Reply 1997 – Overall Review

Year: 2012
Korean Channel: tvN
Episodes: 16
Also known as: Answer Me 1997

“It was passionate and innocent. I miss that moment. Can hear me? If you can hear me, answer, my ’90s Me.” – Yoon Yoon-jae

It centres on the lives of six friends in Busan, as the timeline moves back and forth between their past as 18-years-old high schoolers in 1997 and their present as 33-years-olds at their high school reunion dinner in 2012, where one couple will announce that they’re getting married. (– Wikipedia)

The AWESOME Characters
I have to say this – the casts and their characters are cool and amazing! I love how each of them portrayed their own characters.

R97 Ep1-1 R97 Ep16-10
Well, the reason I watched this drama is definitely because of him – Seo In Guk (I Remember You)! How can I not watch it and notice him earlier?! But, better late than never, right? ;D I adore his character in Reply 1997, it’s so different from his role in his latest drama I Remember You. His character, Yoon Yoon-jae, is such a smarty pants and yet so dorky.
R97 Ep1-2 R97 Ep16-2
Sung Shi-won (played by APink’s Jung Eun Ji) is a crazy and ultimate fan girl of a boy band H.O.T. and she is always placed last in her class, unlike Yoon-jae. I love this girl. Besides that, I like Eun Ji’s eyes. 😛 She is another one of the few idols who can act well and I like how she portrayed Sung Shi-won as a crazy fan girl and yet can be forthright and sassy.
R97 Ep16-3
I love how these two are always bickering while growing up together and they still fall in love. They show their love differently. They talk as if they are arguing but deep down, they know their love for each other as they have always been like this.
R97 Ep1-3 R97 Ep16-11
Infinite’s Hoya played Kang Joon-hee, another smart person besides Yoon-jae who is his best friend. Secretly, he is a gay and in love with Yoon-jae. It’s sad how he is in unrequited love. Hoya has done well in keeping straight face as Joon-hee whenever around Yoon-jae. Hoya can act well, but not that as good as those idols who can really act like APink’s Jung Eun Ji and EXO’s Do Kyung Soo. I have seen him in Mask and he wasn’t bad.
R97 Ep1-4 R97 Ep3-5
As Yoon-jae has Joon-hee, Shi-won has Mo Yoo-jung (played by Shin So Yul) as best friend. Love these two. Though Yoo-jung is always changing her favourite idol and Shi-won finds her unloyal for doing that, she still remains as best friend towards Shi-won, as always.
R97 Ep3-1 R97 Ep3-4
Old band Sechs Kies’ Eun Ji Won played Do Hak-chan whose weakness is girls and it’s hilarious how Yoo-jung still doesn’t know that he is not that innocent after many years and all of her friends kept the secret from her for him.
R97 Ep16-7
And, yes, they are two are the one announcing they are getting married at the reunion dinner. It’s even more hilarious how his boy band is one of the bands in the show and that many people comment Do Hak-chan looked like Eun Ji Won, hahah. The drama universe.
R97 Ep3-2 R97 Ep16-4
Next, the forever alone Bang Sung-jae (played by Lee Si Eon) and he is known to be very talkative. The actor is really comedic as he brings life to his character who also brings light to the show.
R97 Ep2-1 R97 Ep16-6
Yoon-jae’s elder brother, Yoon Tae-woong (played by Song Jong Ho), is a teacher at his brother’s high school and it’s amazing to see how he went from being high school teacher to someone very big. It’s touching to see how he gave up things for his little brother and even Yoon-jae would give up things for his elder brother like Shi-won whom both brothers like.
R97 Ep16-5
Lastly, I love Shi-won’s parents (Sung Dong Il and Lee Il Hwa)! They are just awesome and treat her daughter’s friends like family.

The Timeline Story
I really like how this drama put reunion dinner as one night throughout whole show and in every episode, though on same night, they reminisce back to their old days in 1997 which show us on how each of them develop and how much they have gone through. They keep us in suspense as to who is Shi-won’s husband. We keep going back and forth between Yoon-jae and Tae-woong as they both have same taste in almost everything. They purposely make us guess though we know who it will be but still make us in doubtful.
R97 Ep16-8

Final thoughts
The ending makes me smile, I really love Yoon-jae and Shi-won as couple like relationship goals. They can bicker and be sweet at the same time. I love how the last episode reveal everything, all at once, answering our questions that kept us in suspense for past 15 episodes.
R97 Ep16-9
Another thing I love about Reply 1997 is the long-time friendship between the six of them. Of course, as drama it is, but I wish I would have such friendship like them. xP Going through high school together, falling in love and meeting again at reunion years later. Their friendship is so precious and this is why I love this drama, besides the couples. Really one of the best shows!!
R97 Ep1-5


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