Yong-pal – Episode 7 Review

Freedom is finally in the sight of Yeo-jin’s as Tae-hyun risked his life to save her who can save his sister. ‘Freedom’ means two different things to both Tae-hyun and Yeo-jin respectively.

YP Ep7-5
Badly injured, after finding out that they have taken a decoy, Tae-hyun pushes himself to stagger forward in pain away from the standoff, thinking of his own words he told Yeo-jin to trust him. He goes to treat himself and stabs an EpiPen into himself before going to Yeo-jin’s operating room.
YP Ep7-6 YP Ep7-7
The head nurse and the rest have the OR ready with dead Yeo-jin on the table bed. Despite not looking good due to the gunshot wound, Tae-hyun still operates on Yeo-jin to revive her.
YP Ep7-8 YP Ep7-9
Yeo-jin is still not returning to life and Tae-hyun still doesn’t give up. Not wanting to lose Yeo-jin who can save his sister, he does CPR on her desperately. He thinks of the past, everything he have done and been done to.
YP Ep7-10 YP Ep7-11
It is causing him to lose more blood and, finally, he faints. It’s when Yeo-jin’s heartbeat return to normal state. Yay! However, the emergency ‘X-ray’ patient, Kim Young-mi, which Nurse Oh has brought in for Tae-hyun to operate on, passes away instead. The head nurse looks over to patient Young-mi and gets an idea.
YP Ep7-14 YP Ep7-15
Believing that Yeo-jin is dead, Do-joon and the rest are to make people outside believe that she is still alive. President Go seems to have an upper hand over Do-joon as he reveals to have “helped destroyed the company” with Do-joon. Do-joon realises that, from the very beginning, President Go’s goal was to get rid of Yeo-jin. So, now they’re on the same side.
YP Ep7-17 YP Ep7-18
Tae-hyun is being operated on, while in his dreamland, he dreams of being at the meadow where he follows and meets Yeo-jin. Hm, what a nice and sweet dream.
YP Ep7-19
The head nurse is asked to identify Yeo-jin’s corpse which is actually the patient Kim Young-mi. However, she lies to the head security that she is Yeo-jin. And I am totally rooting for this ahjumma head nurse.
YP Ep7-21 YP Ep7-20
Hah, I totally love when they brings comedy to this show – Doo-chul and the nurse. The nurse says that she won’t need to find the veins, however, she realises that she injects the wrong drug. To get the correct one, she accidentally knocks into his legs on her way out, hahaha!
YP Ep7-25
Do-joon visits Tae-hyun who is currently unconscious and Yeo-jin is lying in the bed beside his, her face covered in bandage and is pretending to be patient Kim Young-mi whom Do-joon approaches next.
YP Ep7-22 YP Ep7-23
The attending doctor is about to remove her bandage, but Nurse Oh stops the doctor from removing it, claiming that she is no longer his patient. Whew. She sees her brother through the bandage as he leaves.
YP Ep7-24
At the police station, Detective Lee overhears Man-shik talk about the ‘quack’. Oh noooo! He brings him in for integration and Man-shik keeps claiming that he doesn’t know anything. Yeah, that’s right! However, Detective Lee is not someone to be fooled. Man-shik’s phone logs results come in and they find that the private numbers are usually near Hanshin Hospital. Oh damnnnn.
YP Ep7-32
Chae-young heard about Tae-hyun’s concern about her during the fight the day before and goes to visit Tae-hyun. As she looks at him, she recalls Tae0hyun calling her to leave the hospital and wonders to herself if he went through that to protect her from President Go.
YP Ep7-28 YP Ep7-29
Hearing that he is not doing well, she makes his attending doctor call everyone – the chiefs and all the department – to treat Tae-hyun no matter what. Woah, this woman is also cool! But not as cool as Cynthia Park. (Wait, where is Cynthia?!)
YP Ep7-31 YP Ep7-30
Thanks to Chae-young, Tae-hyun gets special treatment as she tells him like how he told her, “This is all I can do for you.” She continues, “What I can do for you is just beginning.” Day and night, Tae-hyun is being taken care of.
YP Ep7-33 YP Ep7-34
Later that night, Tae-hyun wakes up and walks toward the next door where Yeo-jin lies in. I like how their rooms are next door to each other with transparent glass between them. 😛
YP Ep7-35
Tae-hyun sits at her bedside and Yeo-jin confirms that it’s Tae-hyun, estatic. He plays a song and this time, Yeo-jin imagines the dreamy forest which Tae-hyun dreamt earlier on.
YP Ep7-36 YP Ep7-37
This time, we see Yeo-jin’s perspective. That is nice effect of making it really look like an imagination. I like how they imagine the same thing, each showing their point of views.
YP Ep7-40
Tae-hyun secretly brings Yeo-jin to the rooftop where he removes her bandage. And that’s when Yeo-jin has finally seen the city of Seoul for the first time in three years, though Tae-hyun is dismayed that the stars can’t be seen in Seoul.
YP Ep7-39 YP Ep7-42
It’s a different case for Yeo-jin as she feels happy, with tears in her eyes, seeing the lights of the city, the outside world.
YP Ep7-53
They sit on the bench and Tae-hyun tries to get her to see the constellations in her mind, not with her eyes. Yeo-jin: “When there is nothing there, why do you keep asking me to see?” Hahahah, I like this! It’s like Tae-hyun is a kid and Yeo-jin a mother. xD
YP Ep7-43 YP Ep7-44
That’s when Cynthia (finally!) comes up on the rooftop and spots Tae-hyun. He asks if she is alright to which she says that she is happy, having received the money, and informs that she is leaving for America to study medicine. Noooooo!! Tae-hyun wishes her well, telling her that she will be a good doctor.
YP Ep7-45
Spotting Yeo-jin whom she thought to be Tae-hyun’s girlfriend, Cynthia tells Tae-hyun to get coffee for her. Once she is alone with Yeo-jin, she approaches to talk to her.
YP Ep7-47 YP Ep7-46
She asks Yeo-jin if she is Tae-hyun’s girlfriend to which Yeo-jin replies no. Cynthis continues to tell her to make him hers, if possible, and that he gave up a big payout because of some woman, which is a pity since the money could save his sister. She then calls her name, “Han Yeo-jin,” knowing fully well as to who she is, which surprises Yeo-jin.
YP Ep7-49
“If you’re going to live the rest of your life hiding, he will be the best man for you,” she finishes, telling her to enjoy the coffee before walking off. And, maybe she does have a crush on Tae-hyun! But oh well, she is telling Yeo-jin to have him.
YP Ep7-52 YP Ep7-50
Tae-hyun returns with two cups of coffee to find Cynthia already left. He sits down besides Yeo-jin, noticing her distress face and asks if something happened. Yeo-jin wonders aloud, “What did I do?” She must be referring to what Cynthia has told her about Tae-hyun.

I am upset about Stephanie Lee exiting the show as Cynthia in next episode. She has been an interesting and cool character. She is what makes Yong-pal intriguing, with her badass personality. I’d expected her throughout the show, maybe being involved in a love triangle with Tae-hyun and Yeo-jin. It’s just so upsettinggggg! I wonder how this show is going to be without Cynthia’s coolness and how the hospital is going to handle without her. She has always handled things well. What a great character of this drama. Let’s hope for her cameo in the future in this drama, perhaps as a doctor!
YP Ep7-48

It’s near when Tae-hyun is going to be found out for his alias as Yong-pal, and the chase is kind of tense. It would be too early, though. Tae-hyun is definitely a genius doctor whom everyone wants to ‘use’ as they willingly to pay him, knowing that he is in need of money for his sister. However, he gave up one of them to save Yeo-jin, staying true to his words as Yong-pal. That no one dies on his operating table. This shows how much he has proven to be a true doctor, possessing top-notch skills, though it may not be the case to others. Though I’d love to see more of Cynthia and Tae-hyun together, I like how friendly he is with Yeo-jin who is tough. They have a lot of differences in terms of personality and yet they still can be friends and care for each other.
YP Ep7-41


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