What Is The Ghost Doing (Drama Special) – Overall Review

Year: 2015
Korean Channel: KBS
Episode: 1

Very short short summary
Cheon-dong’s first love, Moo-rim, appears in front of him for the first time in 8 years, but she is now a ghost. As Cheon-dong is the only one who is able to see her, Moo-rim demands him to find her boyfriend.

Casts and their Characters
Gu Cheon-dong is played by Lee Joon and I have been wanting to watch him in Heard It Through the Grapevine and Gap-dong but I haven’t got the chance to. I have seen him once on Iris II, though he didn’t leave me much impression. As an idol-turned-actor, Lee Joon is pretty good. His comedic expressions for his character as Cheon-dong in this show are hilarious! Hoping to watch him in other dramas soon!
Jo Soo Hyang (Who Are You: School 2015) played a ghost, Cha Moo-rim. She was really best as an antagonist in her previous drama and I love her even more in this drama special! Moo-rim is totally different from her character Kang So-young in Who Are You: School 2015 and the actress portrayed Moo-rim really well and very differently. Moo-rim is cute, proactive and can be bit ferocious towards Cheon-dong hilariously. I really wish I’d see more of her in more dramas in future.

Couple Chemistry
Ep1-7 Ep1-8
These two really clicked well as I can see their onscreen chemistry! They built the relationship effortlessly and it’s like their chemistry clicked the instant they meet. Two psychos (psycho Joon from Gap-dong and psycho Soo Hyang from Who Are You: School 2015) as a couple, best! xD
It’s like they are made for each other. They look good together, aren’t they?! Their comedic moments together are even more of the reason why I love What Is The Ghost Doing.

All I wish is that this drama was a full-length drama instead of being 1-episode drama. But then, I like how short, fun and sweet it is. Very touching too. I like how nothing is rushed in this 1 episode drama. It’s just right, flows well and focuses on the main couple’s story. Another reason why I like KBS Drama Special. Totally recommending this drama movie. Now, all I hope is to see Lee Joon and Soo Hyang in a drama together again!


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