Scholar Who Walks the Night – Episode 15 Review

It is going the predictable way as our heroine finds out that she is part of the secret part. Of course, it’s not that easy to get rid of Gwi as our hero is still on his way to find out how could those three elements come together. But, first, romance comes first, lol.

SWWTN Ep15-2
Hunter In-ho comes flying to protect the gang, yay! Even in front of the crown prince whom he is close with. Thanks to him and Ho-jin, Sung-yeol manages to get away with Yang-sun in a flash, using his vampire speed.
SWWTN Ep15-4 SWWTN Ep15-3
Good thing Su-hyang comes on time to see Sung-yeol speeding away with Yang-sun to a hideout where she follows them to. Having been with Sung-yeol for a long time, she instructs Yang-sun to bring him to a village to watch over him.
SWWTN Ep15-9 SWWTN Ep15-10
Back in the palace, Hye-ryung tells Yoon how Gwi threatened her and she is half-lying as she shows him the bite mark from Gwi as threatening part. Not even sure who she is loyal too, but all I know is that she wants to get away from Gwi and on Yoon’s good side. Yoon falls for her words and tells her not to go to underground anymore, not without his permissions.
SWWTN Ep15-11
Gwi comes by to ask Hye-ryung about the black robe to which she lies that she didn’t manage to get it. Gwi grabs her throat and that’s when Yoon comes in.
SWWTN Ep15-12 SWWTN Ep15-13
However, it’s the fun for Gwi as he has brought vampire Hak-young who snarls at Yoon and almost bite down on him which Gwi stops him. Yoon is, of course, taken aback with horror by the state Hak-young is in and Gwi reminds him how Hye-ryung would be like if he were to fail to follow his orders.
SWWTN Ep15-5 SWWTN Ep15-6
Yang-sun manages to find the way to the village where the owner recognises Sung-yeol as the scholar and quickly helps Yang-sun bring him in. Sung-yeol had helped him out in the past, the owner said.
SWWTN Ep15-7 SWWTN Ep15-8
The owner and his daughter even know what Sung-yeol is and passes a bowl of cow’s blood to Yang-sun, to her surprise. Aw, yeah, I like that they are accepting of what he is.
SWWTN Ep15-15 SWWTN Ep15-14
Thanks to the blood, Sung-yeol is recovering and when Yang-sun sleeps in the corner, Sung-yeol takes a look at her finger which she poked to give few drops of blood to him which instantly revived him. He wonders if her blood has got to do with the mother’s relation. Hmm…
SWWTN Ep15-16
Yoon is forced to read out Gwi’s commands to all politicians, which they will have to punish whoever break the rules no matter what or who. Gwi just strolls in and sits in front of Yoon like he is a king.
SWWTN Ep15-17
Another rule is which they will have to take virgin girl to the palace and Yang-sun heard about the commands from someone. The young daughter of that village owner stays hidden for now as the officials come to look for her. However, it wouldn’t be that way next time.
SWWTN Ep15-20 SWWTN Ep15-21
Su-hyang comes by to visit Sung-yeol at the village and updates him on Gwi’s doings and urges him not to do anything since Gwi is luring him out. She advises him to offer Yang-sun to Gwi, like what the… However, Sung-yeol is not going to let that happen as his past love had sacrificed her life for him.
SWWTN Ep15-18 SWWTN Ep15-19
Yang-sun overhears everything and confirms with Su-hyang that she is part of the secret plan. Su-hyang even coldly tells her that she is descendant of Gwi which hits Yang-sun. It confirms when she remembers that her biological father had told her to live as a boy to be safe.
SWWTN Ep15-24
After hearing the truth, Yang-sun agrees to go for a walk with Sung-yeol and smiles in front of him, not letting him know that she knows something. That talk about how imagination is different from reality and cannot change it, but it can change people and world. Later that night, when Sung-yeol is asleep, she bids him farewell by bowing.
SWWTN Ep15-25 SWWTN Ep15-26
The next morning, hunter In-ho and Ho-jin look at the late Scholar Seo’s old house and In-ho recalls something crucial – Yang-sun’s biological mother was bitten. “How could I have missed this?” he beats himself up. Meanwhile, Sung-yeol waits whole day for Yang-sun only to find out at night that she went in the place of the daughter to the palace.
SWWTN Ep15-27 SWWTN Ep15-28
Sung-yeol rushes home and hears from Ho-jin about In-ho’s discovery. Sung-yeol knew that he was right, that it couldn’t be so simple to bring Gwi down using Yang-sun’s blood.
SWWTN Ep15-30
At the gibang, Yang-sun arrives with other girls, thanks to Su-hyang’s plan. Su-hyang attends to her and dresses her up. She tells her how it’s decided that she is born with the blood of Gwi through a human woman.
SWWTN Ep15-31
We see Yang-sun with makeup and she tells that dying this way is her choice. She thinks to herself, “Scholar, please stay strong.”

Now, that discovery is expected and it is a race for In-ho to quickly tell Yoon about his new realisation and for Sung-yeol to save Yang-sun (again). What I most curious about is how the three plans are going to come together? Or infused together? I hate the fact that Su-hyang is suggesting to sacrifice Yang-sun to save the people, but she is actually thinking right. However, of course, Sung-yeol wouldn’t let that happen and thank goodness that Yang-sun’s blood isn’t (probably) necessarily needed to be drained out of her body by Gwi to kill him. But I wonder how Prince Jeonghyeon knew about the secret ways to kill Gwi.
SWWTN Ep15-32

I kind of pity Yoon who has to follow Gwi’s orders, even as the king, to survive. I am not sure about Hye-ryung’s intentions, but at least she has plans in her mind and actually helping Yoon. However, is she trying to manipulate him into trusting him so that she can use him to get rid of people like her father and Gwi. She feels that she has power now that she is the queen of the country, so she is probably using it to her advantage and I pity Yoon for not knowing her true self. Like how she has been lying here and there to keep herself protected.
SWWTN Ep15-33


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