Yong-pal – Episode 8 Review

This is progressing too fast as this drama has episodes extension and I feel that, even though it is still watchable, it’s not as great as the first 7 episodes when Cynthia was still in it (indirect: when Yeo-jin was still lying down xP). And, yes, I mean the romance part. It is getting there at this episode and it’s expected of Korean dramas, but still.

YP Ep8-7
After last night, people around Tae-hyun are teasing him about Yeo-jin whom is called as “vender” by Nurse Oh. Such a lively moment!
YP Ep8-8 YP Ep8-9
Nurse Oh goes into Yeo-jin’s room to move her as the other nurses don’t know that it’s not the coma patient. Yeo-jin still refuses to eat anything and is different from how she was before, before her conversation with Cynthia last night.
YP Ep8-59 YP Ep8-10
Tae-hyun visits the gangster boss and his minion. He gets surprised by their states. Heh, I hope they are at least staying now that Cynthia has left the show.
YP Ep8-12 YP Ep8-11
The nurse comes in and it’s hilarious how the boss is afraid of her, oh wait, I mean the shot. Haha. xD
YP Ep8-13 YP Ep8-14
Detective Lee comes by the hospital again and this time, Chief Park offers to sit down and talk with him. Detective Lee asks if he knew Yong-pal to which Chief Park answers no. When the detective mentions about the money being lucrative for Yong-pal, Chief Park’s expression is as if he knows someone is like that.
YP Ep8-15 YP Ep8-16
However, he keeps quiet and the head security approaches them with the guards to tell the doctors not to interact with the detectives anymore. Detective Lee is called by his superior to get out of the hospital. Whew. Tae-hyun has overheard everything.
YP Ep8-17 YP Ep8-18
Tae-hyun visits Yeo-jin who is still not in good mood as she tells him how she is now a powerless person and dead person and she cannot help but to hate him for that, even though he risked his life to save her life.
YP Ep8-22 YP Ep8-23
Later that night, both Tae-hyun and Chief Lee are invited for a dinner with Do-joon at his house where Chae-young tells Tae-hyun that he is probably going to be either bribed or threatened by her husband. Or both.
YP Ep8-20 YP Ep8-21
And well, turns out that she is right. For both, as Do-joon tells Tae-hyun to send his sister aboard for treatment.
YP Ep8-19
Tae-hyun, as well as Chief Lee, gets threatened by drunk Do-joon that they are accomplices to the deaths of Yeo-jin and her lover Sung-hoon who actually died by Do-joon’s hands. Chief Lee definitely looks scared while Tae-hyun looks kind of relaxed. Heh.
YP Ep8-24
After the dinner, Chae-young sits Tae-hyun down to talk to him and he asks about Choi Sung-hoon. Chae-young explains how he would have been perfect match for Yeo-jin if his family didn’t own Daejung Group.
YP Ep8-25 YP Ep8-26
We get the extended flashback of why Yeo-jin jumps out of the window – since her father took from her the person she cared the most about, she would take from her father the person he cares most about too.
YP Ep8-27 YP Ep8-28
Ah, so, her father had been the one who started this all – requesting the doctor not wake her up since she would only hate him if she woke up and putting her to coma till he died. However, she didn’t wake up after her father died due to cancer because of Do-joon, Chae-young explains.
YP Ep8-32 YP Ep8-33
Looking at his face, Chae-young asks if Tae-hyun liked Yeo-jin but he denies it. And I don’t think that is the case.
YP Ep8-29 YP Ep8-31
The next morning, Yeo-jin finds herself in the car and Tae-hyun is driving them to somewhere. She recognises the road as the place where she had accident and her lover died.
YP Ep8-34
Tae-hyun brings her to the church where she and Sung-hoon were supposed to get married at and it is also where Yeo-jin’s last memory is and that she can gain her strength back here since she is now free.
YP Ep8-4
Tae-hyun gives her a handphone, telling her that she can either call President Go or the bank in Switzerland and that he is leaving. She tells him she understands and thanks him, though it doesn’t look like she means it. Like how Tae-hyun doesn’t seem to mean it when he says that she is burden at hospital but it would jeopardize his safety.
YP Ep8-35 YP Ep8-36
As he is about to leave, Yeo-jin asks why he is doing this. He answers, “You live in a different world. I forgot about that for a while. And I… I don’t want to be jealous of someone who is already dead.” Ooooh, is that an indirect confession? He leaves after saying that.
YP Ep8-37
Yeo-jin looks out at Sung-hoon’s grave and is still unsure who to call since she has one chance to make a call. That’s when she overhears that a car is still parking in front of the entrance and tries to press ‘1’ in speed dial. And yes, the name comes up as ‘Yong-pal’.
YP Ep8-38 YP Ep8-39
Tae-hyun’s phone rings and picks it up nervously. Yeo-jin tells him to run over to her within thirty seconds and Tae-hyun quickly gets out of his car to find, calling out her name, “Yeo-jin!”
YP Ep8-40 YP Ep8-41
As Yeo-jin is, when Tae-hyun finally found her, she asks, “Yeo-jin ah? How dare you call me by that name?” They both smile and chuckle, anyway.
YP Ep8-42 YP Ep8-43
Over at Do-joon’s house, his secretary gets a call from Nurse Hwang and I thought we were already done with her. She demands to be returned to Yeo-jin, however, that’s when a lorry comes at her, knocking her down.
YP Ep8-44
The secretary puzzles and later realises that President Go has cloned his phone, when he walks past him. He confronts the old man about it and Do-joon tells him that he told President Go to do it. President Go claims that he took care of her when the secretary couldn’t deal with her.
YP Ep8-45 YP Ep8-46
We see presumably dead and bloody Nurse Hwang on the ground and the photo of her with… Yeo-jin? In her awake state? Hmm,…
YP Ep8-48 YP Ep8-47
Tae-hyun and Yeo-jin spends a night at the church, well of course, in different rooms. They couldn’t sleep and Tae-hyun knocks on the wall to which Yeo-jin responses by knocking on it too, as if telling him that she is still wide awake too.
YP Ep8-49
They sit in the church late at night, and Yeo-jin tells him not to hate the one who is already dead to which Tae-hyun says that he don’t. Yeo-jin continues, “He was killed because of me. Because he loved me. I still have a vivid memory of the accident. For some, three years could be enough to heal their scars. To me, for the last three years, I relived that memory every single day.”
YP Ep8-50 YP Ep8-51
Tae-hyun listens along and she asks if he think he could wait for her until her scar heals. He nods with a small smile. He tells her the reason why he forced her out of the hospital – the police came looking for him and Do-joon is arranging her funeral. That they can’t hide the fact she is still alive for too long.
YP Ep8-53 YP Ep8-54
Next, she asks if he would really leave if she didn’t call him. But Tae-hyun’s eyes dart around and throws the question back instead, “Well, why did you call me? What are you going to do with all the crocodiles?” Yeo-jin gives an excuse that she pressed the wrong button, lol. Tae-hyun says not to talk about that.
YP Ep8-55
But Yeo-jin continues and tells him, “You said I could make only one call. If I can make only one call, I will call you.” She looks at him. Tae-hyun takes her hand in his and leans in to kiss her on lips.
YP Ep8-56
Woah, that is a fast process! I only half-expected it because Korean drama, but still! It’s just too fast. A sleeping beauty finally wakes up after three years and is already in ‘relationship’ with a doctor? Okay, wow. Writer, what are you doing?

This episode is where I feel that Yong-pal is going a wrong way and the pace is too fast. I expected the romance to develop more as time goes by, but we’re only at eighth episode and they already have their first kiss. In church, at that! They threw in grand stuffs which got our attention and all of sudden, they are gone. So, is Tae-hyun now going to keep risking his life for Yeo-jin who is now a powerless person? And what are they going to do to get back Yeo-jin’s life? Or are they going to hide forever? Nah, it wouldn’t be that way.
YP Ep8-52

I like how these two nurses, head nurse and Nurse Oh, are helping Tae-hyun and keeping Yeo-jin’s secret. They gotta be the best supporting characters in this show, aside from Cynthia (whom I still miss! T_T). Nurse Oh knows that Tae-hyun is different from other doctors and that he is one who put patients’ health first, unlike those who put rich and powerful ones first. Head nurse has known Tae-hyun for few years now. I am glad for these two who are on Tae-hyun’s side.
YP Ep8-57

Actually, I don’t get where this show’s storyline is heading to. Getting Yeo-jin’s life and power back? Stopping the detectives from finding out who is Yong-pal? Or about Tae-hyun as Yong-pal? I am upset how much little appearances Yong-pal made and there’re more of Tae-hyun, because I expected more actions from Yong-pal and his identity be kept secret for as long as possible, since the title is ‘Yong-pal’. But it is going the way different from what I expected and it’s now even taking a wrong path. Oh wait, as I am typing this, I realised it could be that Tae-hyun is being Yong-pal to Yeo-jin, saving her and all. But, still, the romance part is too rushed, in my opinion!
YP Ep8-30


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