Scholar Who Walks the Night – Episode 19 Review

Preparations start now that we are onto the finale in next episode as emotions are more focus on in this episode. We hear the last words, goodbyes and cries. And loyalty.

SWWTN Ep19-2
Gwi is late to the village again as the corpses have been cleared up by Yoon’s black robe men. Well, he is definitely not happy at all. Hah, yay.
SWWTN Ep19-3 SWWTN Ep19-4
Now, the villagers are looking at Sung-yeol in different light, as the Night Scholar who saves people. They all have been relocated to a new hideout, away from Gwi, as for now. Chatting with Yoon, Sung-yeol comments how he and Prince Jeonghyeon were the only two who have a rightful seat as the king.
SWWTN Ep19-6 SWWTN Ep19-5
Their hideout is unfortunately found out by Gwi’s soldiers and Sung-yeol manages to back them off by threatening their lives. Sung-yeol suggests to Yoon that they move to his home.
SWWTN Ep19-7
Su-hyang and Ho-jin are relieved to see Sung-yeol back home and he hears of Yang-sun’s book being spread around like a wildfire. And I love how Su-hyang is no longer feeling jealous and even letting Sung-yeol have his sweet moments with Yang-sun as he surprises her by back-hugging her while she writes her Night Scholar story.
SWWTN Ep19-9 SWWTN Ep19-8
Sung-yeol tells her of the girl from gibang the other day and tells her how both of them saved him. Yang-sun hugs him tightly and asks if he missed her. He agrees that he missed her, and kisses her.
SWWTN Ep19-10 SWWTN Ep19-11
Meeting Yoon, Sung-yeol shares with him the new plan on how to destroy Gwi – blowing up his cave, which idea is by Yang-sun who immediately shot it down as soon as she came up with it. However, Sung-yeol intends on doing it and he has to be inside. Yoon tells him that he can’t leave Yang-sun behind.
SWWTN Ep19-12 SWWTN Ep19-13
In order to lure Yoon into the palace, Gwi announces that he will publicly execute the Queen as the bait. Hye-ryung knows that Yoon will do that, to save her.
SWWTN Ep19-14 SWWTN Ep19-15
So, she writes the letter for Yoon that night, which gets delivered to Yoon himself. In the letter, she states that she severs their tie as husband and wife, calling herself Gwi’s woman and that this will be the last letter.
SWWTN Ep19-16
Yoon knows that something is up and demands explanation from his sidekick who eventually tells him the real reason which he supposed to never tell him. He explains that it’s trap but Yoon doesn’t care.
SWWTN Ep19-18 SWWTN Ep19-19
Yoon arrives at the palace, to Gwi’s satisfaction and Hye-ryung’s horro. He kneels down and even lets Gwi turn him into a vampire.
SWWTN Ep19-21 SWWTN Ep19-20
As Gwi leans into bite down onto Yoon’s neck, Hye-ryung pulls the dagger out hidden in her hairpin and stabs in Gwi’s back. In the process, Gwi accidentally slashes her throat and she collapses. Yoon rushes to her side and Gwi looks shocked at what he have done.
SWWTN Ep19-22 SWWTN Ep19-23
Hye-ryung manages to gasp out, “I was grateful for the heart you gave me. Even if I die now, I don’t have any regrets.” Yoon tells him that she can’t and that she has to age and die together with him. However, she goes limp.
SWWTN Ep19-24 SWWTN Ep19-25
With rage, Yoon goes after Gwi with a spear, but Sung-yeol comes on time to stop him before disappearing with him, away from Gwi. Hidden away, Sung-yeol tells Yoon that it may be difficult, but he has to go through it for the sake of people otherwise he’d make Queen’s death useless.
SWWTN Ep19-26
In the lair, Gwi carries Hye-ryung’s body and looks really upset. He tells her that he didn’t want to kill her that easily and had wanted to keep her for thousands of her. He had loved her, but in a twisted way.
SWWTN Ep19-27 SWWTN Ep19-28
The next day, the town hears of the new king’s true nature, finally. Both Su-hyang and Ho-jin want to follow him to battle against Gwi, but he stops them, as he wants them to take care of Yang-sun, not letting her know that he is planning to die along with Gwi. However, Yang-sun has overheard everything outside.
SWWTN Ep19-29 SWWTN Ep19-30
Yang-sun doesn’t let them know that she has heard everything and asks to see Sung-yeol out. Outside, she asks what kind of ending he would like to see in her next instalment of Night Scholar. Sung-yeol asks if the ending should be what many people would want. She asks how about if the Night Scholar died fighting and he replies that it wouldn’t be bad ending either as long as Gwi disappears from the world.
SWWTN Ep19-31 SWWTN Ep19-32
She tells him that the Night Scholar should return for his woman no matter what and that she will show the book to him first. They part their ways and tears spill out of Yang-sun’s eyes. Sung-yeol looks back at her and thinks, “I’m sorry, Yang-sun.”
SWWTN Ep19-34 SWWTN Ep19-33
Prime Minister gets shocked at the sight of bloody dead bodies when he enters the king’s room. And there is bloody-smeared Gwi sitting on the throne. Woah. He yells at the prime minister for being okay with his daughter dead. I know, right?! He asks if he wants to live that badly but prime minister says that he has already chosen to share his destiny with him.
SWWTN Ep19-35 SWWTN Ep19-36
At the meeting with the black robes, Sung-yeol instructs them to blow the place away when he enters the underground and battles Gwi. He declares that he will go together with Gwi. Noooooo.

It’s really surprising to see Gwi like that, seeing how he is always an evil one. However, he also has soft spot only that it’s in his own twisted way. I have thought he might have fallen for Hye-ryung but shot that idea down. So, it was kind of surprising to see regret on Gwi’s face when he accidentally slashes Hye-ryung’s neck out of his instinct. It shows how he might have at least bit of human feelings inside him, as an evil vampire. Hye-ryung is whom keeping him together, I guess.
SWWTN Ep19-37

Now let’s bid goodbye to Hye-ryung and it was nice to see that she has changed to become a better person, thanks to Yoon whom she had fallen for. Yoon has fallen for her too since they became King and Queen. However, it is sad to see her go as Yoon wouldn’t be able to have proper moments with her as a couple. Kim So Eun has done well portraying both Myung-hee and Hye-ryung and very differently.  Besides that, she has to die twice, haha. But, yeah, both of them got to die in their love’s arms – Myung-hee in Sung-yeol’s arms and Hye-ryung in Yoon’s arms. I actually like how Sung-yeol didn’t fall into Hye-ryung’s trap, well only once, as I thought he would as she is the doppelganger of his past love Myung-hee. Now that I think about it, they never really have much interactions, only except when Hye-ryung was Gwi’s puppet to get Sung-yeol. Now that he has Yang-sun, it’s nice to see that Sung-yeol helps Yoon get back to his sense when Hye-ryung died, though she died almost the same way as Myung-hee whom Sung-yeol couldn’t forget for hundred years. Also, it’s like as if Sung-yeol and Yoon ‘exchange their girls’, lol. Yoon’s childhood friend Yang-sun with Sung-yeol whose past lover was Myung-hee whose doppelganger is Hye-ryung who has come to fallen for Yoon who also loved Hye-ryung.
SWWTN Ep19-38


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