Twenty Again – Episode 3 Review

Of course, someone older than all the students won’t be able to adjust to college life as we see our heroine being treated differently and trying to blend in. What’s worse is that her high school friend is now her college professor.

TwAgn Ep3-1
These two are always bickering whenever they meet, hehe. Anyway, Hyun-suk gets his answer – Nora’s husband doesn’t know she is going to college. But, Nora still doesn’t answer his another question – why she is going to college.
TwAgn Ep3-3 TwAgn Ep3-4
Teen Hyun-suk is cute! In the past, teen Hyun-suk used to apologise when teen Nora’s friend Yoon-young said it was an absurd idea to mix two genres, but Nora asks why he was sorry and lets him play the song and direct them dancing.
TwAgn Ep3-5 TwAgn Ep3-6
Back to present, Nora suddenly apologises and now it’s Hyun-suk to ask why. Haha, nice! Anyway, he asks to take up his class again and tells her that he will get her into the psychology class she wanted.
TwAgn Ep3-7
These two are sneaky! And the woman, Yi-jin, doesn’t look like a nice woman on inside. They pretend to be doing their own things, but talk secretly. And it’s hilarious when they both face each other, Woo-chul asks why they are facing each other, LOL. Then, they have to ‘go back to their own things’.
TwAgn Ep3-8 TwAgn Ep3-9
Nora suddenly remembers something. How does Hyun-suk know who is her husband (he can never forget his Woo-chul’s name)? Again, they bicker and Hyun-suk is back to wanting the answer for her reason for going to college (half lies that “son grown up and want to match my level to that of my husband’s”). They are like, “If you tell me yours, I tell you mine.” Hahaha.
TwAgn Ep3-10 TwAgn Ep3-11
Woo-chul drops the bomb (well, kind of) in front of Min-soo that he is now a college professor of the same university Min-soo goes to.
TwAgn Ep3-12 TwAgn Ep3-13
It’s because of his girlfriend Hye-mi. They now have to date in secret even on campus, as both Woo-chul and Nora still don’t know about him dating. I feel him, I can see that he is struggling between dating and studying well. But then, I find it cool that Hye-mi took initiative when they first met. But, somehow, it’s weird. Why Hye-mi approach him first? Ulterior motive? Or just because she really likes Min-soo?
TwAgn Ep3-14 TwAgn Ep3-15
After hearing Hyun-suk talking about dying on the radio, Nora thinks about her past and how she wasn’t able to achieve her dream and had to give up her youth because of her romance with Woo-chul which Min-soo, having to raise him in Germany. She had been taking care of sick baby Min-soo and returned to Korea when he was toddler, with Woo-chul.
TwAgn Ep3-16
She stands in the middle of crowd and looks at the teens having their own times. She rants to her friend over the phone about how it is unfair that she have lived over 333,000 hours and only have 4,320 hours. I know right, we should really live our life to its fullest. Woah.
TwAgn Ep3-17 TwAgn Ep3-18
Wanting to do the things before dying, Nora wants to join a dance club which is called Bounce and Soon-nam is the president. It’s a coincidence and Nora can get his contact for their project, but Soon-nam thinks she is a stalker, lol. Not like she has much time. He is shocked that she wants to join the club, hip-hop at that and tells her that she can’t join.
TwAgn Ep3-19
But what he doesn’t know that the girl in the video he sent his minions to look for her, is actually Nora. Keke. Now, I think their friendship is going to be great if Soon-nam realises that Nora still can dance well and if Nora join Bounce.
TwAgn Ep3-20 TwAgn Ep3-21
Soon-nam can be seen almost exploding everytime he is talking or teaming up with Nora, hah. From what we know, there are two same classes they take together. They are already paired in marriage and family class, and now Soon-nam has to be grouped with Nora again, together with the girl from subway and from her literature class, Park Seung-hyun.
TwAgn Ep3-22 TwAgn Ep3-23
Speaking of Park Seung-hyun, I like how she is different from other students, treating Nora differently from others. She treats Nora as one the students and doesn’t even show any sign of not wanting to work with her, unlike other group mates in Nora’s English class. Hopefully, she will still be that way and helps Nora out!
TwAgn Ep3-26 TwAgn Ep3-24
At the freshman welcome dinner, Nora joins them and when their department advisor joins them, he begins to be touchy with the girls. Gross! No one is able to do anything, even the seniors.
TwAgn Ep3-27 TwAgn Ep3-28
This brings Nora to flashback when she and Yoon-young were chasing after a pervert and Hyun-suk tripped him, catching him. I love teen Nora and I hope adult Nora still has her bright personality. Teen Nora was so carefree.
TwAgn Ep3-29 TwAgn Ep3-30
Not being able to take it anymore when Hye-mi is next girl the professor gets touchy with, Nora stands up and half-yell at the professor to remove his hands, saying that the girls don’t like being touched without permissions, calling it sexual harassment. This infuriates the professor.
TwAgn Ep3-31
But this earns Nora claps from the girls. Aw yeah~ Hyun-suk has witnessed everything from another table.
TwAgn Ep3-33 TwAgn Ep3-32
Even though the freshman girls are very welcoming of Nora because what she done the night before, the seniors don’t seem pleased with her. What??? Ah, so they are afraid of the professor doing things to them as he has more power. Oh, drama.
TwAgn Ep3-34 TwAgn Ep3-35
As Nora still doesn’t get what she has done wrong, she calls up Hyun-suk to meet him at his home. Hyun-suk says that she should listened to her husband to stay home and that the nowadays kids’ generation is different.
TwAgn Ep3-36 TwAgn Ep3-37
He goes on to tell her that he is not the person to come to and not to bother him again. Nora flares up too, calling him awful and nasty punk, like a kid, haha. She runs out that her notebook drops out of her unzipped bag.
TwAgn Ep3-38 TwAgn Ep3-39
Hyun-suk picks it up and happens to read the letter written to Min-soo about her cancer and all. Meanwhile, Nora goes to her doctor’s appointment where the doctor tells her she is perfectly fine, having given wrong diagnosis due to name confusion. She confirms it again and shows the biggest relief on her face

Oh, no, misunderstanding cleared up leads to another misunderstanding created. Haha, I can’t wait to see how Hyun-sun is going change, especially his attitude towards Nora. I like how Hyun-suk and Nora are actually childish at their age and it’s amusing to watch whenever they are together, bickering and all. Adult kids.
TwAgn Ep3-41

I wish Nora is like her teen self, being confident and all. I wish she has more power in school, but nevertheless, she is still a student at the university. She is going to cause trouble, right. Uh-oh, not when her husband and son are at the same school. I hope she gains true friend/s who would help her adapt to the university life as the kids are more tech-savvy nowadays and that things are different from then. Maybe Soon-nam and Seung-hyun would become her friends?
TwAgn Ep3-25


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