Scholar Who Walks the Night – Episode 17 Review

Angst everywhere as Scholar has to deal with the two sides of him, and to be honest, it reminds me of the story of ‘The Wolf Story’ from I Remember You. It’s about which side (good or evil) you’re feeding to.

SWWTN Ep17-2
Now, we are getting hang of the secret plan! Sung-yeol stops Gwi from biting into Yang-sun’s neck and gets defeated by him.
SWWTN Ep17-4 SWWTN Ep17-5
Gwi notes that Sung-yeol is weaker than before and he couldn’t get up from the fight with Gwi. Yang-sun rushes over to his side and Gwi says how Sung-yeol lacks human blood which prompts Yang-sun to suck her own blood to feed Sung-yeol with.
SWWTN Ep17-3 SWWTN Ep17-6
She kisses him to feed the blood with and Sung-yeol is revived, however, his eyes glows blue which is different from what we have seen before. Yang-sun also is worried that Sung-yeol is not whom she knows.
SWWTN Ep17-8 SWWTN Ep17-7
Sung-yeol is now stronger than Gwi who is now the one striggling to maintain Sung-yeol’s hold on him. Sung-yeol throws Gwi like a paper and easy which Gwi slams into the wall.
SWWTN Ep17-9 SWWTN Ep17-10
The prime minister is still smug as ever and orders to guards to capture Yang-sun when both she and Su-hyang make out of the lair.
SWWTN Ep17-11 SWWTN Ep17-12
As Su-hyang leads Yang-sun to leave, she tells Yoon about the queen being the follower of Gwi. Just then, Sung-yeol comes out of the lair, looking different. Su-hyang quickly ushers Yang-sun out of the palace, so do Yoon with the guards.
SWWTN Ep17-13 SWWTN Ep17-14
The prime minister reports to Gwi of the situation and suggests capturing the king who “blatantly committed treason” and punishing him severely and dragging him down from his position. Whut, this guy thinks he has power thanks to Gwi.
SWWTN Ep17-15
Whole town is on lookout for Yang-sun to capture her, thanks to the smug prime minister and I pity him for being used by Gwi, thinking that he could become a king.
SWWTN Ep17-16
Good thing Hunter In-ho finds the girls and brings them to a hideout, along with his new minions. Yang-sun introduces In-ho to Su-hyang as the teacher of her and Yoon when they were younger.
SWWTN Ep17-17 SWWTN Ep17-18
Both Yoon and Hye-ryung are thrown into prison by the prime minister. In the prison, Hye-ryung apologises for lying to him about being follower of Gwi and Yoon continues to treat her the same as he have already suspected since the time she brought him Sung-yeol’s black robe.
SWWTN Ep17-19
Sung-yeol roams the streets, in mind confusion as there are two voices telling him, one says to do such and another says not to.
SWWTN Ep17-24 SWWTN Ep17-23
Yang-sun’s blood must have made him in confused state as to whether to follow good or evil side as he sees the imaginary of both Good and Evil of himself in the forest. He battles both and Evil Sung-yeol keeps egging real Sung-yeol to kill Good Sung-yeol.
SWWTN Ep17-25 SWWTN Ep17-26
As Yoon begged prime minister, the prime minister spares his daughter’s life and Hye-ryung goes down to Gwi’s lair with her father. She offers to be Gwi’s woman. Her father gives his opinion to banish Yoon as the king.
SWWTN Ep17-27 SWWTN Ep17-28
In the forest, Sung-yeol lets of Good one and charges at Evil one, but Evil just feeds more reasons of why he should follow him. But, he isn’t let him get to him and tries to kill him, but Evil is fast. As Sung-yeol tries, Evil encourages him to drink Yan-sun’s blood and get stronger.
SWWTN Ep17-29 SWWTN Ep17-30
However, as Sung-yeol takes swing again, he accidentally stabs Good Sung-yeol who spits up blood and collapses. Evil Sung-yeol tells him it’s right and to become free, telling him to drink Yang-sun’s blood. Both imaginary Sung-yeols disappear.
SWWTN Ep17-31
Yoon is stripped of his royal clothing and sent off to be exiled like a criminal. Damn prime minister.
SWWTN Ep17-33 SWWTN Ep17-32
In-ho tries to smuggle Yang-sun out of the city, with her being a corpse under the cover. However, one of the guards stop them to check and In-ho has no choice but to intervene.
SWWTN Ep17-34 SWWTN Ep17-36
Yang-sun’s cover is blown as she slides out of the cart and she is recognised as the wanted criminal. In-ho beings to battle the guards off skilfully.
SWWTN Ep17-37 SWWTN Ep17-38
In the middle of battle, In-ho gets stabbed in the gut and is outnumbered. That’s when Sung-yeol sends the guards flying and doesn’t even move an inch when the guards stab him.
SWWTN Ep17-39
He makes his way to Sung-yeol, drawing to her blood and a sword is pierced through him. It’s In-ho who gasps out, “Please… That human heart… Please find it.” He collapses.
SWWTN Ep17-40 SWWTN Ep17-41
Yang-sun hugs him from the back and Sung-yeol’s eyes return to original black. He seems to become weak and collapses in her arms in which Yang-sun cradles him.
SWWTN Ep17-42 SWWTN Ep17-46
At the palace, Gwi flashes back to when he met with the first king who made a deal with him to get rid of the royal family and that he would get to rule the night. In present, he thinks that this is where their contract ends.
SWWTN Ep17-43
Inside, all the officials think the prime minister will obviously be the new king. However, they are wrong, including the prime minister (hah) as Gwi walks in, wearing the king’s robes. Hye-ryung trails behind him. He sits on the throne and declares, “From this moment on, I am the king!” He actually looks good as the king.

I have been wondering why Gwi doesn’t take the throne since he became vampire. So, he had made a deal with the first king that he help rule the nation at night and the kings in the day, making them puppets. And, actually, it’s satisfying to see Gwi being overpowered by Sung-yeol for once as he has always been powerful. Now, if I am not wrong, the two of three secret plans work. How about the last one – the king’s will? Will we finally see Sung-yeol being able to get rid of Gwi soon?
SWWTN Ep17-44

I like how they envisioned Sung-yeol’s mind as he has to battle two sides – good and evil. It’s a wonder why Yang-sun’s blood didn’t turn him into a wild animal before but it guess it is because she only gave him a drop or two which instantly revived him. So, when she gives him blood in Gwi’s lair, she gives him more than a drop, which a drop is powerful, and more than a drop is more than powerful. Therefore, it turns him into someone different – far more superior and stronger. It’s more than enough for him to almost lose himself. Imagine if he were to take more of Yang-sun’s blood. Uh-oh, no, I hope that doesn’t happen.
SWWTN Ep17-45


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