Twenty Again – Episode 2 Review

More comedic are in! Keeping a secret can be easy or not so easy. There’s no in between. If not, the secret(s) can’t be kept for too long as it would be eventually found out sooner or later as our leading man Hyun-suk is finds something odd about the couple which leads to our leading lady to find out something about her husband.

TwAgn Ep2-2
After Nora answers Hyun-suk, who seems to enjoy picking on her, that she is a student, we flashback to when young Nora and young Yoon-young became best friends. Young Hyun-suk was known to be labelled as idiot and very different from his present self. Woah.
TwAgn Ep2-4 TwAgn Ep2-3
Hyun-suk goes to meeting where he meets Woo-chul whom he will be working with on a project. He recognises his name as Nora’s husband and his attitude towards him changes.
TwAgn Ep2-5 TwAgn Ep2-6
We flashback to the day when young Hyun-suk asks young Yoon-young about where young Nora had gone to. He heard that she got pregnant and ran away with a man to Germany and that his name was Kim Woo-chul. He also remembers a friend telling him the other day about Nora married a psychology professor.
TwAgn Ep2-7
Woo-chul seems to be having affair with one of the professors from Woocheon University and she is Kim Yi-jin (played by Park Hyo Joo). Is that why he want to divorce Nora so badly? Gosh, I am actually finding Woo-chul worse than Hyun-suk.
TwAgn Ep2-8 TwAgn Ep2-9
At home, Nora asks Woo-chul for three more months before they finalise the divorce papers. She tells him that he can sue her, but that would take three months and she knows this from watching it on TV. LOL, why do I find this amusing? And I love how Woo-chul’s expressions are funny, and not that of psychopath from when he was in I Remember You. Hahah.
TwAgn Ep2-10 TwAgn Ep2-11
The next day, on the way to school, Hyun-suk puzzles why Nora and her husband don’t acknowledge each other in public or don’t even come to school together. That’s when Nora sees him from across. He asks himself these while looking at her, like in old times. She also talks to herself while looking at him, and he can read her lips saying that he is idiot which gets him pissed off.
TwAgn Ep2-12 TwAgn Ep2-13
He cycles towards to flip her cap off. Oh gawd, so childish. Haha! Probably still not over that she didn’t accept his heart back in high school?
TwAgn Ep2-14 TwAgn Ep2-15
Nora struggles in school again and tries to keep up with the advanced technology as she approaches a group of girl for help on how to search for a website. Her son’s girlfriend, Hye-mi, is one of them. They scoot away when Nora asks more questions. Sadz.
TwAgn Ep2-16 TwAgn Ep2-17
It’s marriage and family class and Hye-mi is in the same class as Nora. Woo-chul’s girlfriend, Professor Yi-jin is the one conducting the class and asks Nora if she is married to which Nora tells her that she doesn’t want to talk about her private life.
TwAgn Ep2-18 TwAgn Ep2-19
When it comes to pairing, she gets paired up with a kid, Soon-nam, from her theatre class. Soon-nam, of course, isn’t happy about it. She talks with him outside the class and Hyun-suk overhears them.
TwAgn Ep2-20 TwAgn Ep2-21
Min-soo and Hye-mi go for a movie date which he keeps tutoring for. However, Hye-mi storms out of the movie theatres because he dozed off. He couldn’t understand why, and Hye-mi tells him that the movie is about her, not the movie. That he shouldn’t have dozed off when she is there beside him. Finally understanding, he hugs her.
TwAgn Ep2-22 TwAgn Ep2-23
Woo-chul tells Yi-jin about his wife wanting three more months and asks if she could wait more. She answers that she can wait even longer. The only thing she is worried about is that his wife might change her mind and tells him to get the papers and sign them in secret.
TwAgn Ep2-24
He tries to do so, but decides not to as it’s unlike of him. Good!
TwAgn Ep2-25 TwAgn Ep2-26
After the lunch with Woo-chul, Hyun-suk sees Nora outside eating alone and wonders why she isn’t eating with her husband. He is even confused when Nora hides from her own husband when he comes out. Hyun-suk tries to get answers from her, but nope. He keeps pondering. Feeling so curious lately, huh?
TwAgn Ep2-28 TwAgn Ep2-29
After the encounter with Hyun-suk, that’s when Nora finds out that Woo-chul is now teaching at Woocheon University. She realises that she will be taking his psychology class and asks around who want to change classes with her. However, she gets cheated. One of the students stole her class and doesn’t give her the class she wanted which he doesn’t even have. Hyun-suk’s assistant hears everything and tells Hyun-suk who shows pique in interest.
TwAgn Ep2-27
At home, Nora confronts Woo-chul about changing school and tells him that he is being petty for not telling her. He argues that she is like stranger to him now, but Nora says that one will tell friends too. Nice!
TwAgn Ep2-30 TwAgn Ep2-31
The next day at school, knowing that Nora wants to take up another professor’s psychology class, Hyun-suk tells her that he can help her get the class. However, in exchange, she has to answer him, which he asks why she hide when she saw her husband.
TwAgn Ep2-32
He speculates that her husband doesn’t know that she is going to school and asks why she attends it behind her husband’s back. Nora doesn’t want to answer and asks if he can’t just get her into the class, for old times’ sake. Being childish and petty, Hyun-suk says he doesn’t want to. LOL.
TwAgn Ep2-35
She starts to walk away and he stops her to demand the answer. That’s when she has enough and lashes out at him, asking him: “Who are you to ask me that, you crazy punk! Why do I have to answer you? Who are you? Who? Who are you to keep bothering me? Why are you doing this to me? Do you really want to die or something? What did I do that was so TwAgn Ep2-34
He answers that he also don’t know why he is giving her so much crap. Still insistent, he tells her that he still need his answer to his question. He asks, “Should I ask your husband myself?” Well, you would be in hot soup if you do that. I love this side of Nora, when she is bickering with Hyun-suk as she always seems calm and quiet around her own husband.

Hyun-suk must have always been curious, especially he was almost dying of curiousity when Nora had run away with a man to Germany back then. However, Hyun-suk isn’t so good at getting answers to his questions in his head, especially about Nora. Well, I hope he will finally get his answers this time round!
TwAgn Ep2-37

I really hope that we will get to see Nora lash out at her own husband. He deserves it! But then, it’s amusing to see Woo-chul almost going crazy because of the way she talks, ever so calm and in adorable tone. Haha. It’s sad to see Nora being outcast among the students just because of her age. I don’t think it’s like that in real life, right? It’s common for older people to go to university. Maybe she will become good friend with one of the students later? I hope!
TwAgn Ep2-33


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