep13-41


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