Twenty Again – Episode 4 Review

It’s the misunderstanding time as Hyun-suk goes from being a jerk to being a nice guy which makes Nora wonder if he has terminal illness, haha. Hyun-suk finds out almost everything Nora doesn’t know about.

TwAgn Ep4-1
Hyun-suk now knows that Nora is ‘dying’ and recalls how Nora was like and yet he was mean to her. Hoho, what cha ya gonna do now?
TwAgn Ep4-4 TwAgn Ep4-5
Nora and Yoon-young celebrates Nora’s ‘coming back from death’ which makes her realise that she has a lot of what she wants to do. She even doesn’t care about divorce for now as she learned that fretting in present is not right.
TwAgn Ep4-6
“Once today passes, it becomes yesterday. Therefore, if you spend today worrying, all you’ll ever have is a past that was full of unhappiness. But, if you live well today, it will pile up and your past will be full of happiness,” Nora quotes. SO TRUE. Shall bear that in my mind too.
TwAgn Ep4-7 TwAgn Ep4-8
Knowing about Nora’s ‘illness’, Hyun-suk follows Nora secretly, well that’s too obvious, to the Bounce club where Nora meets her partner Soon-nam for their assignment but gets turned down. Looks like Soon-nam is beginning to soften up towards her after hearing that she has been kicked out from group chat and also hears from her that she was once a dancer.
TwAgn Ep4-9 TwAgn Ep4-10
Crisis! Hyun-suk sees her huband coming in opposite direction of where Nora is coming and Hyun-suk has to quickly to take her to hide…
TwAgn Ep4-11
In his trench coat. Haha, that seems like a public display of affection. Woo-chul tsks at them while walking by and the passing students snap photos of them and they make run for it.
TwAgn Ep4-12 TwAgn Ep4-13
Now, Hyun-suk is not being a jerk towards Nora, seeing how he purposely left her notebook on the ground for Nora to find and he even brings her to unused locker for her to use so that she wouldn’t need to carry bag of books around.
TwAgn Ep4-14 TwAgn Ep4-15
From the meeting with Woo-chul which he rejects collaborating again due to their differing approaches, Hyun-suk deduces that Yi-jin and Woo-chul might be dating (and Woo-chul cheating on Nora) as he sees the identical pens they have with “I ♥ W” engraved on them.
TwAgn Ep4-18
Hye-mi is upset about someone giving Min-soo health drink and pouts that nobody know they are dating and that he is too popular among the seniors. Min-soo explains that he only has her in his eyes and that the study is important.
TwAgn Ep4-16 TwAgn Ep4-17
It turns out that Hye-mi planned the orientation run-in when she drank the beers for Min-soo after she heard about him not having interest in girls in the beginning of semester.
TwAgn Ep4-20
Soon-nam sees Nora waiting alone in the classroom which has been switched to another and fumes, stomping up to another class where he hears the students talking about her. That Nora should just quit school. Nora gets a text message from Hye-mi about the changes, aw yeah.
TwAgn Ep4-21 TwAgn Ep4-22
Furious, Soon-nam storms into the class and lectures them for being coward. Even though no one know him, he says that he is speaking up because he is “embarrassed for all of us who are in their twenties.” Aw yeah, knew this kid would be that way! Nora has heard everything from outside.
TwAgn Ep4-23 TwAgn Ep4-24
When the former student snaps photos of Hyun-suk, it triggers his memory that a girl had been recoding videos of that pervert professor groping girls.
TwAgn Ep4-26 TwAgn Ep4-25
So, he calls over Seung-hyun who recorded the video, using her delivery job which he acts surprised to see her. Seung-hyun realises that Hyun-suk has called her on purpose in regards to the incident to help Nora.
TwAgn Ep4-27 TwAgn Ep4-28
Seung-hyun calls Nora over to the place where she works part-time and passes her the thumbdrive which consists of the video. She tells Nora that it’s her choice to decide what to do with it. Nora imagines being handcuffed and begins drinking.
TwAgn Ep4-29 TwAgn Ep4-30
Seeing that Nora downs drink after drink, Seung-hyun calls Hyun-suk who comes down to find Nora already kind of drunk. It’s funny that Hyun-suk really thinks she is dying when she talks about having so much to do and that she doesn’t want to die early. Haha.  Nora sobs and asks why she say anything at that moment to which Hyun-suk answers, “Because you’re you. You said something because you’re Ha Nora.”
TwAgn Ep4-31
The next day in morning, Nora finds herself in her own bed with Hyun-suk’s words ringing in her ear: “You’re not feeling courageous? Think back to when you grabbed Ra Yoon-young’s hair and fought.”
TwAgn Ep4-32
This gets her to send threatening email to the pervert professor which asks him to resign by the end of the day otherwise she would release the video to the gender equality center. He starts to call his lawyer when Hyun-suk enters.
TwAgn Ep4-33 TwAgn Ep4-34
Hyun-suk tells him not to think about anything else and end it by handing in his resignation. He continues to say that he will be a witness and Professor Yi-jin was there as well.
TwAgn Ep4-35
Nora tells herself she did the right thing by patting herself. Later, she gets a call and thanks him for last night. Using that, Hyun-suk tells her to go to his place to run an errand.
TwAgn Ep4-36 TwAgn Ep4-37
She goes to his place where she clarifies last night with him, saying that he can’t possibly know about her fight with Yoon-young. She wonders if she dreamt about it. Hyun-suk doesn’t answer and just tells her to do the sorting.
TwAgn Ep4-39 TwAgn Ep4-38
And what is Hyun-suk thinking of to invite Woo-chul over to whre Nora is at?? Woo-chul arrives at Hyun-suk’s plce and Nora’s eyes widen to see him. Hyun-suk just simply put his arm around her shoulder and grins.

Okay, this is interesting. I mean, Hyun-suk is. He wants to Nora to value her remaining days and also wants her family to find out about her illness which is a false alarm. Now, how long will Hyun-suk misunderstand? I hope for a long time, so that he can treat Nora well! Hehe. As for Woo-chul,, I hope that he misunderstands too, hehe.

From just a misunderstanding, one treats a ‘patient’ differently just because they only have little time left. It’s just amazing. You can go from being mean towards her before finding out to treating better after finding out, as we see from how Hyun-suk acts towards Nora.
TwAgn Ep4-40

I love how the students, Soon-nam and Seung-hyun, help Nora. I knew it would happen like this. Especially Soon-nam. Even he has different perspective from the students who think that Nora should just quit the school to calm the noise about her standing up against the pervert professor. Soon-nam thinks that it’s coward for the students to be cowering from the professor just because he holds high position and not doing anything when he does what he wants – groping the female students. He knows human rights. Same goes for Seung-hyun. She even dares to take video as evidence. This shows that there is at least one who is daring enough to be doing such things no other would dare to do. That there is at least someone, like Seung-hyun and Soon-nam, who would side with a person who speaks up like Nora.
TwAgn Ep4-41


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