Scholar Who Walks the Night – Episode 20 (Final) Review

Finally, the showdown is here as the scholar has gone through hard journey to find a way to get rid of Gwi, the most evil vampire on earth, well, in their world. It was a very long journey till here for our characters. And they all managed to tackle the obstacles in their way but now there is a really big obstacle and how are they going to deal with it?

SWWTN Ep20-3
Bloodthirst Gwi has killed everybody in the palace except for one maid, turning them into vampires. Woah.
SWWTN Ep20-13 SWWTN Ep20-6
On mission to blow Gwi’s lair up, Sung-yeol directs the black robes group into the palace and he realises that the lair is a trap where there are newly-turned vampires coming out. And there are more vampires roaming above.
SWWTN Ep20-8 SWWTN Ep20-7
Aw, Yoon, Yang-sun and Ho-jin even want to go to palace to help Sung-yeol out without him knowing. And Yoon is smart enough to notice that they didn’t even change the shift guards which means that the palace is full of newly-turned vampires. So, the head guard is convinced to open the gate for them.
SWWTN Ep20-10 SWWTN Ep20-11
And, yay, finally Prime Minister, who wanted to flee to China, is killed! Hahah 😛 But, Gwi can’t bring himself to drink his blood after he killed him as it’s ‘dirty’.
SWWTN Ep20-9 SWWTN Ep20-12
Yoon, Yang-sun and the rest ready themselves with guns and the vampires start showing themselves. Yang-sun manages to shoot one.
SWWTN Ep20-14 SWWTN Ep20-16
Night falls and more vampires. More in a room and Hye-yrung’s sidekick tells them to go and stays behind to fight vampires off behind the doors. Luckily, Sung-yeol arrives and killed every vampire. Whew!
SWWTN Ep20-17 SWWTN Ep20-18
Finally, Sung-yeol and Gwi face off and fight each other, however, Sung-yeol is no match for Gwi. Despite that, he tries to lure Gwi into his cave and good thing that Gwi doesn’t suspect anything.
SWWTN Ep20-19 SWWTN Ep20-20
Yang-sun is already there in the cave, whatttt. I knew she would do that, but still. She urges Sung-yeol to drink her blood to defeat Gwi. And, so, Sung-yeol kisses her for the last time before biting down on her neck.
SWWTN Ep20-21
Gwi comes in and smirks, showing his satisfication at Sung-yeol finally drinking Yang-sun’s blood. However, blue-eyes Sung-yeol is at even with Gwi, and Yoon comes on time to shoot Gwi, but Gwi caught the bullet. Homg, wow.
SWWTN Ep20-23 SWWTN Ep20-22
Sung-yeol seems to have mental battle within himself, Good Sung-yeol with Evil Sung-yeol who tells him that he has already died 120 years ago, but good Sung-yeol isn’t gonna let himself disappear and stabs himself to rid of evil one, coming to his sense in real world.
SWWTN Ep20-24
Yoon manages to get Yang-sun and himself out of the cave and set up the explosives. It’s day time by the time he finishes preparing and he set it off.
SWWTN Ep20-25 SWWTN Ep20-26
The cave starts to collapse and both of the guys are still battling. Finally, the light comes in, which is Gwi’s weakness as his skin begin sizzling against the sunlight. Gwi sees the sunlight and thinks to himself, “It really is beautiful” before turning into a pile of ashes. Finally?! Sung-yeol thinks back to his happy moments with Yang-sun before closing his eyes.
SWWTN Ep20-27 SWWTN Ep20-28
Yang-sun wakes up to the sight of collapse cave which means that Sung-yeol could be dead. Nooooo, it can’t be that way! Su-hyang has been waiting whole night only to se Ho-jin in tears and breaks into tears too.
SWWTN Ep20-30 SWWTN Ep20-29
A year later. Town is still in talk about Night Scholar books and a scholar looks for a rich merchant. He is led by Su-hyang to a room where a mysterious man who dresses up like Sung-yeol is. And it turns out to be Ho-jin, lol. He tells the scholar that he is taking over for now and that his elder may return when the world is in chaos. LOL whut.
SWWTN Ep20-32
Yay, Yoon is back to being the king! He even asks why they should ban Night Scholar books when the advisors advice that he should ban it. He also asks if Night Scholar book is more fun than a non-fiction. Good!
SWWTN Ep20-33 SWWTN Ep20-34
In his room, Yoon looks at the sword which he lends to Sung-yeol before the battle with Gwi and had told him to return to him no matter what. And, does it mean that Sung-yeol is still alive? YES.
SWWTN Ep20-36 SWWTN Ep20-35
Yang-sun is now teaching the kids on how to write and read. One of them giggles while reading Night Scholar book, LOL so cute. He asks if it’s true that she is the author of the book and shows the page of a kiss. She gets flustered and the kid teases her and makes her chase after him. HEH.
SWWTN Ep20-37 SWWTN Ep20-38
OF COURSE, Sung-yeol is still ALIVE as he appears behind her. She runs into his arms and hug her. In voiceover, Sung-yeol asks if he is late and Yang-sun replies if he is already here and that she thought she would have to wait another fifty years. Uhm, you’re not vampire, right?
SWWTN Ep20-39 SWWTN Ep20-40
Sung-yeol: “Let’s leave.” Yang-sun: “To where?” “Where do you want to go?” “If it is with you, I will follow you anywhere.” Sung-yeol tells her to hold on tightly and they disappear together. Hm, what a nice and sweet ending.

I got to give credits to both Lee Jun Ki and Lee Soo Hyuk for emotional and vengeful actings. They clearly showed more on their faces which are very convincing for their characters. Lee Jun Ki had to show more soft emotional part for Kim Sung-yeol whereas Lee Soo Hyuk had to give more evil and menace feel to Gwi. And, I am impressed at how they managed to last that long for 20 episodes, throwing their prides away as actors. I mean, they have to ‘exaggerate’ a lot for their characters.
SWWTN Ep20-42 SWWTN Ep20-43

Lee Yu Bi, cute as always, played a character which is simple and straightforward. Her character Yang-sun brings warmness and lightness to the show. Same simplicity applies to Shim Chang Min whom I almost forgot he is an idol.
SWWTN Ep20-44

So far, Scholar Who Walks the Night is practically about Sung-yeol finding a way (secret plan) to get rid of Gwi, needing someone like Yang-sun and Yoon after 120 years. It has been one long hard journey for our scholar and nice one for our evil vampire ruler. Actually, it would have been better if this drama were 16-episodes long instead of 20. They wouldn’t need to spread the storyline over and drag on. I am glad that it ends on a happy note, with Gwi finally dead and Sung-yeol being still alive and he gets to be with Yang-sun. He deserves some love, as he has been tortured both mentally (in love and revenge) and physically for past 120 years. Now, that’s truly happily ever after for a fantasy world.
SWWTN Ep20-41


One thought on “Scholar Who Walks the Night – Episode 20 (Final) Review

  1. Nice recap. I was thrilled by the final episode and the excellent performances by Lee Jun Ki and Lee Soo Hyuk. It wasn’t perfect, but I really enjoyed Scholar overall.


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