Twenty Again – Episode 1 Review

It starts off with a lightness and doesn’t dive right into the story plot as we get the backstory which fast forwards at right pace. I am glad that Twenty Again is not taking a longer route before delving into the story or a shorter route to start right away. It’s just right.

TwAgn Ep1-3
A young couple dances by the sea under the sunlight and the boy leans in for a kiss. In voiceover, we hear them introducing themselves to each other, Ha Nora and Kim Woo-chul.
TwAgn Ep1-4
Next thing we hear that the now adults couple have agreed to divorce twenty years later (played by Choi Ji Woo and Choi Won Young). That psychopath!! Oh wait, he is now a professor, haha.
TwAgn Ep1-5 TwAgn Ep1-6
Nora seems reluctant to finalise the divorce and doesn’t seem to be happy about, whereas Woo-chul tries to hide his smile about the divorce. Having been husband and wife for twenty years, Nora knows her (ex) husband’s habits and schedules.
TwAgn Ep1-9 TwAgn Ep1-10
Nora has a good friend, Ra Yoon-young (played by Jung Soo Jung), whom she has been borrowing and repaying money for her tuition fees. We see flashbacks in 1993 when Nora lived with her grandmother, and Nora had been working but got scolded by her grandmother.
TwAgn Ep1-11 TwAgn Ep1-12
Teen Nora had been wanting to go to arts school and Grandma decided to go to Seoul which surprised her. In Seoul, Grandma worked by selling spicy rice cake. And that’s when she met teen Yoon-young who used to be slim. Hah.
TwAgn Ep1-8
So, teen Yoon-young couldn’t stop eating and blames teen Nora for her grandmother who gave more than she wanted, asking her to tell her grandmother to just give five. But teen Nora stood firm, telling her to count and eat five. True that, haha, we have to control ourselves.
TwAgn Ep1-13
In present, the spicy rice cake shop is still running, but of course no longer by Nora’s grandmother. A man stops by there and goes to the backstage at a theatre department. He is Cha Hyun-suk (played by Lee Sang Yoon) and the students’ director.
TwAgn Ep1-16 TwAgn Ep1-15
Both mother (secretly) and son, Kim Min-soo (played by Kim Min Jae), study hard for college entrance exam.
TwAgn Ep1-17 TwAgn Ep1-18
The day of results has arrived, and Nora checks to find herself being rejected by all the universities she applied to, including Woocheon University where her son also applied and her husband is teaching at. Min-soo gets rejected from his first choice, but gets into his father’s school.
TwAgn Ep1-19
Though she gets rejected, at the last minute, she gets accepted into Woocheon University. Yay!
TwAgn Ep1-20 TwAgn Ep1-38
On her way to pay for the fees, she asked someone for directions and he turns out to be Hyun-suk who freezes at the sight of her. Later, she recognises and asks if he is really Cha Hyun-suk, but he leaves, saying that he is busy. Lol.
TwAgn Ep1-22 TwAgn Ep1-21
Nora tells her family about her acceptance into the same university as them and they are surprised, especially Min-soo who flares up and asks if she wants to embarrass him.
TwAgn Ep1-23
She gets a check up to find out that she has cancer, but it is a name mistake. LOL, dammit. She cries on the way home, not knowing that she is actually fine.
TwAgn Ep1-24 TwAgn Ep1-25
On the way to school to collect her money as she decided not to attend college, Nora sees the performance which reminds her of her past. That makes her change her mind to attend the college despite her age.
TwAgn Ep1-26 TwAgn Ep1-27
Min-soo is out on a trip for freshman orientation and often lost which gets him to drink till he sways like a drunk. A girl pops in and offers to be a black rose for him, gulping down four cups, impressing the guys. However, she realises that she is in the wrong department and leaves, telling the guys not to punish Min-soo anymore.
TwAgn Ep1-28
Outside, Min-soo finds her vomiting and offers his handkerchief. She asks him for his phone and says that if he gives it to her, they will be dating. He gives it to her and she punches in her number. Let’s introduce her; she is Oh Hye-mi (played by Apink’s Sohn Na Eun).
TwAgn Ep1-29 TwAgn Ep1-30
It’s the first day of new semester and Nora gets to school without letting Min-soo know. She gets mistaken as an instructor when she enters a class, but gets snickered at when the students realise that she is not.
TwAgn Ep1-31 TwAgn Ep1-39
When she gets grouped with other three, the students tell her not to anything and just follow along. They text one another about her old fashion, age and how she doesn’t have a phone. Ouch.
TwAgn Ep1-32 TwAgn Ep1-33
Her next class is theatre which is Hyun-suk’s class, much to Nora’s surprise. She thinks that he would get shocked and might remembers her, however, we know that he is feigning ignorance when he calls out her name.
TwAgn Ep1-35 TwAgn Ep1-34
He asks her to take off her hat and when she does, Hyun-suk feign surprise, asking her if she is a parent. He tells her if she doesn’t want to answer him, she can just leave. It looks like Hyun-suk is trying hard to pretend to not know Nora when he recognises and remembers her. Must be a bad experience?

Nora has been looking sad throughout the show, though not that ‘heavy’. It’s light and to be honest, I feel that the premiere is not quite promising as I thought it to be. Emphasis on ‘premiere’. By that, it doesn’t mean that the first episode doesn’t make me want more as I wonder how Nora is going to deal with being the oldest student at the university where her son and (ex) husband are at. I hope to see Twenty Again develop with more sense of comedy and keep me hang onto it more than the last.
TwAgn Ep1-37

Regarding the divorce, I don’t get exactly why Woo-chul want to divorce Nora. Like how Nora thought, is it because of her not good educational background and that he is a professor? Speaking of Woo-chul, it’s kind of amusing to see Choi Won Young play a psychology professor as I am still in post-drama I Remember You where he played a psychopath pathologist. And his jobs from both shows are similar, haha! Anyway, seeing the couple, in both past and present, it’s a great setup of how love changed between them – though not a good thing in real life. xP They had a child, Kim Min-soo, at a young age and it’s regrettable that Nora wasn’t able to go to college which is her insecurity and opposite of Woo-chul being an educated one. Am I only the one who hope to see both Woo-chul and Hyun-suk fight over her? 😛
TwAgn Ep1-36


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