Yong-pal – Episode 11 Review

Instead of hiding away, our heroine is finally taking action against her enemies especially her evil brother. And there is Tae-hyun who is on her side and being her ally.

YP Ep11-4
Everyone else thinks the bandaged woman is the factory worker when, in fact, she is Yeo-jin. She pretends to have lost her memories and couldn’t speak. The head security tells Tae-hyun to keep quiet about it and sends her to twelfth floor.
YP Ep11-5 YP Ep11-6
When they are alone, Tae-hyun asks her if she is crazy to do this with coming back and all. Yeo-jin hugs him and tells him that the letter was more like calling for help. She assures him that she has a weapon to use in the fight against Han Do-joon now, so that she can recuse him.
YP Ep11-7 YP Ep11-8
After hearing from her spy about killing Tae-hyun off, Chae-young tells Tae-hyun to quickly leave the hospital and that she already knows about his intention of convincing her about running away when he is going to kill himself. Tae-hyun insists that he can’t leave now.
YP Ep11-37 YP Ep11-9
Funny how he doesn’t want to leave, he quickly tells Yeo-jin to leave the hospital after coming back from being told to pronounce Yeo-jin’s time of death in the room. They will soon find out Yeo-jin’s identity.
YP Ep11-10 YP Ep11-11
Yeo-jin finds it an opportunity as she begins her revenge, as at the press conference where President Go announces Yeo-jin’s death, Yeo-jin sends a text message, “Give me a good funeral, Do-joon. – Han Yeo-jin” which the secretary reads. It leaves him unsettled since only few family members know Do-joon’s phone number.
YP Ep11-12
Yeo-jin’s funeral begins and Do-joon pretends to be mourning, ugh. As ahjumma nurse comments, it seems more like a festival for Do-joon.
YP Ep11-13
Do-joon’s secretary receives another text from Yeo-jin and he finally goes to check the body in the morgue with the head security. He checks that the body is not Yeo-jin’s and demands that they search for Yeo-jin before they are killed by Do-joon’s hands.
YP Ep11-14 YP Ep11-15
They go to ask ahjumma nurse about it and she is smart enough as she tells them that she was instructed by Chief Lee (probably that’s what Tae-hyun had requested help from her) so that they would ask Tae-hyun to revive Chief Lee who is currently injured. Smart plan.
YP Ep11-16 YP Ep11-17
Chae-young tells Do-joon that he can never have her and about her past lover whom she had a child with, but she aborted it after her lover died. This infuriates Do-joon who confronts his secretary about keeping her past from him.
YP Ep11-18 YP Ep11-19
The secretary again receives another text message from Yeo-jin who tells him to bring her passport to her at the airport. He quickly commands the head security to send all the security guards from the hospital to the airport.
YP Ep11-20 YP Ep11-21
Yeo-jin is actually on the rooftop of the hospital and Tae-hyun comes up to meet her after the surgery on Chief Lee. She borrows his phone to send a text message to Chae-young saying that he wants to leave. Chae-young texts back that she will be there in half an hour.
YP Ep11-22
Tae-hyun protests that he can’t leave her alone but Yeo-jin tells him that he have to do something for her from outside. She tells him to listen to her and he agrees. She asks, “Will you… marry me?” WHATTT, that’s fast. “Please marry me. And become my heir and my legal guardian. And protect me from Han Do-joon.” He answers without hesitation, “Okay, I will.”
YP Ep11-23 YP Ep11-24
Yeo-jin tells him to consider carefully but Tae-hyun interrupts her by kissing her, telling her that it’s his answer.
YP Ep11-25
Chae-young picks Tae-hyun up with her cool ways and he asks to go to the airport. Hmm, for? She informs him that she will be divorcing Do-joon and Tae-hyun worries that it’s because of him. He tells her that he already has someone he loves but Chae-young doesn’t believe him.
YP Ep11-26
While all the security guards have gone to airport, Yeo-jin goes to the room where she is able to access, as heard from the ahjumma nurse about her father’s last words that the room is hers and that she is the key. She staggers towards her bed where the memories of her past three years come flooding to her.
YP Ep11-27 YP Ep11-28
She sits in the bed which the body scanner scans her to pick up her identity and the video pops up in front of her, playing her father’s last will. That’s so freaking cool. Where can I get that type of room? In the video, her father knew that if she see the video, it means that she is qualified to become the owner of the room and also of Hanshin Group. And that he is not around anymore.
YP Ep11-29
Her father continue to tell her that he knew that she had been dating Daejung Group’s heir and found out that her lover had been associating with Do-joon secretly. Tears fill Yeo-jin’s eyes as she covers her mouth in shock, not believing what she heard. In the video, he continues that Do-joon had wanted both her and her lover to be dead.
YP Ep11-30 YP Ep11-31
Outside, Do-joon’s secretary tries to enter the room, as told by Yeo-jin to go to her room, but fails to enter. In the room, Yeo-jin calms down and her father directs to hidden drawer where the USB is. Her father explains that with the USB, none of the presidents of Hanshin Group’s related companies or any of the government officials would dare to fight her.
YP Ep11-32
Yeo-jin breaks down from hearing her father’s final words, “I really loved your mom with all my heart. That’s how I was able to protect Hanshin. Yeo-jin-ah… I love you. Please protect Hanshin.” Finally, the secretary is able to enter the room.
YP Ep11-33 YP Ep11-34
He walks in and says, “Well, I’m here. What will you do now? You became a mouse trapped in a pot on your own.” All Yeo-jin say is, “On your knees.” Woah, power!

Finally, Yeo-jin learns of the truth but it definitely is a lot for her to take in as she never thought it would be like that. Her father had been trying to protect her, but she was blinded by love. Now, she is smarter than before, though she is now in love with Tae-hyun. But, of course, she won’t be as foolish as before. She is taking love in a serious way for now, such as asking Tae-hyun to marry her so that Tae-hyun can become a heir instead of Do-joon. But I wonder if it would really help to protect Yeo-jin against Do-joon.
YP Ep11-35

One thing for sure, I am glad that Yeo-jin is starting her plan to take revenge her brother and enemies. And that almost everything is focusing on Yeo-jin now, away from Tae-hyun. I wonder how Tae-hyun’s skills would help Yeo-jin as Yong-pal, though. Y’know, since the title is Yong-pal. Yeo-jin and Tae-hyun are definitely going to kick asses together, right?! It’s great to see that Yeo-jin is picking herself up and wait no more after her coma and also after learning the truth of everything, and that her father was not what she thought to be, that he was actually a good guy and being a good father.
YP Ep11-36


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