Scholar Who Walks the Night – Episode 16 Review

Misunderstandings everywhere and it’d be too late when they realised the truth. It’s the race against time for literally almost all the guys to save the heroine from the bad one.

SWWTN Ep16-3
Hah, I find it hilarious that the loansharks are following hunter In-ho and ask him to take them in, but when they mention about the black robes, In-ho has no idea about it.
SWWTN Ep16-4 SWWTN Ep16-5
The prime minister tells Gwi about his suspicious of the king and his advisor, so Gwi decides to shake the advisor who comes down to his liar for the first time, by using vampire Hak-young. The advisor is horrified at the state of Hak-young and begs Gwi to let him die in peace.
SWWTN Ep16-6
Using that, Gwi tells him that he has to come to his liar to update him on the king’s movements regularly. What a smart person, Gwi. Using someone to get what he wants.
SWWTN Ep16-7 SWWTN Ep16-8
Sung-yeol tries to look for a way into palace but gets caught by the guards. However, a man in black robe distracts them while Sung-yeol hides and another black robe man tells him that someone wants to meet him. He is taken to where all the men are dressed in black robes and covered in black mask.
SWWTN Ep16-10 SWWTN Ep16-11
The head masked man turns out to be King Yoon who now wants to fight alongside Sung-yeol and doesn’t want to sacrifice anyone, including Yang-sun. He even willingly to give up his life and passes Sung-yeol’s special black robe over to him, returning to its owner.
SWWTN Ep16-9 SWWTN Ep16-12
Finally, Yoon learns of Yang-sun’s mother dying at the hands of Gwi and that Yang-sun is going to sacrifice herself. Yoon also tells him that the young girls are at gibang and that it could be a trap for Sung-yeol. Nevertheless, Sung-yeol will still go ahead and Yoon tells him to take his men.
SWWTN Ep16-13 SWWTN Ep16-14
At the gibang, Yang-sun is telling the girls about Night Scholar till the prime minister comes in. He sees her and can’t put a finger on where he has seen Yang-sun. He asks her to follow to his room to find out who she is and Yang-sun insists that she doesn’t know him.
SWWTN Ep16-15
That’s when the fighting comes indoor from the men in black robes as instructed by Sung-yeol, now disguising as a guard, who catches the prime minster. When asked about Yang-sun, the prime minister doesn’t recognise the name.
SWWTN Ep16-16
Hunter In-ho manages to find Yang-sun and tells her to escape quickly. After sneaking away from Sung-yeol, the prime minister is caught by hunter In-ho, haha! In-ho seems to have deep grudge against him as he has lost all his friends because of the prime minister’s greediness.
SWWTN Ep16-18 SWWTN Ep16-17
Sung-yeol finds that Yang-sun is not among the girls being recused and realised that Yang-sun has gone off. He goes around looking for her and finds the letter instead. In the letter, Yang-sun thanks him for saving her life and that she will be repaying him, using her blood which his enemy’s blood flows through.
SWWTN Ep16-19 SWWTN Ep16-20
Outside, the prime minister is being held hostage by In-ho and Sung-yeol comes flying in to fight In-ho and In-ho is shocked to see him, but Sung-yeol quickly tells him in secret that Yang-sun must be in palace already. They break the fight, and Sung-yeol tells the guards to chase after him, so that Sung-yeol is left alone with the prime minister and hides his face to escort him.
SWWTN Ep16-21 SWWTN Ep16-22
It is only when they go to his place, the prime minister realises that the guard isn’t the real guard but Sung-yeol who charges at him and grabs him by his throat. His fangs grow when Sung-yeol sees that the prime minister’s neck is bleeding, but the prime minister is still alive and tied up. Woohoo!
SWWTN Ep16-23 SWWTN Ep16-24
The king’s advisor meets Yang-sun and Su-hyang on the way to lair and tries to stop them. However, Yang-sun tells him that once he had told her, if she was the only one sacrificed, she’d be able to save many people. Well, it gets to the king’s advisor and he leads the way. Nooooo.
SWWTN Ep16-25 SWWTN Ep16-26
Hye-ryung sees them outside the lair and actually tries to stop Yang-sun to do what she wants to do. Oh yes! The advisor asks why, and Hye-ryung says that Yoon doesn’t want this and will find another way. However, Yang-sun is already bent on offering herself and makes a break for Gwi’s lair. Su-hyang follows after her.
SWWTN Ep16-27
Hak-young scares the hell out of them when Yang-sun and Su-hyang enter the lair and Gwi sends him up to find his grandfather. Yang-sun and Gwi finally meet and Gwi recognises her and, of course, her blood scent.
SWWTN Ep16-28 SWWTN Ep16-29
Gwi asks Yang-sun if she and Sung-yeol love each other, to which she answers honestly. Yes, she says. And it doesn’t matter whether Sung-yeol is a vampire or not. She provokes him by saying how he will probably never know how the heart never changing feels like.
SWWTN Ep16-30
Su-hyang tries to calm him down, telling him that he once loved someone and that reminds Gwi of how he heard the rumour that his descendant can kill him. Then he goes on explaining that he thought the child could have survived and went to look for every of his descendants to suck their blood, killing them.
SWWTN Ep16-32 SWWTN Ep16-31
That’s when Su-hyang realises that Yang-sun’s blood won’t kill him and Gwi leans in towards Yang-sun’s neck.
SWWTN Ep16-35 SWWTN Ep16-36
Up above on the ground, Sung-yeol manages to stop Hak-young from eating his own grandfather, but fails to do later as Hak-young manages to overpower him and runs for his grandfather to bite him. The advisor pleads for them to die together and that’s when Hak-young comes to his senses, but gets shot by an arrow by Yoon. Sung-yeol uses this opportunity to take out his dagger.
SWWTN Ep16-37 SWWTN Ep16-38
However, Hak-young is too strong and they are locked in grips so Sung-yeol drops his dagger for Yoon to take it. Yoon is hesitant but Hak-young suddenly remembers his human times with Yoon
SWWTN Ep16-39
So, with his senses, he goes towards Yoon and begs for him to kill him. Yoon is still unable to do it and Hak-young pulls the dagger into his heart, dying in his best friend’s arms.
SWWTN Ep16-40 SWWTN Ep16-41
Now, let’s go back to the underground where Gwi discovers the bite mark on Yang-sun, after Su-hyang stops him from bitting down onto Yang-sun’s neck. Gwi wonders how she didn’t change after being bitten by a vampire. He asks, “Perhaps… do you have vampire blood in you?”
SWWTN Ep16-42
Gwi grabs her by her throat and tears spill out of Yang-sun’s eyes and she can only call out for Scholar in her head.
SWWTN Ep16-44 SWWTN Ep16-43
And, that’s when Sung-yeol finally appears in Gwi’s lair! Yes, quick save Yang-sun!

I knew it! I mean, I also have been wondering why young Yang-sun didn’t turn when she was bitten by a vampire. Maybe the secret plan is to mix every of each – Yang-sun’s, Sung-yeol’s and Yoon’s – blood which might poison to Gwi? Or that there is something special about having vampire blood in Yang-sun’s system. Like she couldn’t be turned into a vampire because of her blood which is sweet to both Sung-yeol and Gwi. Anyway, there is just something about her blood! Do explain, show!
SWWTN Ep16-46

I like how Hye-ryung is becoming good (kind of) now as she follows Yoon’s words about not wanting to sacrifice anyone anymore, including herself and Yang-sun. It shows how Hye-ryung is touched by Yoon who tells her that she is not to go to Gwi, which is very different from her own father who offered his own daughter to Gwi.

It’s sad to see Hak-young go, but at least he breathe his last breath in his best friend Yoon’s arms, ending his miserable life as vampire and being Gwi’s pet. Yoon too wanted him to die peacefully but couldn’t bear to stab his own friend, but at least it’s better for Hak-young to die by someone whom he is close with, for Yoon’s sake now that he is no longer under Gwi. I guess Yoon is going to be haunted by his friend’s dying face.
SWWTN Ep16-48 SWWTN Ep16-49

Yay for Sung-yeol and Yoon to finally working together! I like how Yoon is returning to his old ways when he was Eumlan Seosaeng and this time round, he is helping Sung-yeol like how Sung-yeol used to help Eumlan Seosaeng in the past. Now, all left is to find out exactly how to kill Gwi using the three plans.
SWWTN Ep16-50


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