Scholar Who Walks the Night – Episode 14 Review

It’s funny how Yang-sun doesn’t mind Sung-yeol being a vampire and when she regains her childhood memory, she becomes afraid of him. But then it’s understandable, and now Sung-yeol wants to chase her away to keep her safe.

SWWTN Ep14-3
Because of Yang-sun whoj passes out after her memories are triggered, Sung-yeol is stopped to stake vampire Hak-young when he senses that Gwi is on his way. This makes Hak-young survives and Gwi deems that he could be useful.
SWWTN Ep14-4 SWWTN Ep14-5
Yang-sun awakes after reliving her memories and sees Sung-yeol. However, she looks afraid of him as she backs away from him. Ouch. Sung-yeol’s face falls, but he understands, getting up and leaving her alone.
SWWTN Ep14-6
Hak-young has torn a piece of black clothing from Sung-yeol’s robe and Gwi realises that it’s what lets Sung-yeol able to walk in the sunlight. Really? It took you hundreds of years to realise this? Woah.
SWWTN Ep14-7 SWWTN Ep14-8
Yoon is prevented from preparing for the king’s national mourning by the prime minister, as instructed by Gwi. Ugh.
SWWTN Ep14-9 SWWTN Ep14-10
In order to make Yang-sun leave, knowing that she won’t leave and might sacrifice herself to Gwi, Sung-yeol tells her to look him in the eyes to see him for what he really is. He goes on telling her that he is not the night scholar and they cannot be together, tearing up the slave papers and asking her to leave.
SWWTN Ep14-12
Yang-sun cries and picks up the ripped paper as Sung-yeol leaves. She mutters under her breath, “So, then why are you trying so hard?” Well, at least she knows that he is trying hard to push her away.
SWWTN Ep14-13 SWWTN Ep14-14
Not sure if Yoon is dumb or dumb, as he tells Hye-ryung about his childhood friend and that she is one of the plans to get rid of Gwi. Hye-ryung knows that he is talking about Yang-sun and sends her man to look for her.
SWWTN Ep14-16 SWWTN Ep14-15
Hah, I like these two together. When Ho-jin struggles to pull the rock up, In-ho sighs at his weak strength and pushes him away to help him. Hahah! Also, I like how In-ho is helping Sung-yeol to keep secret and it’s feels like he is replacing Su-hyang. Yes, can we replace her with the hunter instead? In-ho with Sung-yeol and Ho-jin would make the best trio men!
SWWTN Ep14-17 SWWTN Ep14-18
Seeing how weak Sung-yeol is, Hunter In-ho brings in dead deer for him and Yang-sun sees the trail of blood, following it. Till she sees Sung-yeol in the room, drinking blood out of the bowl. He sees her and still continue to drink it which makes Yang-sun gasp at the sight of monster him.
SWWTN Ep14-19 SWWTN Ep14-20
Yang-sun trembles and backs away in the corner where Sung-yeol nears her. She asks how he never showed this side of him and Sung-yeol gets closer to her when she doesn’t back away anymore. She lets her neck exposed and Sung-yeol is reminded of Myung-hee’s sacrifice and disappears from Yang-sun.
SWWTN Ep14-22 SWWTN Ep14-21
Out in the woods at night, head still hazy, Sung-yeol sees Myung-hee approaching, but it’s Hye-ryung. He doesn’t believe it’s her and Hye-ryung convinces him by showing him the bite marks which Gwi left for Sung-yeol to think it’s Myung-hee.
SWWTN Ep14-23 SWWTN Ep14-24
He falls to the ground and apologises to her for having another woman in his heart when she gave up her life for him before passing out.
SWWTN Ep14-26 SWWTN Ep14-27
Instead of taking the black robe to Gwi, Hye-ryung brings it to Yoon and tells him to trust her for now. What ya gonna do? Meanwhile in the lair, Gwi is furious that Hye-ryung still hasn’t brought the robe to him and demands it to be brought to him.
SWWTN Ep14-28
Sung-yeol wakes up in the wood and realises that his black robe is gone. He stings under sunglight and struggles to get through it. Damnnn. But, I am glad that vampire doesn’t fires up literally in an instant in this drama.
SWWTN Ep14-29 SWWTN Ep14-30
Yoon goes to Sung-yeol’s home to look for Jin and Ho-jin tells her to stay inside while he goes out, but gets all sword pointed at him. He is innocent! Yang-sun comes running out and asks Yoon if he is the same friend she remembers. Yoon tells her that this is for people and that their fathers died protecting her, not the diary.
SWWTN Ep14-31
This is news to Yang-sun, but finally. However, there is more as Yoon continues to tell her that she is the secret plan to killing Gwi. Yoon orders to capture her, but that’s when Sung-yeol sends one of the guard flying.
SWWTN Ep14-32
Even though he is already weak and his skin is sizzling due to the exposure of sunlight, Sung-yeol manages to take few guards down and jumps in front of Yang-sun to protect her.
SWWTN Ep14-37
SWWTN Ep14-33 SWWTN Ep14-34
Yoon approaches them and Sung-yeol prompts him to kill him instead. Yoon raises his sword, ready to strike when Yang-sun screams, “No!” and he freezes. Noooo, Yoon, don’t make such a bad decision! There will always be a way to kill Gwi!

Like how Sung-yeol has mentioned, this is definite that three plans must come together, not only Yang-sun is needed, but the guardian and the will of the king. Otherwise, there’d be no reason for Prince Jeongheyon to write those three as the secret plans. Now, if only Sung-yeol explain this to Yoon like how he did to In-ho. If only Yoon gives him a chance to explain, instead of being bent on capturing Yang-sun to offer to Gwi. That’d very easy way, though. It can’t be easy to get rid of Gwi.
SWWTN Ep14-36

I like how Sung-yeol willingly to risk his life for Yang-sun and I hope that this gets to her that he never want to harm her no matter how terrifying he is as a vampire. I think she should be realising (more) how Sung-yeol has suffered a lot because of her and her sweet blood, from which Ho-jin has told her. But, I guess Yang-sun is traumatised from recovering her childhood memories and still unsure of the creature, but it is for sure that she still loves Sung-yeol. She is just hesitant, unlike Yoon who is hell bent on sacrificing her.
SWWTN Ep14-35


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