Scholar Who Walks the Night – Episode 18 Review

The fight against Gwi is becoming harder now as many people believe what they see and hear. It’s also a battle for Sung-yeol as he has to deal with being misunderstood by the people who think he is that bad vampire.

SWWTN Ep18-2
While on the way to being exiled, some of the guards are actually Queen’s guards and guard Yoon. Yoon joins in the sword fight and tells the guards to stop fighting against each other. He asks them whom they are worshiping – the king or vampire. The guards begin to kneel before him.
SWWTN Ep18-3 SWWTN Ep18-4
Many officials are against Gwi taking the throne and the prime minister exclaims that not anyone can be a king. But, Gwi shoots it down and informs everyone that Sung-yeol is the vampire living in the palace.
SWWTN Ep18-5 SWWTN Ep18-6
Sung-yeol is brought back home and still in unconscious state where he dreams of his parents, Prince Jeaonghyeon and Myung-hee. Each of them appears and disappears when Sung-yeol tries to approach them.
SWWTN Ep18-8 SWWTN Ep18-7
Nightmare continues when Ho-jin brings to meet the bookseller who is Yang-sun. All of sudden, Yang-sun is held hostage by Gwi like how Myung-hee was. Like Myung-hee, Yang-sun stabs herself and begs Sung-yeol to drink her blood.
SWWTN Ep18-10 SWWTN Ep18-9
He screams, “Nooooo!” and rushes to her side. He looks up to see Gwi, however, it’s not Gwi. It’s the evil Sung-yeol laughing at him.
SWWTN Ep18-11 SWWTN Ep18-12
It jolts him awake to see Yang-sun at his bedside. He asks how she escape from Gwi and Yang-sun is shocked to learn that he has no memory of his transformation.
SWWTN Ep18-13 SWWTN Ep18-14
Yang-sun lets Su-hyang and Ho-jin know about his amnesia and decides not to tell him the truth about what happened. Sung-yeol enters and asks about Hunter In-ho, but they keep quiet about it. Ho-jin quickly offers to look into it when Sung-yeol wants to find out about In-ho.
SWWTN Ep18-15 SWWTN Ep18-16
Evil Gwi is really genius as he planned well accordingly. At the village where there are roaming vampires, Gwi shoots them, saving the people and making it look like he is the hero. He declares that he will kill all the vampires and the humans bow to him. Wow, well done, evil guy.
SWWTN Ep18-17
After his memories are triggered from smelling Yang-sun’s blood, he goes out to the streets where the civilians recognise him as the vampire who attacked them the other day. He starts to remember and wonders if he really made more vampires.
SWWTN Ep18-18 SWWTN Ep18-19
He goes to Gwi’s lair where it is empty and Sung-yeol remembers everything – his transformation into a blue-eyes beast. He finds Gwi in the king’s room and curses at him, furious. He threatens to take him down, but Gwi just chuckles at him, asking him if he drank Yang-sun’s blood.
SWWTN Ep18-20 SWWTN Ep18-21
After the conflict talk with Sung-yeol, Gwi returns to his lair where he tells Hye-ryung that Sung-yeol has lost the will to fight against him, as he has someone to protect. Which is Hye-ryung could relate to, as she also has someone to protect by following Gwi.
SWWTN Ep18-22
Meanwhile, Sung-yeol returns home and demands the truth about Hunter In-ho. Su-hyang and Ho-jin finally tell him the truth but he thinks that he killed him, but Yang-sun corrects him that Hunter In-ho died protecting her. He declares that the secret weapon is destroyed and goes to the back room to lock himself up.
SWWTN Ep18-23 SWWTN Ep18-24
Days passed and Sung-yeol is still holed up in the room. Yang-sun enters with cautious and tries to comfort him that he has saved her numerous times. He had also saved many people. However, Sung-yeol counters that if he even once harmed innocent people, what meaning does it have?
SWWTN Ep18-25
Seeing that he is filled with guilt, saying that he is a beast that can harm humans anytime, Yang-sun back hugs him and says that he would never do that. Their moment breaks when Ho-jin comes running to tell that Yoon has come to visit.
SWWTN Ep18-26 SWWTN Ep18-27
Yoon tells Sung-yeol about the vampire attacks and that they are all Gwi’s doings. Sung-yeol comes to conclusion that it’s all Gwi’s self-fabricated scenario. Love how Yoon is smart in this and believes that Sung-yeol wouldn’t do such thing.
SWWTN Ep18-28
They take into action as Sung-yeol goes to palace to spy on the guards, hearing about the places where the vampire attacks will take place. Using that information, Yoon and his black robe men go to the mentioned city and find that the vampires are roaming and attack them. Sung-yeol joins in, helping to kill the vampires.
SWWTN Ep18-30 SWWTN Ep18-29
Gwi comes to the city to save the day, but it’s already filled with dead corpses. Yoon and Sung-yeol hide around the corner and witness Gwi slash the only witness who reports that there was a group of black robe people and scholar who came to save him. Gosh.
SWWTN Ep18-31 SWWTN Ep18-32
The next day, Yang-sun has finished her second volume of Night Scholar chronicle, wanting to help Sung-yeol, and worries on how to distribute them since all of her bookseller friends are all gone. Ho-jin gladly takes the book, saying that he will find a way.
SWWTN Ep18-33 SWWTN Ep18-34
Ho-jin seeks out a bookseller who refuses at first, but he says he will refuse the money, knowing that it’s written by Eumlan Seosaeng’s daughter since Eumlan Seosaeng had helped his family after his father’s death. Aw, yeah.
SWWTN Ep18-35
Soon after, more copies are made and distributed everywhere. The readers start to contradict Gwi’s hero actions.
SWWTN Ep18-38
Another night when Sung-yeol and Yoon attack Gwi’s vampires and save the villagers. One of them recognises Yoon as the king and Yoon asks how he could call himself a king after putting his people into danger like this.
SWWTN Ep18-39 SWWTN Ep18-40
Yoon claims that he didn’t do anything and points to Sung-yeol that he was the one who has been battling against Gwi for hundred years. However, the villagers see that Sung-yeol is vampire and retreat in horror.
SWWTN Ep18-42 SWWTN Ep18-41
Meanwhile in the palace, Gwi hears about and orders to burn all the Night Scholar books. He mad? Hahah. Back at the village, a young girl breaks free from the crowd to rush to Sung-yeol’s side and he recognises her as one of the girls from the gibang.
SWWTN Ep18-43
The girl exclaims that he is the Night Scholar which get the people to run over to help him up, to Sung-yeol’s utter shock. Aw, what a touching scene. It’s really amazing how a young girl’s words change people’s mind about vampire Sung-yeol, since they believe her more.

It’s mostly about Sung-yeol against himself, wondering if he is any like Gwi. But Yoon believes in him that he still has human heart. And Yang-sun is there to keep him together. The fact that people around him is what keeping his humanity is highlight of this episode and the secret plan. Gwi is a beast, having lived all alone in darkness. Sung-yeol is not, thanks to his friends and people around him.
SWWTN Ep18-36

I like how Yang-sun is making herself useful, using her writing talent to change people’s perspectives of Gwi’s so-called hero actions. It’s just amazing how a book could change one’s perspective, like how a young girl’s words changed the crowd’s mind and step forward to help Sung-yeol. It’s all thanks to Yang-sun who had told the Night Scholar story the other day at the gibang. It shows how words could have power as well, though it could make people doubtful till they see for themselves, like Gwi’s plan of making and killing own vampires to make civilians fall before him. But, I am so glad that Yang-sun’s Night Scholar book is helping Sung-yeol in a way, other than offering to be sacrificed.
SWWTN Ep18-44


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