Yong-pal – Episode 10 Review

As we all know, Tae-hyun is one who do anything for his sister as he wants her to be well and safe, not to be involved in the conspiracy or whatsoever because of him.

YP Ep10-3
Tae-hyun rushes the mother to the hospital at twelfth floor, however, there are no more rooms. He asks to take Chae-young’s room and orders to call the doctors down to attend to the mother. Thankfully, both mother and baby are alright.
YP Ep10-5 YP Ep10-4
It’s only when he comes out to talk to the nurses when he finally hears of the deaths of Nurse Hwang and the director, and Chief Lee who has gone missing.
YP Ep10-6 YP Ep10-7
Meanwhile, at the church, Yeo-jin prays and Ali is there as well. She steps over to let him sleep on her lap and the nun sister comes over to insist that Yeo-jin gets a rest and assures her that her prayers will be answered, that Tae-hyun will return.
YP Ep10-8 YP Ep10-9
Tae-hyun visits Doo-chul and his lackey who are now recovered and told them to get discharged. Doo-chul asks if they are going to say goodbye forever now. Tae-hyun says if he go back to house calls, he will probably be able to see them again. Does this mean that it’s likely we will be able to see Yong-pal back in action? Please do!
YP Ep10-10
As he leaves, Tae-hyun is surprised to see his father on VIP floor who is visiting So-hyun. So-hyun is now transferred to a VIP room and Tae-hyun asks why. But all they know that they got a call. He goes to check his sister’s record and finds out that she is getting medical expense support from Hanshin Support Foundation.
YP Ep10-11 YP Ep10-12
Chief Lee is gone, so there is new chief of twelfth floor. The new chief explains to Tae-hyun that So-hyun was supposed to get sent to States, however, the foundation doesn’t have budget all of a sudden.
YP Ep10-14 YP Ep10-15
Tae-hyun tries to lead So-hyun away and get out of hospital, however, the security guards are blocking and the cameras are watching. He gets a warning text message from Do-joon’s secretary that So-hyun could get hurt and looks at the CCTV camera, not being able to do anything.
YP Ep10-16 YP Ep10-17
Tae-hyun and the ahjumma nurse meet up and Tae-hyun tells her that he is probably next since Nurse Hwang, the director and Chief Lee are gone. Smart. He meets with Chae-young (she even willingly to let the mother and baby stay in her room) who tells him that no one can touch him as long as he is by her side.
YP Ep10-18 YP Ep10-19
Despite the assuring safety from Chae-young, Tae-hyun request to meet with Do-joon and goes to his house where he immediately drops to his knees to beg to spare his sister. Do-joon just laughs. When Tae-hyun talks about Do-joon’s wife, Do-joon exclaims that this has nothing to do with their relationship. Tae-hyun is no longer useful to Do-joon now that Yeo-jin is dead.
YP Ep10-20 YP Ep10-21
Do-joon’s secretary tells Tae-hyun that he will send So-hyun to States if he makes Do-joon’s wife believe that he ran away in secret. Before leaving, Tae-hyun gives him final words, “I hope that you have a long time before your expiration date.” When asks about expiration date, Tae-hyun means the date when the secretary outlive his usefulness. Nice.
YP Ep10-22
Tae-hyun meets with the priest and tells him that he can’t leave as he explains he has some work left to do. He passes him the letter which he wrote for Yeo-jin earlier on.
YP Ep10-23 YP Ep10-24
He informs that someone will call the priest when the mother and baby are better. The priest says that Tae-hyun can bring them instead and he agrees, but I don’t think he means it. Outside, ahjumma nurse overhears them.
YP Ep10-26 YP Ep10-27
Tae-hyun fetches So-hyun to airport where he tells her to take care of herself and such. Most importantly, he tell hers to live for herself, not others. Tears well up in Tae-hyun eyes as he apologises that he can’t go with her. So-hyun says she will call him when she lands, but Tae-hyun tells her not to as it will be expensive. Uh-oh, nooo.
YP Ep10-28 YP Ep10-29
With the call from Tae-yong who is angry at Tae-hyun for being favoured by their chief, Detective Lee is at the airport looking for Yong-pal. Chief Lee is there as well, on the run (in disguise look) to leave the country. However, there are men looking for him and he runs away and bumps into Tae-hyun.
YP Ep10-30 YP Ep10-31
The men saw Chief Lee and chases after him. Tae-hyun recognises the men and chases after them, with the security guards chasing after Tae-hyun. It’s da chasing time in airport. Tae-hyun misses Chief Lee who discards his jacket and blends with the tourists. However, he gets stabbed in his abdomen and a woman screams which causes Tae-hyun to turn around and run to Chief Lee’s sides.
YP Ep10-32 YP Ep10-33
Detective Lee arrives on time to see the ruckus and Tae-hyun rushes Chief Lee to emergency room to attend to Chief Lee’s wounds. Detective Lee waits outside for Tae-hyun whom he suspected to be Yong-pal.
YP Ep10-35 YP Ep10-34
While transporting Chief Lee into ambulance, Tae-hyun assures Chief Lee that he won’t go to Hanchin Hospital but is stopped by Detective Lee who asks to come with them. In the ambulance without Tae-hyun, the paramedic gets a call to go to Hanshin Hospital which make Chief Lee panics and screams that he can’t go there, where the death awaits him.
YP Ep10-36 YP Ep10-37
The priest returns and passes Tae-hyun’s letter to Yeo-jin and the contents are different from what we saw Tae-hyun write earlier. Instead of saying that he is lying about returning, he tells her that he has to wake up from the dream and that she will be fine without him.
YP Ep10-38
Ahjumma nurse comes by the church to approach Yeo-jin and introduce herself to her, saying that she is on Tae-hyun’s side. Yeo-jin asks if something happened to Tae-hyun and ahjumma nurse answers that he is still safe and tells her that she had been by her father’s side when he passes on.
YP Ep10-39 YP Ep10-40
She flashes back to when Yeo-jin’s father was cut off from the world and only ahjumma nurse was there as attending nurse. Before passing away, the chairman regained consciousness for a brief moment and kept saying Yeo-jin’s name. He hallucinated that the nurse was Yeo-jin and motioned for her to hug him.
YP Ep10-41 YP Ep10-42
The ahjumma nurse complied and lets the chairman embrace her, thinking that she was Yeo-jin. His final words were, “I;m sorry, Yeo-jin. I love you, Yeo-jin. And… keep this to yourself.” Wait, what?
YP Ep10-43 YP Ep10-44
In present, Yeo-jin cries for her father and the ahjumma nurse tells her that she will give them to her now. She embraces Yeo-jin and relays the same words to her from the chairman. The camera pans over to show Yeo-jin in her father’s arms imaginarily.
YP Ep10-45
After settling down, she looks at the cross with bitter look and she thinks, “God, as I suspected, you’re not listening to my prayers.”
YP Ep10-46 YP Ep10-47
At the station, Tae-hyun is being interrogated by Detective Lee about being Yong-pal and keeps calm, saying that it’s doctor’s job to go anywhere to attend to the patient. Detective Lee is not going to lose and asks about his debt and Tae-hyun answers that he had to borrow money to pay for his sister’s treatment. The detective scoffs that he shouldn’t sell off his sister like that, which provokes Tae-hyun.
YP Ep10-54 YP Ep10-53
However, the interrogation is cut off as an office comes in to tell that the police chief (who?) wants to meet Tae-hyun. Tae-hyun says that the police chief might be busy and to have tea let in his wife’s room at the hospital. Wife? Chae-young? Er, am I only the one who is confused?
YP Ep10-48 YP Ep10-49
Tae-hyun gets called back to hospital by Nurse Oh who tells him about Chief Lee being worthy of an emergency X-ray, since no doctor is stepping up to do the surgery.
YP Ep10-50 YP Ep10-51
All of sudden, the bandaged woman who is supposed to be Kim Young-mi, comes out of the restricted room and it’s Yeo-jin, to Tae-hyun’s surprise. Woah, how did she get there? In secret?

Now, this is getting interesting again, without the couple’s lovey-dovey times. Yes, I admit that it is much better without Tae-hyun and Yeo-jin being sweet and all. 😛 I rather for them stay as good friends. I can’t believe that I am getting excited to see how Yeo-jin being alive would do to the hospital who thought she is still in Young-ae’s room and the people who thought her to be dead. With her attitude, I believe that she’s strong and will be ready to face reality and her enemies, getting back what she lost during her three years coma.
YP Ep10-52


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