Yong-pal – Episode 9 Review

Yong-pal is seen taking the things slow over long span of an hour. In this episode, the new couple is now enjoying their times together, away from the hospital and not knowing what is going on. However, they can’t avoid it for a long time.

YP Ep9-6
In the morning, Yeo-jin looks around and embraces the day. “It’s really morning. I became free this morning. But I’m afraid that I might lose him,” she thinks to herself. Tae-hyun appears with breakfast.
YP Ep9-5
Together, they eat breakfast and Yeo-jin almost tricked him into feeding her as she said “it’s too heavy”. Hah. Tae-hyun, as a doctor, tells her that she needs to exercise her arms and he even cut them into small pieces. Eating that will be her first food in the three years, woah.
YP Ep9-7 YP Ep9-9
Another first time in three years, she confesses that she wanted and still want to kill all her enemies. But, God did not answer her prayers. The priest tells her, “God answers our prayers in the ways that we don’t want. You prayed with hate, but God answered you with love.”
YP Ep9-8
He asks if she loves the one who is next to her now to which she answers yes. However, she is afraid to lose him because of her love for him. “Love your enemy,” the priest advices.
YP Ep9-12 YP Ep9-13
I have been wondering how Nurse Oh is going to deal with the masked patient case now that Yeo-jin has gone to hide with Tae-hyun. Well, the nurse who has crush on Tae-hyun, stands in for Yeo-jin. Aw, yeah. No doctors suspected.
YP Ep9-10 YP Ep9-11
Chief Lee hears about the death of Nurse Hwang from hit-and-run accident and suddenly gets nervous. He runs to see the director and asks if it’s really accident. He thinks that they might be next since Do-joon is getting rid of everyone who took care of Yeo-jin whom they thought to be dead.
YP Ep9-14 YP Ep9-15
Chae-young also hears about Nurse Hwang and goes to see Do-joon who is in the middle of meeting with his secretary and President Go. She tells him not touch Tae-hyun as he is her “precious toy”. She threatens that she will make sure Daejung Groups finds out that the death of Yeo-jin’s fiancé was Do-joon’s doing, if Do-joon kill Tae-hyun
YP Ep9-18 YP Ep9-19
After playing dodgeball with the children, Yeo-jin tells him that she had never played a game like that. Tae-hyun is surprised and asks how she played when she was younger. She explains that she wasn’t allowed to be hurt and she used to love tennis.
YP Ep9-21 YP Ep9-20
She flashes back to her childhood when she used to be close with her brother. They played tennis together, however, young Yeo-jin got hurt by the ball and young Do-joon got scolded by their father for not protecting her. Young Yeo-jin cried for Do-joon being scolded and Do-joon cried for not being able to protect his little sister.
YP Ep9-22
In present, Yeo-jin sighs at how close she used to be with her brother and she says that she quit tennis after that incident.
YP Ep9-23 YP Ep9-24
They join the children at the stream and Yeo-jin feels happy to be walking in the shallow water, which tickles her feet as Tae-hyun helps her. Then, one of the children, Ali, tells Tae-hyun to go somewhere just because they are bothersome and it’s too much to take. Haha.
YP Ep9-25
They walk through the forest and Tae-hyun offers to carry Yeo-jin on the back as he doesn’t want her to tire herself out and insists because he has been carrying So-hyun on his back since young. Which prompts Yeo-jin to ask if So-hyun was born with her illness. Tae hyun answers, “No. I made her that way.”
YP Ep9-26 YP Ep9-27
He flashes back to when he was taking care of young So-hyun while their parents were out working. Young Tae-hyun had fed the wrong medicine to her as he thought they were fever-reducing pills, but they were their father’s medicine and would cause liver failure if taken by children.
YP Ep9-28 YP Ep9-29
That’s what make Tae-hyun become doctor because he wanted to save So-hyun, Yeo-jin concludes. They have reached the top of the hill. Tae-hyun explains how he came to be heavy in debt and continues that he wanted to become powerful but he becomes weaker instead. Yeo-jin tries to cheer him up that he became doctor and was able to save So-hyun after all.
YP Ep9-30
Tae-hyun puts her down to let her see the view on the hilltop. He tells her, “If the people who love each other kiss here…” but gets cut off as Yeo-jin turns around to kiss him.
YP Ep9-1 YP Ep9-31
After the kiss, he continues, “…they will return here again. And if they come back here and kiss… They will never be apart.” Yeo-jin smiles, “Let’s come back here tomorrow.” Tae-hyun smiles too and nods. They kiss again.
YP Ep9-32 YP Ep9-33
In the office, Chief Lee thinks of Yeo-jin warning and that he might be next. He goes to the director’s room only to find him dead.
YP Ep9-34 YP Ep9-35
Nervous, he runs to his office to get his passport before trying not to look nervous and scared leaving the hospital. The new nurse (who looks like Nurse Hwang, lol) notices his nervousness, though.
YP Ep9-36
In the middle of the night, one of the church’s children comes running to call for Tae-hyun as he knows Tae-hyun is a doctor. It reminds Tae-hyun of the time he came banging on the doctor’s door when he was younger. They go to Ali’s house where his pregnant mother is ill. He deduces that she is suffering from preeclampsia and they should go to the hospital.
YP Ep9-37 YP Ep9-38
However, she refuses to go as they are illegal residents. Hearing Ali’s cries for his mother, Tae-hyun is reminded of his mother. He has no choice but to use his experiences as Yong-pal to save both mother and baby. He tells Yeo-jin about it as he take his Yong-pal backpack. Yay, Yong-pal is back in action!
YP Ep9-39
In the room, Tae-hyun turns it into an operating room where he uses whatever they have and I am amazed at how he makes use of things they have. And luckily, the nun knows few things about nursing and helps Tae-hyun.
YP Ep9-57 YP Ep9-58
The nun asks if he has done C-section before and his silence confirms that he hasn’t done one before. He injects the anesthesia in the mother’s spine.
YP Ep9-41 YP Ep9-42
The baby’s movements are slowing down and Tae-hyun has to decide whether to wait till the effect finishes taking place, which may lose the baby, or to start perform the surgery which will risk the mother going into shock.
YP Ep9-43 YP Ep9-44
The mother begs him to save her baby and Tae-hyun decides to cut open her abdomen before cutting past the layers below the skin. Yeo-jin manages to get out of the car and to the room to witness him perform the surgery. And the surgery is damn realistic as I don’t think I have seen how C-section is performed.
YP Ep9-46 YP Ep9-45
The surgery is a success as Tae-hyun pulls out the baby, but the baby is premature and in need of an incubator. Tae-hyun sees the mother and quickly uses his stethoscope to check on her. He diagnoses her with an embolism and that she has to go to the hospital. They protest, but Tae-hyun says that there is one hospital they can go to.
YP Ep9-49
Tae-hyun quickly transport the mother into his car (did he stitch her up?) and tells Yeo-jin to head back to the church. She asks where he is going and reacts with disbelief when he tells he intends to send the mother and baby to Hanshin Hospital where he will send them to twelfth floor.
YP Ep9-50 YP Ep9-51
Yeo-jin asks if he is crazy but Tae-hyun assures her not to worry and that he will be back soon. He hugs her before running to his car. Before driving off, he looks at Yeo-jin with a smile and an assuring look.
YP Ep9-52 YP Ep9-53
The nun sister assures Yeo-jin not to worry and that she is sure God will protect him. “He must be an angel that God sent to us,” she says. In the car, Tae-hyun looks at the side mirror at Yeo-jin as he drives.

I feel that Joo Won and Kim Tae Hee don’t really have that couple chemistry onscreen. It feels more like Tae-hyun is taking care of Yeo-jin like a sister. And it does make more sense that way, as Tae-hyun has younger sister and Yeo-jin has older brother whom she used to be close with. Now that Yeo-jin’s brother isn’t close with her, she receives care and love from Tae-hyun instead. Same thing for Tae-hyun, since he has been taking of his little sister, it’s probably his instinct to take care of Yeo-jin, who is abandoned by everyone else, as well. In short, they feel more like brother and sister. xP
YP Ep9-54

Everyone thinks that Yeo-jin is dead, and I wonder how she is going to appear in front of them, especially her brother, Do-joon. Yeo-jin can’t stay hiding forever, right. She will have to return to the hospital and her home, eventually. But, will her being alive have a big impact on him? Will she get back her power?
YP Ep9-56

I just hope that the writer (and every casts and staffs) really take a break from writing (the show) and get the story right back on its track when ready. The romance part, especially. The progress is too fast. Too fast like a bullet train. First seven episodes have been great and it’s when episode eight is where it goes off the track. Many people have been expecting a lot from Yong-pal, including me. I expected it to be somehow like Healer. However, nope. And it’s ‘ridiculous’ of them to look at the responses from the viewers during the first two-three weeks to extend the show by adding four more episodes. They need to think of the developing story before extending. Wait, let me correct it – they need to fix the damned live shootings first. But, nope. They just looked at the ratings. Numbers are more important to them.
YP Ep9-55


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